Anti-Black Racism In America Is Real, And The Racist Democrat Party Is Why

Let me give you a wide open, intellectually honest glimpse behind one white guy’s curtain, not unlike Eddie Murphy sought in the 1980s SNL sketch where he pretended to be white and was suddenly granted all the loans he wanted along with myriad other perks that white people “secretly” enjoy when the other colors aren’t looking. (Your click will help Google and NBC, and I gave you the gist of the skit so no need to actually sit through it. But here it is for reference.)

The point, that racists today still cling to, was about so-called “systemic racism.”

But “systemic racism” is a myth held up by Democrats in order to create more disunity, disparity and destruction, racially and otherwise.

You see, the Democrat Party has an actual sickness within itself. The party has never once garnered any power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity of their own making. Their entire platform before they lost the rights to literally enslave and segregate black people, has been to metaphorically segregate and enslave black people. In the old days the Democrats were creating racial disunity by teaching everyone, including many blacks, to hate blacks. Today the Democrats are creating racial disunity by teaching everyone, including many whites, to hate whites. They don’t actually care about the damage done to real people because the sickness inside of them tells them what they’re doing is good. And for the more dedicated among them, they don’t even care about good. They just want the power. They’ll deal with the “good” later. Maybe.

But all they’ve ever done is create racial disunity. And they’ve made racists out of literally every card-carrying Democrat.

I don’t feel even slightly bad saying that for two reasons: 1) I’ve spent most of my life watching them falsely accuse literally everyone else at all times of racism, and 2) I believe it’s absolutely true.

I also believe, and also like they’ve long said about us, that the vast majority of them are unwittingly racist. They have been taught it, just like the old adage goes. And they were taught it by the Racist Democrat Party and led to believe it’s a good thing.

All white people aren’t anything, including racist.

All black people aren’t anything, including victims of racism.

The racists who purport otherwise are only creating more racism.

But this is a behind the curtain glimpse. It’s anecdotal but I write too much on this stuff to not be completely transparent about my own experiences. So if you really want to know how racist America is from one white guy’s perspective who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio in the 80s and 90s, belly up.

As early as I can remember I was taught that MLK was an American hero and that racism and racists were terrible. The idea that people ever judged others by their color was hideous. These lessons weren’t hard to teach because kids know when someone is telling them the truth, and those are pretty simple truths.

Still, there wasn’t a single black face in the classrooms where I learned those lessons but for pictures on the wall.

There were a few black kids in the school, but none in any of my classes until 6th grade or so. He was brand new at school. I didn’t care what color he was and as far as I knew, neither did any of my friends or anyone else. However it happened, I’m the one who caught him that first day in the lunchroom when he was looking around for a place to sit and have lunch.

He sat with me and my friends that day and every day after for as long as I can remember.

I do remember him getting called the n-word once. I watched it during a fight between him and one of our other best friends. (Like kids often do, they remained best friends for years and as far as I know are still friendly today.)

The n-word wasn’t because the other kid actually didn’t like black people, but because he wanted to hurt the black kid’s feelings. They were both in the middle of doing everything they could, including throwing punches, to hurt each other. That was the object at that point and there was no more impulse control left.

If you’ve ever told your parents “I wish I was never born!”, or mentioned “divorce” to your spouse even if it’s the last thing in the world you’d actually want — if you’ve ever said anything in anger that you didn’t mean, then you must understand a little bit about some people’s use at times of the n-word.

It can’t be anathema to tell that truth in 2021.

The one thing Democrats did help with was expediting our country’s intolerance for racism. When they decided they didn’t like racism anymore, they did a good job helping Republicans marginalize it.

Right up until they started creating a lot more of it in new and different ways.

That’s what they do.

It’s like a liberal mother who thinks it’s healthy and helpful to teach her way-too-young daughter about sex. Our minds will get there on their own, in a healthy and natural way. You can easily corrupt and distort that development by introducing it long before a young child’s mind or body is any way ready to process any of it. Add “pick your gender” to that calculation and sweet mercy those are gonna be some messed up kids. But some “progressive” parents think they’re helping, so they do it. And then that’s it. It’s over at that point. Anything healthy and natural that comes after will no longer be just healthy and natural. It in all likelihood now will take hard work and in many cases some kind of therapy to work through that corruption, just to get back to a healthy and natural state.

That’s what the Democrat Party did with their decades-long “You’re all racists!” campaign.

Our country was in fact well on its way to being the wide woke realization of MLK’s dream until the Democrats realized they weren’t done capitalizing on the power they were getting from racial disharmony.

And so they started telling everyone that all of America is still very racist, and that black people will never get a chance because “the system” is just too racist against them. At the exact same time, the Democrats were passing laws saying black moms could only get welfare if the fathers weren’t in the home, alongside similarly family-destroying initiatives. Their celebration of abortion, originally intended by Democrats to “solve the negro problem,” is used today to dilute the gravity of family by making young mothers murdering their own babies look and sound like a fun and prideful time. And now they just straight up say 2-parent families, where the mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity, the idea that those are families we should aspire to is racist.

Yes, really. That’s what Color Of Change, founded by Van Jones and funded by corporate America, are out there preaching in schools and elsewhere. And they’re not alone. All across academia right now studies are being produced that show why 2-parent homes, and those who promote them, are in fact “white supremacy.”

This is what the Democrat Party has done. This is how they’ve molested and corrupted what should have been our nation’s natural and healthy evolution away from its racist past.

But racism against blacks in America is real, and disproportionately so. That’s the part I want to start being more open about. And that’s why I told you about that first time I heard the n-word growing up, right in front of my face. In that case the person who said it wasn’t a racist. And the black kid he said it to, knew that. And so did everyone else. We understood he was just trying to be really mean, and we understood that it worked, and that that’s why it’s never used.

There was another time at a party. I took one group of friends to a party that another group of friends were having. (We didn’t have any girls with us but they still let all 6 of us in. Check.) One of the friends I brought was black. We got there and there was tension like there always is when new dudes enter new dudes’ domain, regardless of skin color. But everyone just stayed in party mode and the night went on. I was somewhere doing something when one of the guys I brought told me they heard someone say “Who brought the n-word?!”

I was horrified. I got to where some of the fun used to be and everyone knew who said it, and that it was disgusting.

This was probably around 1992-1993.

A fight didn’t break out, which I was grateful for.

The host apologized profusely to me but in all honesty, I’d heard that host tell his fair share of racist jokes over the years and just the whole scene had become too gross. My buddies knew it too and already had one foot out the door.

The party died. They may have kept drinking or whatever. Who knows. But I know a palpable feeling of shame when I encounter one, and that’s what happened in 1992-1993 when some legitimate racist let himself be known. And that kid was pretty much written off at that point everywhere he went as just a drunk racist who deserved the many, many, many beatings he typically got.

It’s anecdotal. And close to 30 years ago. There are black people being tormented and worse by white people right now, simply for their skin color. But it’s not in anyway close to pervasive, and it’s very much a two-way street at this point. Did you hear the one about the two black teens who recently lit a mentally disabled white man on fire and told the man, while they were doing it, to tell the cops it was white kids? You didn’t hear about that? Really? The guy ended up dying four agonizing days later because his body was 70% covered in nothing but his charred flesh. All because these two black kids wanted to light a mentally disabled white guy who had no family on fire, and tell him to blame white kids when he talked to the cops. It’s crazy you didn’t hear about it  because it happened like less than a week ago.

Can you imagine if the roles were reversed?

Two white teens set a mentally disabled black man on fire and instruct him to tell the cops that black kids did it?

My God. This country would be ablaze.

But it shouldn’t be. Because that would be but one, anecdotal incident.

The reason it would be ablaze would be because the media and Democrat Party would want to foment the rage and hatred it caused. They’d claim they’re on the side of good (true, it is wrong to light people on fire, and also to be racist, and also to do both at once), but it’s not good to present that one horrific incident as being pervasive in America.

It’s not.

But they present it as if it were because they want to stoke racial hatred and disunity, and right now their focus is on making people, including many whites, hate whites. That’s where they’re getting their power from. That’s it.

That’s all their platform stands on today.

Their defenders will insist, because they too are racist, that the Democrat Party and media are right to target “all white people.”

But they’re wrong.

Racism in America is real, against all races. It’s disproportionately real against black people. The Democrat Party has convinced black people that it’s disproportionately real against them because most of America simply doesn’t like black people. But that’s a lie. Racism against black people in America is disproportionately real because failure among black people in America is disproportionately real. But the failure doesn’t come from America just not liking black people. The failure comes from decades of Democrat “leadership” that enriched itself on the backs of the black people they were “helping.”

The Democrat party decided that if they can’t focus on hating blacks anymore, they’ll focus on helping them. But their “help” amounted to nothing but:

Man I can’t believe how racist America is. Can you!? We’re gonna fix this. I swear. We are. Sit tight.

Here’s some cash you poor thing. One catch: no father in the home. We’ll explain later but it’s better this way. Give when you can but most importantly vote! We’ll be right back.

They’re still doing it to us. They’re still all racist. Are you okay? Do you have enough to eat and drink? How’s your money holding up? Don’t forget to vote! BRB.

Did you see all those black people making it big in sports and music and stuff? Don’t believe the hype. America is still racist. If you want to succeed, you’re gonna have to do what they did. There is no other life for black people other than misery or fame. So either become famous or just sit tight. Back soon.


Hey about that cop killing unarmed black guys thing. We didn’t realize what a huge problem it was until now. We’re gonna need a LOT of help to fight this. Don’t forget to vote.

Those black conservatives aren’t really black. You should treat them like white people because that’s what they’re trying to be amirite.

Come to think of it, white people in general just don’t get it. I’m gonna research this a little with some friends in academia. Sit tight. EL VOTO!

Me again. This is big. We just found out that “whiteness” is actually a disease that’s infected the whole country. We’re gonna fix this thing now that we know what it is. We’re gonna start young. It’ll be great. Talk soon. And vote! Or don’t, I guess. I mean I’m pretty sure we got this as long as you keep pretending to care about wearing masks and don’t get a vaccine.

And that’s where we are now.

America was well on its way to healing in a naturally and healthy way, and then the Racist Democrat Party stepped in to “help.” And as they ran out of reasons, they came up with the big one: literally all of America is entirely and only racist, and we’re gonna have to tear it all down and rebuild it if we want to fix this thing.

Think about how they’ve exploited COVID-19 in service to their own political power.

What they’re doing with racism in modern America is only different because it’s so much more massive and destructive.

And also because the COVID-19 virus was manufactured in Wuhan, China by Chinese scientists, while racism in today’s America — just like racism in yesterday’s America — was manufactured in Washington DC by the Democrat Party.

The racism is real. From behind the curtain, I’ve seen it. I’ve heard the jokes. I’ve heard the n-word. I’ve personally been jumped for being too white (afterhours party where I was the only white guy and someone took exception to that), and jumped for being too brown (accused on 9/11/2001 by some drunks in a bar of being “one of them.”) I know it’s out there. But I’ve never seen it actually own anyone — steal their joy or disrupt their day for more than a minute — the way the Democrats and media want blacks, Hispanics and everyone else to believe it owns them. I’ve never been in a position to give out loans or whatever and I know that’s the big one that some Americans who are black believe they’re still to this day being denied based on their skin color. I just struggle to see how that would be possible. Every loan I’ve gotten and everything I’ve done financially has been predicated on hard data like credit score, debt to income, etc. I’m sure it’s harder for black people to get loans but I just can’t believe banks today would be able deny them because they have black skin. I would think it’s because they have disproportionately worse financial situations. Again, that’s not okay. But if you actually care about truly solving the problem, you have to look at the root of the disparity. And when 72% of black kids in America grow up in single parent homes while only 17% of Asian kids do, and Asians generally outperform everyone in every meaningful metric, you’re liable to throw your back out trying to convince me that a) America is racist and b) single parent homes aren’t a pretty big reason so many black adults end up struggling disproportionately compared to their Asian, white and Hispanic peers.

Because those black adults who are struggling today were, in the vast majority of cases, yesterday those kids in those single parent homes.

And we know we’re right over the target because the Democrat Party doesn’t want anyone talking about that issue. They don’t anyone talking about 2-parent homes, and especially not in relation to black disparity.

In fact, as noted, they say anyone who does talk about that is “RACIST!”

Democrats like the failure. They like the hardship. They like the dependence.

“Sit tight. We’ll be right back. We can’t believe how bad it is out here. You’re right to be afraid and mad.”

They’re embarking now on their final solution for America. They’ll fail. The question I ask is, how ugly will it have to get before they do?

While all races endure bigotry, I know blacks endure more of it in America. And I also know, generally speaking, blacks endure more hardship and disparity across the board. And again, count me among those who are not okay with that. The thing is, I know where the disparity comes from. And I know that the people who tell you “It’s because America is racist!” are, in fact, the cause for every ounce of the racism they purport to combat. I know many of their more powerful leaders and operatives realize that. I know most of their base, white and black alike, don’t. I know they think they’re doing good. I know they truly believe that I’m a racist for disagreeing with them. But I also know that the evidence is presenting itself far beyond the pages of my dumb little website, and that the truth will soon be revealed as it’s already emerging in the culture.

(Interesting sidebar: I believe conservative and conservatarian American patriotism are the most mainstream political and social postures in America. I believe it’s always been that way but the media, in service to Democrats and the anti-America left, persistently portray anything but. How interesting will it be if we are in fact the dominant mainstream force, and also now coming in hot as the body, face and mind of the counterculture. What an intersection. Sucks to be the fascists, communists, socialists, SJWs, progressives and other committed Democrat racists stuck in the middle! I digress.)

The Democrat Party is as responsible for black pain and suffering today as they were in 1863 and 1964. They’re also just as racist. They’ve been lying to and about black people for 60 years. They value the pain and suffering because that’s their proof that America is racist. The idea that 2-parent homes are racist has taken hold all across academia and is now manifesting amid the Democrat base.

They’ve taken the one actual solution to the problem that ails blacks in America more than anything else, and are using BlueAnon science to start calling it racist.

It’s mind-numbing. But some of us see it and virtually all of us are getting through it. The question is for how long, and amid how much unnecessary pain, carnage, and continued exploitation and destruction of Americans who happen to be black.

I vote for less.

It’s tough but it’s time we start telling the truth: All Democrats Are Racist, even if most of them don’t know it.

White, black, witting or otherwise — every last one of them has become a racist because that’s what the Democrat Party wants to do to all of us. Their lies about racism in America over the years; the hopelessness and failure they ensure, merged with the unhealthy sense of racial supremacy they promote among all but white people; training kids to become racist and focus solely on skin color as early as possible; the demonization of any talk about 2-parent homes; the culling of black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, whose beautiful documentary was removed from Amazon without explanation (during Black History Month, no less).

All Democrats do is create racism and seek to destroy those who disprove its ubiquity.

And it’s becoming increasingly real in America across all races.

But Americans who happen to be black have it worse. And that’s not okay. Nobody should be okay with it. Nothing should be that lopsided. And our nation needs the meaningful contribution of all its citizens. And by the way, people should get a chance to live free of Democrat and media efforts to metaphorically segregate and enslave them. We have to be honest about the scale and duration of the efforts pushed by Democrats to hurt black people. Because the cause of disproportionate bigotry aimed at blacks isn’t America being racist. That’s far too stupid and simple, which is why the Democrats love it and their audience has an easy time buying it. But it’s not the problem. The problem that creates the bigotry, from traffic stops to old ladies crossing the street, is the disparity. So that’s what we have to fix. And the problem still isn’t “racism in America.” The problem is an absence of 2-parent homes. The solution is talking about them more, and not demonizing those who do. Don’t lecture people. Don’t scold or shame divorced people. But it’s okay to say “Black adults would have better outcomes generally if, as kids, more of their parents stayed together.”

That must be okay to say.

Because when we say it, people hear it, and believe it, and aspire to it, and some attain it. Then we keep saying it, and more people keep attaining it. And then the disparity subsides and with it the bigotry. And that’s a good thing.

But not only are 2-parent homes never mentioned by our nation’s most lofty “anti-racists” (Democrats, media, academia, Hollywood), they’re now insisting that the mere mention of them is itself a feature of “white supremacy.”

This is the extent of the Democrat and media’s audacity, shamelessness and evil as they work to create racism and disparity while falsely blaming everyone else for both.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apologies to readers who found this TL;DR but did it anyway. Writing is like math to me. I show my work and show my work and show my work and work on my calculations and variables and show my work and show my work and eventually answers come out. There was a lot I wanted to say today, and the gist of it landed in the title. The rest I hoped to package nicely but time didn’t allow it and I ended up just publishing what I had. Hope it helps or isn’t totally useless to those who sat through it.

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