Democrats Are Approaching The ‘We’re All Guilty’ Stage Of Defeat; Reject It

The writing on the wall becomes more obvious for Democrats as their racism and fascism follow suit for the rest of the world. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell the 2020 red wave won’t continue in 2022 and 2024. And what happens these next two election cycles, unless they can find a way to scare us out of election security again, could legitimately force the Democrat Party to repackage their entire platform.  (Think “Senate Minority Leader Mitt Romney, Democrat,” for example.)

And they know it.

This guy quietly lives in the minds of every legacy news media “journalist” in America.

If douchebag Democrat operatives posing at journalists had the equivalent of an uptwinkles yogi, slappy there would be it. Not so uptwinkles now, is he?

The racist, cheating, fascist, book-burning, America-hating Democrat party — and the legacy news media they’ve spent the last 30 years sleepily coasting in on — are both headed straight for their social and political demise. The “feeling of doom” has been palpable among their most powerful influencers for months now. And so they’re responding with yet more desperation, thus further revealing what monsters they actually are.

It’s a snowball effect and one that the decidedly parasitic among the left will try to flee by calling a truce. I started seeing it in the grassroots over the summer when everyone knew Biden was a joke and that the only way Democrats could win would be with massive fraud. Normally outspoken liberals I knew from all walks of life were clamming up; abandoning their once-sacred dogmas entirely, and seeking instead absolution through peace.

Sounds nice.

Loser talk often does.

And we hear that same loser talk from Democrats every time the world is about to learn what colossal losers they in reality, apart from the propagandist media’s narrative-shaping, are.

I’ll never forget the 2008 housing/financial collapse. It was clearly a socialistic problem of the Democrats’ making, albeit helped along over the years by casually careless Republicans. But the genesis of the whole breakdown — forcing banks to create lending instruments that stripped standards thus allowing unqualified buyers to quickly and easily claim home ownership — is the special type of stupid that only Democrats get excited about. The whole thing was their baby. It was all moving fast at the time but the tea leaves for about 10 seconds landed squarely at the Democrats’ feet, until the media started claiming “both sides” were responsible and the then-feckless and weak GOP let them do it.

Fast-forward just a few months and half the country was blaming “the Bush tax cuts” for the housing collapse. As if instead of keeping their own money, the rich could’ve used it to pay off…what….0.0000005% of what was due? But that became the narrative and it didn’t matter that they couldn’t even muster a single supporting statement.

THEM: “Bush’s tax cuts are the reason the housing collapse happened.”

ME: “But how?”


It became a generally accepted principle of the media and left.

That won’t happen in today’s climate. 

While they’ve lied, cheated, stole and destroyed — we’ve been telling the truth, and “going high” as they say. And that’s exactly what we need to keep doing. We’re not only going to win by doing the right thing morally, but we’re going to win because we’re doing the right things morally. And I don’t have to write that anymore because not a single damn one of us became anything close to the renegade monsters the media tried to make us these last several months. Not one.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: America First patriots are the last adults in this country, and we know better than to bother somebody else’s unwell child in the middle of their temper tantrum. The modern left is the Democrat party and media’s petulant child, and they’re dragging their parents around by the ear, breaking shit everywhere they go and telling anyone who will listen “I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN!”

It’s hilarious.

And soon Jake Tapper, Kamala Harris, Lester Holt and Chuck Schumer are going to try to disown them. They’re going to sincerely want to patch things up a bit in the interest only of self-preservation.

“Bring the temperature down. Check our tone. Let’s love again.”

Reject them.

Because you’ve spent your lives being honest and forthright while they’ve spent theirs manipulating sacred and once-trusted institutions, nefariously exploiting every aspect of public trust, compelling racism and racial disparity while screaming “RACIST!” at literally anyone who ever disagrees with them on literally anything, and generally making the world a more hateful and regressive place all thanks to their “America is AKSHULLY terrible” insistence.

You on the other hand promote equality, liberty, freedom and justice for all. Full stop. You do it honestly, you do it transparently and you do it while being called the most awful names in the book, being violently attacked, being lied about, lied to and scapegoated for damage that the people blaming you are responsible for. That’s a series of exceedingly tough pills to swallow but you do it every day.

So do yourselves a favor and don’t look back or give it a second thought when they beg you to believe that “everyone” is responsible for our nation’s state of disunity and chaos.

Everyone is not responsible for it, just like “everyone” wasn’t responsible for the 2008 housing collapse.

The Democrat Party and legacy news media bear exclusive responsibility for virtually everything that ails our nation. The only negative some Republicans are responsible for is greed, and that’s a common character flaw they share at least equally with their far-more-dangerous Democrat Party brethren.

No one is suggesting being mean for the sake of being mean. But I don’t have the patience to be nice about the racism and destruction they’ve spent decades fomenting. I have a 3-year old son now. My threshold for idiocy has diminished exponentially for everyone except him. And I’m also determined to protect him from becoming the racist that our national news media, entertainment industry and public school systems are already working extremely hard to make all kids in America. I’m done pretending not to know exactly who and what these people are. That’s why I won’t talk to the ones I like personally about politics anymore. I’m not ready to sacrifice loved ones and there’s no way I can look them in the eye and tell them what I think and maintain our relationship. It’s too cutting and I mean it too sincerely.

I believe all Democrats are racist, and so I believe that you are a racist. I think you and your party are 100% responsible for the explosive and corrosive racial division and disparity that exist in this country, and I know damn well that your party has never once derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity of your own making. Whether you’re a willing participant or a useful idiot is of zero interest to me anymore. I know what you stand for because you brag about your penchants for race-based social and political segregation in plain sight. And it’s my job to defeat you. You can say and do anything you want in response. Nothing will change the fact that you’re a racist and it’s my job to defeat you.

That’s where I am and I mean every word of it. And the newly-found liberation to stand there firmly is a product of urgency and opportunity, both attributed to their side having gone way too far way too many times.

What they’ve watched and condoned over these last four years — namely from my seat the flagrantly biased and dishonest media fomenting and normalizing violence as a response to speech so long as the person speaking was a Trump supporter — their casual acceptance or, worse, denial of the bad behavior we’re all watching has allowed us to become vastly less considerate of what we once (uniquely) respected as society’s delicate sensibilities.

But the time has come for Republicans to stop dancing around the truth.

Nobody has done more to divide our nation, create racial disparity, and promote broad social and societal destruction than the Racist Democrat Party and their band of fascist psychopaths in academia, Hollywood and the legacy news media. And every last one of them is a racist. Every single Democrat believes that all black people are victims who need to be targeted for special treatment, and all white people are privileged and need to be targeted for scorn and “re-education.” The reasoning behind it doesn’t matter. That’s all racist. They say black people can’t get ID. That’s racist. They don’t actually mean it. They just want to eliminate election security efforts. But they’re willing to say “Hey blacks are too dumb to get ID!” in order to keep cheating in elections and I’m sorry but way too few of us batted a damn eye at the crystal clear racism and exploitation they were asserting.

Too fed up to be nice about this stuff anymore, America First patriots must start telling the hard truth.

What ails America isn’t a “both sides” problem.

What ails America is the Racist Democrat Party which is on the brink of being exposed and defeated once and for all.

Those who say otherwise aren’t “uniting” this country. They’re just ignoring the real problems and thus making everything worse, just like Democrats always have and always will for as long as we keep letting them.

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  1. Translation: we’ve all done a great job of giving them enough time to show who they really are, it’s working…they are literally creating their own destruction. Author has a better idea because author feels mad and wants to call names.


  2. Not sure I agree that the Dems are looking for the out, but agree that we cannot get conned again into letting them off the hook.


  3. Boom! My thought as well (or, at least, pretty damn close). And Rupar is smoking crack if he thinks the economy will be “humming” next year under the delusional guidance of Dementia Joe and his handlers.


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