One Degree Of ‘You’re Racist!’; A Fun Game For The Whole Family To Mock BlueAnon Media & Democrats

There isn’t a single issue in American life that, if you’re not on the side of the media and Democrats, they won’t find a reason to call you racist for.

Literally every time, on literally every issue, the media and Democrats just need you to say “I disagree!” and they’ll turn around and show you why that makes you a racist.

HEALTHCARE: You don’t want everyone to get free healthcare and free health insurance? You’re obviously a racist who doesn’t care about the harsh realities that the blacks have to deal with every day.

IMMIGRATION: You think we should have borders and people who come here should do so legally, thereby demonstrating at least a modicum of deference to our laws and a shred of interest in assimilating instead of just looting? You’re obviously a racist who hates the Latinkses.

ELECTION INTEGRITY: You think black people can just get and keep an ID like everybody else? What’s the matter with you, you racist?

COVID-19: It’s important you keep wearing your mask and also incinerate trillions in Democrat wishlist spending because black people have worse COVID-19 outcomes. And only racists wouldn’t support helping the needy blacks get more than the spoiled Asians and Hispanics whose health outcomes when compared to blacks are clearly the product of white supremacy and not other debilitating factors — like, for example, the existence of the Democrat party that does better when black people do worse. That’s not it. The problem is YOU’RE RACIST.

OUR UBIQUITOUSLY CHANGING CLIMATE THAT WE ALL THINK WE’RE GENIUSES FOR NOW BEING ABLE TO PREDICT WITH A SCINTILLA OF ACCURACY AND THUS WANT TO START TRYING THE MODERN OF EQUIVALENT OF RAIN DANCES SO WE CAN MAKE THE CLIMATE DO WHAT WE WANT (SPOILER ALERT NOW THAT WE CAN PREDICT THINGS A TINY BIT BETTER: IT APPEARS TO BE GETTING A FEW DEGREES WARMER FOR A MINUTE. THANK GOD IT’S NOT COLDER AMIRITE): I mean I don’t even know how to parody this one. All I know is there’s something out there called “racial climate justice” and the sleepiest of “woke” Democrats are actually talking about it with a straight face and it’s frickin’ hilarious haha. So anyway, unless you stand with us and demand that impoverished brown villagers in third world countries give up the electricity they finally got for the first time in their lives like 6 months ago, then you’re a racist.

ABORTION: Sure it was started by Democrats “to solve the negro problem.” And by all measures, if you think “the negro problem” is that they exist (which Democrats did then and perhaps still believe today albeit from what they wrongly perceive to be a merciful posture), then it’s been a wild success in that regard. (Real mercy, for the record, would be leaving these people the hell alone for once and stop promising them that their skin color means everyone hates them. Nobody does except for clowns who literally everyone else already hates.) How many millions of dead black babies are there from abortion? How diluted is the value of the family amid Americans who happen to be black, who have been targeted specifically and aggressively for generations by racist liberals under the guise of “help?” But the fact per John Oliver and Joe Biden, for example, remains: if you don’t support abortion then you’re clearly a racist because black people “need” it more than anyone.

On every issue, in any situation, they’ll find a reason to call anyone “RACIST!” for disagreeing with them.

Literally every issue. Literally every time.

Let that sink in for a minute. Most of you think you already did, years ago. I thought I did. But then it hit me again tonight in a larger way. The gravity of it hit me harder. We joke about it and mock them for it, but my God it’s as destructive as it is shameless.

Democrats (all of whom are racist) might say:

“Well that’s because you are racist. You’re a privileged American white male incapable of seeing just how hard those black people have it. Just because you’re a racist a lot on a lot of issues, doesn’t mean you’re not a racist. It means the opposite.”

Unlike many on the right just yet, I’m well aware and regret to report that disparity and bigotry both disproportionately affect blacks in America. But unlike the left, I’m honest about its entire lifecycle: the disparity stems from a problem Democrats and media don’t want to talk about, because the disparity is what drives the bigotry, and the Democrats and media value the bigotry. “Why would they value bigotry,” you ask? Just think about it. They’ve never once gotten a shred of power that didn’t stem from racial disunity of their own making.

Never. Even. Once.

Here’s the rub for them that I’m hoping more people on our side start tuning for: virtually every time they’re calling someone else racist, their own racism and commitment to exploiting black people for political gain is revealed.

There isn’t a single one of those issues where the accusation of “RACISM!” is made in good faith. It’s the default posture of the grassroots because it’s the scripted answer given them by Democrats and legacy news media. Not a single one of them gives it any semblance of actual thought. It’s all knee jerk, and all based on lazy assumptions that all you are and all you ever will be is “RACIST.”

And think about it. I mean really think about it. Every time they call you a racist it comes down you rejecting their assertions that a) black people need to be treated differently and b) it’s good to judge people by color instead of character.

For rejecting the flagrantly racist foundation of their entire social and political existence, they call you racist.

But we’ve known that part of their playbook for some time. The heavy part that could also be used to mock the hell out of them in some effective ads, is that they use the same lazy and destructive attack for literally every issue.

It’s hilarious but also dangerous; a combination that enables rhetorical weaponry we should be leveraging every time we find them in the same place.

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