Show Me Someone Who Can’t Get An ID, And I’ll Show You That Person Is Lying

It’s far more racist for Democrats to say that black Americans lack the capacity to get an ID, than it is for Republicans to say that everybody, regardless of skin color, can.

But that’s what we’ve all sat here watching, in plain sight, for most of my life.

The only racists in this conversation are the Democrats.

As usual.

Because all Democrats are racist.

But because I’m sick to death of this idiotic conversation and even more so watching them keep talking down to and about blacks while calling me racist for disagreeing, I’m going to try again to let them put their evidence where their accusations are…

Show me that black person who is entirely unable to get an ID. Who is she? Where is he? Why are we talking about their inability to get an ID instead of <checks notes> helping them get one?

I’m already earning some Racist Democrat Party credibility here by saying “Blacks only!”

I’m not interested in helping whites, Asians or Hispanics.

But come to think of it, we don’t hear much about them. Do we?

I wonder why that is.

It definitely does not have anything to do with the Racist Democrat Party persistently targeting, using and exploiting Americans who happen to be black — and our nation never talking about it because the media’s too busy pushing the Democrats’ lie that everyone else is racist.

That’s definitely not it.

I guess it’s a mystery and we’ll never know.

But I’d like just one name of just one black person who can’t get an ID.

Tell me who that person is and where they live, and I’ll help them get an ID.

Yes, really.

Blacks only.

For America First patriots, you should create and share a challenge like this of your own.

Challenge your friends on social media and elsewhere to find one person who can’t get an ID.

We hear so much about them. They’re clearly in a bad way. Can we at least help them get an ID? Can we stop talking behind their back and start helping them?

Where are they? Who are they? Show them to us. We want to see the names and faces of those people who are so motivated to take part in our election process, but so helpless and destitute that they can’t find a few hours in the next 1,260 days or so to get an ID.

Let’s see them. It’s time to show us your evidence.

And if the Racist Democrat Party has entire lists of people who they know don’t have ID, then they should be helping those people. But if they won’t, I will. So I’m asking for that, too. I don’t expect anyone to hand over information like that, so I’d gladly take training and/or sign NDAs or whatever else to help reassure the good faith nature of my pursuit.

Because there’s nothing snarky or insincere about this.

I think the media and Democrat party like having more opportunities to cheat in elections, and to help enable those nefarious opportunities they’re yet again using and scapegoating black people in a way that yet again only reveals their own racism while creating a lot more of it and other problems, too.

I sincerely believe every word of it.

Prove me wrong.

Show me the people who can’t get an ID. Show me the people who justify the massively stupid debate about whether it’s “RACIST!” to require an ID when someone shows up to vote every few years or so.

You’re telling us we can’t shore up election integrity because there are too many black people who can’t get an ID. This is your argument, Jake Tapper and Kamala Harris. This is your argument, Lester Holt and Chuck Schumer.

Where are they? Who are they? Why are you exploiting their suffering instead of helping them? And if you won’t help them, then will you help me find them so I can? Contact me at and let me know.

There are no doubt people in horrendous situations, financially and otherwise, for whom a few extra dollars and filing paperwork and taking time to go places and finding transportation and many other variables play a debilitating part.

But every one of those potential mountains quickly become molehills with one able-bodied and minded person lending just a little time. And there isn’t a person you’re going to show me who doesn’t have one of those able-bodied and minded people in their proximity. That’s going to be the first thing I ask. But if there’s absolutely nobody, then I’ll do the research myself and help the person or people see it through. I can commit $25/month from my own expenses. Let’s see where that gets us, for starters. Try me.

The media and Democrats know their argument about voter ID is garbage. They’re not used to being called racist at all, and certainly not on this issue, but they should get used to it because that’s what’s coming.

The truth always does.

And the truth is for decades they’ve scapegoated blacks as an excuse to stop Republicans from strengthening our election security. I think that’s sick. I think it’s racist. And moreover, I know they’re lying.

So now I’m asking them to prove me wrong. They won’t, because they can’t.

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  1. As we all know, it’s all about the cheat. When it comes to elections, debates or legislation, it’s always about the cheat. It’s the only way the conmunist demoncrats can win as their ideology doesn’t hold water.


  2. Photo ID is required for: purchase alcohol, purchase cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for food stamps, apply for welfare, apply for medicaid, apply for social security, apply for a job, apply for unemployment, rent a house, buy a house, apply for a mortgage, drive a car, rent a car, buy a car, get on an airplane, get married, purchase a gun, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, apply for a hunting license, apply for a fishing license, buy a cell phone, visit a casino, get a prescription, hold a rally or protest, donate your blood, buy an “M” rated video game, pick up an order at a store.
    Photo ID is NOT required for: Voting.


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