All Democrats Ask Is That You Temporarily Keep Wearing Masks Until They Can Justify Forcing You To Forever

Their infatuation with masks has absolutely nothing to do with their unhinged fear of humanity, connection, their own shadows, the existence of Trump supporters, downtwinkle facial expressions, aggressive behavior that is so small one needs a microscope in order to find it (ie, “microaggressions”)(that’s a real thing for them)…

…their love of masks has nothing to do with their utter disgust for people and fear of joy.

It’s all about the science, folks. You gotta follow the science.

The science says (here and here, for example) what those of us who managed to resist the fear have for a year now: cloth masks are stupidly useless and even more so when you’re forcing 100% of the population to wear them to allegedly protect the 5% who should be in N-95s.

The only people who pretend that masks make a meaningful difference are BlueAnon scientismists like Anthony Fauci.

And that’s because attention-starved academics like Fauci (who mind you is most famous for his work on the AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist) know that the minute the panic is over, so is the spotlight. Your mask is a walking advertisement for fear. Fear creates panic. As long as you’re wearing a mask, you’re hanging on his every word. He knows that.

Mask Up. Stay Home. Keep Fauci Famous.

But if that’s not motivation enough for someone like Fauci, tack on the empirically obvious reality that Democrats love crises. They thrive off of failure. When individuals and businesses fail, the Democrat party does better. When individuals and businesses succeed, the Republican party does better. We should’ve come roaring out of the 2008 recession but instead, because Obama was at the helm, we barely even crawled. That’s what they wanted. The ACA’s success commanded participants and the Obama administration did everything they could to make sure as many Americans as possible were as jobless and desperate as possible. Because those would be the people with no choice but to sign up for Obamacare.

What’s more, with the help of a fawning media, they all acted at the time like he was knocking the cover off the ball!

And that’s exactly how the Democrats and media would’ve handled COVID-19. They would’ve dragged it out as long as possible, capitalizing on the very pain they were creating while claiming publicly that they should be congratulated for the great job they’re doing.

It’s really quite an acrobatic feat of sociopathic disregard for innocents, pathalogical dishonesty, and at least a tinge of evil that justifies such heinously dishonest and destructrive means.

Trump, instead, stripped away all the bureaucratic bs and brought the leadership and frankly work ethic of the American private sector to the table thus expediting the production of multiple vaccines. Given the political roadblocks constructed by big government bureaucrats, it was and remains the production-equivalent of a medical miracle.

And it completely destroyed the Democrats’ fun.

And that of attention-starved academic sellouts like Anthony Fauci, who will say literally anything he’s told to.

Masks don’t work. Masks do work. Double mask. Herd immunity is impossible and stupid even with vaccines. Masks are better than vaccines. The science about antibodies effectively preventing reinfection is wrong because we don’t know that it’s right yet. Vaccines aren’t possible in a year. The science about schools safely reopening is wrong because we don’t know that it’s right yet.

I’m paraphrasing but he’s gone down every one of those roads. And many more that I’m leaving out. The man is an utter disaster who on several occasions, because he’s an attention-starved TV scientist and sometimes gets lazy doing as many interviews as they’ll let him, has admitted that he’s just shooting from the hip based on what he thinks is kinda probably the most common sense thing he can come up with. The problem is he’s laying out very real policy parameters and guidelines based not on “the science” which these days contradicts most everything he and the Biden administration claim, but on his own personal feelings.

What a useful posture for a person whose professional success is better served by ignoring the science and instead just claiming to rely on his/her gut instinct.

I watched this guy tell someone a few weeks ago, with a straight face, basically…

“Yes, if a married couple both get vaccinated then there’s a lot of things they can do again that they weren’t able to do before. Things like having dinner together without their masks, and hugging, these are all things that vaccinated people should feel safe doing at this point if they live in the same household together.”

Again I’m paraphrasing but that’s the entirely fair gist of it.

And he was dead serious.

He admitted once on camera that if he had it his way, none of us would ever shake hands again.

Why are we still pretending that this is a person who should be taken seriously on matters of public health?

If he’s an excellent researcher, great. Go do research.

If he can guide a team to execute around the massive bureaucracy that he and his pals helped create, excellent. Guide away!

But Anthony Fauci shouldn’t be any closer to virus mitigation policy than Sleepy Joe should be near swimming pools unsupervised.

They want you in masks until they can find a reason to keep you in them permanently. That’s what “just a little longer” means now, and that’s what it’s meant for the last year.

Because the left and their social engineers love fear and failure.

And they don’t like people, humanity, individuality, freedom or joy. And they certainly don’t like America being open for business or things being “back to normal” — aka a time when we freely rejected their scripted swamp predicates and started fighting back with meaningful force thanks to our elevating a legitimate political outsider.

God forbid we go back to a “normal” when that was allowed to happen!

The masks have nothing to do with science. They have everything to do with not only dehumanizing every American, but making us all walking advertisements for resentment, junk science, judgment and fear.

So why do we take it? Well I can’t speak for everyone but for many of us it’s because we know their house of cards will fall long before America does, and we’re thus reacting like any adults who are the last in the room would: humoring the petulant children with their silly games, knowing full well that bedtime is right around the corner.

The clock will strike 2022 before you know it.

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