500K+ People Didn’t Die From COVID But If They Did Then They Would’ve With Or Without Trump

The utter shamelessness of their lies would still shock and surprise many.

I’m not one of them.

I have zero doubt that the “500,000 deaths” figure is wildly inflated thanks to liberal activists and administrators who as seasoned veterans of scientific corruption are now seizing on our nation’s fear to enrich themselves and their authority.

We already know they’re counting everyone who died with COVID-19 as having definitely died from COVID-19.

That’s a pretty big problem but because it’s one the legacy news media doesn’t want anyone to talk about, we just accept it as fact and then go on to incorrectly cite the “500,000 deaths” figure as if it too is fact.

Both facts can’t be true.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now bolt on the social and political implications of lockdowns, mask mandates, emergency use powers and essential worker classifications — all of which are devastating for our nation and thus fantastic for the Democrat Party that always has and apparently always will thrive off of pain and failure.

Republicans too seize and capitalize on fear. Sure. That’s fair. But we don’t manufacture it out of thin air, just to incite more of it, just so we can then capitalize on it, the way the media and Democrats have done for over a year now while lying about the true nature of the COVID-19 threat.

We don’t do that because it would be evil.

Trump, for example, stoked a lot of fear about our loose border and the safety and humanitarian concerns it presents. But that’s a real fear. Just look at what’s happening now that Biden has undone all of that important work. The Biden Administration care so little about people that they told them all to come here without any plans for what to do with them. Now you have kids who shouldn’t be here at all sitting in jails for 100s of hours when they’re only supposed to be there a day at the most because the conditions are that unsuitable for kids. Meanwhile, the media and Democrats’ entire push for more illegal immigration is predicated on yet more Democrat Party Racism because it’s just a ploy for them to metaphorically segregate and enslave yet another group of brown people they see as being easy to manipulate and control.

That’s it.

There’s your “compassion” from the Racist Democrat Party.

Disagree? Okay. Any Democrat who wants to open our borders and let the cartels and terrorists smuggle who and whatever they want in, needs to open their front doors right now and leave them open so anyone can just wander in their home. You don’t get to treat our country differently than you would your own home in that regard. And if that’s what you’ve been doing all these years, maybe it’s time you give it a little more thought.

Illegal immigration is a real concern.

COVID-19 is a real concern.

The flu is a real concern.

But so hopped up on their hatred for Trump and his supporters, the media and Democrats got way out over their skis on COVID-19. After initially saying “Ignore it!” and calling Trump a racist for reacting swiftly to it, they saw an opportunity for a “This. Changes. Everything.” moment and then never looked back.

They don’t actually believe they have to developmentally stunt literally every child in America to help stop the spread of the virus. That’s not even close to reality on any serious person’s radar. They’re only doing it because it helps make the case for how serious COVID is. Kids, as usual to liberals, are nothing but props and pawns to be exploited for political gain.

A friend told me recently she wanted to take her son speech therapy but was hesitant because she knows that in recent years many in the medical community have begun putting their own social and political interests ahead of the well-being of their patients. (Think back to the doctors and nurses who made national news with a letter saying protests in support of Black Lives Matter are more important to public health than the stay-at-home orders everyone else was forced by law to follow, including workers and school children.) She went anyway but upon arrival they immediately gave her a mask for her 3-year old.

She was dumbfounded and frozen. And she turned around and left.

Can you imagine being that parent? You’re hesitant from the jump to get your child some potentially very useful help because you don’t trust “the experts” to forego their political posturing and instead just do a good job with your child’s best interests in mind. You’re harboring that fear but decide to go anyway because you care about your child and won’t let your own potential biases stop you from at least trying to help them along. Then you get there and they say your entirely asymptomatic 3-year old child, who both the president and science say is neither a danger with respect to getting or giving the virus, must wear a mask in order to get that care.

No good scientific or medical reason. Just steadfast social virtue signalling.

Hurting children, forcing them to either make bad and irresponsible medical decisions or forego good ones, all in service to their entirely unscientific, heavily political virtue signalling.

Why would that parent trust these people? How could she?

Sleepy Joe Biden was vaccinated twice on public television and still walks around wearing a double mask everywhere he goes. What kind of message does that send about the vaccines and his team’s interest in putting this behind us?

The Democrats don’t want to end racism because they thrive off of it, and always have.

And they don’t want to end the COVID-19 hysteria because they’ve thrived off of it for a year, and want to keep riding that wave of fear, panic, hopelessness, desperation and destruction for as long as they can.

I don’t know how many Americans actually died from COVID-19. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out it was closer to 100,000 than 500,000. But whatever the number is, I stand by earlier assertions that you can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading anymore than you can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. The vast majority of avoidable damage caused by COVID-19 stemmed from purposefully promoted fear, as opposed to the virus itself. Fear that is still to this day being manufactured and exploited by the media and Democrats. Their last gasp if they can’t drum up some new “variants” that will allow them to keep us living in fear forever, is to get the trashy teachers union a nice fat gift. Again — using the children, setting aside their well-being, in service to politically-motivated Democrat party initiatives.

These are bad, dangerous people. And the people who say so these days are put in harm’s way.

But I digress.

All we know about the “500,000 deaths” number is that it’s wildly inflated and if we had the real number of deaths and the real number of cases then the lethality of COVID-19 would likely be significantly less than the flu. Moreover, we know that the people pushing the “500,000 deaths” number are doing so for political reasons far more than moral ones. They want to blame Trump and having a trumped up number that everyone knows is junk but they can use anyway because the bigger it gets the better it serves them, is an easy way to keep blaming him. So we’re all stuck listening to them say “Don’t you care about the 500,000 people Trump killed!?” for however long. But I think, like so much of their narrative-shaping, most people know it’s a lie.

Time will tell.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The “featured image” for this piece is from that time Sleepy Joe pulled his mask down so he could cough in his hand. It was hilarious. What an absolute joke. What a clown show. #NotMyPresident.

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  1. My brother in laws’ sister died from cancer. Her doctor and the medical insurer wanted to list her cause of death as covid. He told them that if they did he’d sue them to eternity. They caved. The CDC guidance let many hospitals and medical professionals code deaths that were not covid induced to be attributed to covid for financial gain.

    A pox upon them, their houses and their spawn.


  2. “…the lethality of COVID-19 would likely be significantly less than the flu.”
    Prezactly! Covid is less dangerous than the ‘flu, and guess what? In all of America the last year, four people died of flu. In Britain, nobody died of flu, all of Europe, no-one died of ‘flu in months.
    And covid is even less dangerous than that!
    Unless you’re a covidiot or defenceless old person unlucky enough to fall into the clutches of a system that works like this:
    If you treat a covid patient, you earn $9 000 from the public purse.
    if you hospitalise someone for covid, you get $19 thousand.
    If you tie the farker to a steel cot and shove a plastic pipe down its throat to blow cold air right into the lung, then you ‘earn’ 39 thousand dollars, whether the patiens lives or dies.
    THAT is why covidiocy is so serious, it is making some people very rich indeed, while the poor has to pay for every penny, with interest, fees and commissions for the geniusses handing out this “free” money.
    P.S. Numbness in toes, loss of smell, fatigue? Symptoms of the obese diabetic progressing towards cangrene, due to poor circulation. Old and frail geriatrics, and fat diabetics account for the majority of “covid fatalaties”, the rest seem to be mainly gunshot wounds and cardiac arrest? /s


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