The Black Supremacist Democrats Of ‘Black Twitter’ Should Discuss 2-Parent Homes

I’m well aware that the Racist Democrat Party has created millions of young black supremacists who believe that if it weren’t for America they’d all be Kings and Queens in Africa. Because that, they’re told by Democrats, is what literally every one of their ancestors were before the devil invented white people and America and they invented Republicans and then they invented slavery. But back then Republicans were Democrats because it was before racial climate justice and also because “Southern Strategy.”

That’s basically the story and if you can tell it just like that then you’ll pass most Democrat-approved history courses in America today.

So now all these would-be Kings and Queens are stuck in America where they can’t even become Knights or Rooks because America is just too gosh darn racist.

You’re either a pawn, or a King/Queen. There are no other options.

That appears to be the belief.

And by the way, they’re stuck dealing with all those boring and dumb white people!

I mean…white people, right?!

I’m not a “white rights” guy and if you are please keep your distance (yes, that’s an unapologetic virtue signal), but just ask anyone anywhere in the mainstream media: “white” is now an entirely acceptable pejorative that you can use any time you want to belittle someone. White liberals all over the country lament “white people” as if they’re doing something brave. In fact those reading this are probably doing it right now:

“That white guy just doesn’t like people talking about how dumb white people are. What a racist!”

Right? That’s where they end up. And most believe deep in their hearts that they’re promoting “progress.”

Can you imagine if the tables were turned?

Jack: “Man, those black people….”

Jill: “Which black people?”

Jack: “All of them.”

It’s gross.

But every time someone laments “white people” broadly, which is ubiquitously at this point in leftist American life, that’s the level of racism they’re asserting.

Because racism is kind of like speech. If you claim to care about protecting free speech, you’ve got to protect all of it. And if you claim to be anti-racist then you have to be against all of it. And if you start selectively defining what the word “racism” means so that it can only apply to people based on their race instead of their actions, then that too is racist. I’m so sorry that so many of you had to find out this way, especially against the backdrop of you thinking you were doing something positive and helpful.

You weren’t. You’re not.

In reality the Democrat Party’s most powerful brokers don’t want to end racism. They want to create more of it. And that’s because the Democrat Party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated almost entirely on racial disunity of their own making. They used to promote everyone hating blacks, including blacks. Now they promote everyone hating whites, including whites.

Whatever the variables may be, the Democrat Party has never done anything but create more racism.

And that’s why black supremacists who hate black Republicans with the fire of a thousand suns and have posters of white Democrats hanging over their beds but still insist “Naa I’m Independent” — that’s why they broadcast their black supremacy and penchant for segregation proudly and in broad daylight.

It’s called “Black Twitter.”

No whites.

No Asians.

No Hispanics.


Because, presumably, “progress.”

“Black Twitter” is a segregated social media no-go zone for people of other races, lest those lesser races want the wrath of the supremely more valuable black-skinned people who are allowed to partake. People of other races are only allowed to celebrate how wonderful Black Twitter is. Anything more would be deemed appropriation and met with a high-minded lecture from some PhD who says “BLACK PPL CAN’T SHOP AT WALMART WITHOUT GETTING SHOT!” and then everyone else says “Give her the space she deserves to mourn being black in America.”

It’s awesome.

You see, Black Twitter knows that people of other races are idiots. It’s not about being “proud” of one’s skin color and even if it were, that’s nothing to brag about either. I’m not sure who first said it is something to brag about but I’m nearly 100% positive it was a white liberal. And if I were a betting man I’d say a lot of white liberals from academia agreed.

Because it’s white liberals who more than anyone else in American history foment the lie that black people don’t just have different skin color, but are in fact different and therefore need different treatment.

They’ve commissioned decades of research to convince you they’re right, but ultimately they just think the American experience has irreparably harmed black people and now they’re no longer actually people just like everyone else. Now they’re a special kind of people who need special kinds of treatment. For example, don’t you dare assume that it’s easy for people to get an ID because in America there’s a 13% chance the person you ask will be black. And that’s unfair. So stop asking, you racist!

That, asserting in plain sight that black people are uniquely unqualified to get and/or keep an ID, is just one of the flagrantly bigoted places that liberal good intentions have landed us. That’s what happened among the white liberals doing the “helping.”

Among the generations of black people being “helped” with white pity and by only paying their moms welfare if they kick the fathers out of the home, for example, a different kind of bigotry has emerged. It’s the “We’re better than you are” variety that we can see so clearly and easily across the culture, from plain-sighted laments of “white people” to plain-sighted racial supremacy celebrations of “Black Twitter.”

Relax. Have a cream soda. It’s just a place and way for black people to celebrate their individuality and culture all in one place at the same time.

That’s not entirely unfair but man the reasons it’s not entirely unfair are nowhere near anyone’s radar.

The fact is, black people shouldn’t still be so segregated in America. Nor should they feel the need to be. Nor should white people be okay with it. The skin color component as a cultural value unto itself should have been marginalized to the fringes long ago, right alongside white supremacy.

To which someone from the other side would say:

“Well it’s because white supremacy was here for so long that we need to check white privilege and be sensitive to black immobility, perceived or otherwise.”

But the thing is, white supremacy didn’t just “go.” It fought hard, including a war early on, to stick around. And by the time America was done with it, any talk of “white supremacy” was just idiotic and deserved to be mocked and scorned.

It got pushed all the way to the fringes, effectively mocked out of existence. But that wasn’t good enough for Democrats because ending racism wasn’t what they wanted. They wanted power. And so, like they’ve always done, they work hard to keep racial division and disparity a central problem in American life.

And as a result, white supremacy is becoming popular again among kids.


Because liberal do-gooders, like their Democrat ancestors, are wholly incapable of seeing the world without their own bigoted lenses and then pushing their destructive views on everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand how bigotry could be the knee jerk reaction of someone who legitimately wanted to “help level the playing field.” It takes courage and faith to see past one’s own bigotry and to instead see people as individuals, and then to further be and promote that as the requisite change that would better the whole world around us. It’s much easier, instead, to say, “Those people that color were bad, and now those people that color need help. And the people who were the bad color need to provide the help.”

Makes sense for just a hot minute until you run into the reality that that too is racist.

The fact is, liberals’ “good intentions” almost always lead to terrible results. Race relations and parity in America have only gotten worse amid Democrats’ “help.” And it appears now they’ve made racists out of literally every person who identifies as a Democrat. Find me a Democrat who doesn’t believe that a) all white people are racist and b) all black and brown people are perpetual victims of that racism. Literally every Democrat in America has adopted both of those racist beliefs as central to their social religion. They’re incapable of seeing the world through anything except those explicitly racist lenses: scorn for whites, pity for blacks. And they’re teaching it to kids, and they call it a “value,” and many truly believe they’re helping.

They’re not.

If the black supremacists on Black Twitter want to do some actual good they should maybe spend some time talking about 2-parent homes in a way that isn’t derogatory. As it is now, powerful organizations like Color Of Change (founded by Van Jones and infecting communities all across America) get donations from corporate America so they can promote the lie that 2-parent homes are racist, and that people who talk about 2-parent homes are promoting racism.

That’s how audacious the Democrat party’s lying has become. And because it’s pervasive too (pushed by legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America), it’s become widely accepted as fact.

The existence of systemic racism has made it harder for black people to do well in America. The problem has nothing to do with the fact that over 70% of black kids grow up with only one parent in the home. Anyone who says that is a problem, is racist. Because it’s a myth that parents matter that much, and only racists who want to ignore the real problem don’t know that it’s a myth. The problem is actually racism. If we can end racism, then black people can have families again. Until then the mere mention of 2-parent homes will only corrupt our finely-tuned social engineering. Now give us your children so we can tell them how racist they and their classmates should be, and you already are. This will work out great. We know what we’re doing. Trust us.

I’m sorry but that’s the most charitable I can muster right now when emulating their thinking.

Because all they’re doing is creating brand new racism, and making sure you’re not even allowed to mention the solution to the problems they claim to care about solving because they’ll call you “RACIST!” if you do.

It’s such a fantastic case study in dysfunctional social action that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ultimately recorded by history as having been a psy-op mission.

Nevertheless, like a wise person once told me as I entered adulthood:

Life isn’t fair. People will let you down. Welcome to the party.

I’ve got news for Black Twitter and all the rest of the Democrats who pretend to be Independents and happen to have black skin and agree with Joe Biden that you’re not actually “black” unless you vote Democrat…

Some people aren’t going to like you. And not everything is about race. In fact outside of your own bubble, virtually nothing anymore is. And the vast majority of people in Africa, just like the vast majority of people in America, aren’t Kings and Queens. There’s nothing easy or fun about being an adult and having responsibility. The fun comes after, and because, you check those boxes. Growing up in a home with 2 parents who honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity, more than all the money in the world will breed accountability in the children who are part of that home. Will there be exceptions? Of course. Plenty of great kids come from single parent homes and plenty of terrible kids come from 2-parent homes. But generally speaking, when it comes to parenting, two are better than one. Am I lecturing let alone attacking people who get divorced these days? Heck no. I’m not an idiot. It’s all around us. I just want us to be able to say out loud that it sucks, and that kids do better with two parents, and that a big part of the very real disparity that Americans who are black endure, and the bigotry that unjustly follows that disparity, is the result of so many single parent homes. If we can just say that out loud without being called “RACIST!” for it then a few people will hear it who might otherwise not have. If a few famous people say it out loud then a lot of people will hear it who might not have. And if more people hear it who might otherwise not have, then more people will aspire to it. And if more people aspire to it then more people will attain it. And if more people attain it then the disparities subside and with them the universally unjust bigotry.

That’s what the real work looks and sounds like.

You can’t just say “RACISM!” and then have someone else say “AGREED!” and then have someone else say “REPARATIONS AND NEW RULES!” and expect anything is going to change any time soon unless more people start doing the hard work of talking about our responsibility as individuals when we become parents.

And to be fair, the Racist Democrat Party and their legacy news media enablers have worked really hard to devalue black people and convince them that they don’t stand a chance in this country. It’s one of the reasons the flagrant anti-white bigotry and pro-black supremacy have become so widely accepted culturally. So this isn’t a “bootstraps” conversation because one thing I know for sure is that all of my talk about where the real racism is and who’s actually responsible for it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

That’s the big challenge for today’s Republican civil rights activists: the vast majority of black people in America are victims of widespread racism.

The part that makes it tricky is that the racism belongs to the people purported for decades by our most powerful institutions to be “helping.”

So we have to find a way to talk around that and yet again I started a post with good intentions to do that, but ended up just begging to be allowed to talk about the importance of 2-parent homes without being called “RACIST!” for it.

That’s where we are. It’s that simple. I wrote about it before. The context for even engaging the left will always go back to some incredibly simple and obvious values that the media and Democrats have somehow talked people out of.

Racism and bigotry are bad.

Fomenting racial supremacy is bad.

Taking pride in skin color is bad.

Lamenting others based on their skin color is bad.

Judging people based on skin color is bad.

Two parent families are good.

None of that should be controversial.

All of it, per the American left’s most influential voices today including amid our allegedly “mainstream media,” is.

And with that I’m right back to where I was when I started this website over 5 years ago: we on the right need better, smarter messengers. I know they’re coming but I also know on this particular subject we’re probably gonna have to wait at least another few GOP administrations. I see a lot of great cultural writing on the wall, but the big one — the next civil rights push that exposes the Democrat Party’s modern reliance on racism — we’re still it appears a ways off from.

So it goes. I still have to write about it.

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  1. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    Booker T. Washington

    It applies to the conmunist demoncrats very well. Every dang one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hits it right on. Democrats are worse than the KKK, another Democrat organization, ever was.
    White supremacisy is a myth and a racist statement.
    Notice how since we went to diversity from meritocracy, the quality of everything from medicine to government, to education has plummeted.


  3. It’s disgusting how the puppet masters of black Americans keep blacks on the string. They turned a phrase which would have blacks angry at their pathetic leadership into a phrase which keeps blacks angry at whites.
    White supremacy/systemic racism doesn’t exist, but black inferiority does exist. But at least black inferiority is only bad practices, bad policies, bad philosophies, and bad procedures. No one can claim that much good comes from welfare breaking up families, fathers refusing to take accountability for their children, abortion at genocidal rates, rejection of education, family, good job skills, embracing the drug plague, homosexuality and homosexual marriage, acceptance of socialism/communism, open borders allowing wages to be kept low, ETC (had to emphasize ETC because of so many other failures not listed). Thank God that not all blacks embrace black inferiority. Where i’m from, i see as many blacks working hard to achieve their dreams as whites.
    BLM will only matter when they take to the streets of leftist run failures to combat the drugs, crime, gang problems, and advocate for education and jobs. Call me racist; I don’t care, the race card is dead.


  4. I’m Black, and I don’t care for much of “black twitter”, particularly the “academic” side. I usually stick to the tv/music side of “black twitter” b/c its more fun. Also, the democrats have made sheep of most Black people in this country, which makes me sad

    Liked by 1 person

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