Sleepy Joe Can’t Do Press Conferences Because That Much Adderall Is No Longer Safe For Him

I mean it’s terrifying and unfortunate but also at this point unquestionable: Joe Biden is almost if not fully demented and incapable of anything close to extended, substantive engagement.

He’s barely even capable of thinking at this point let alone making decisions or running things.

This begs the question: who is?

I don’t know and couldn’t care less. It’s probably a Frankenstein of China, the corrupt wing of the intelligence community, Symone Sanders and Kamala Harris with Jill Biden helping manipulate and guide the old man as necessary.

All I know for sure is that a) their house of cards is falling, and b) Joe Biden is a shell of a man who isn’t talking to anyone in public because he can’t do it without dangerous levels of performance-enhancing drugs or making a fool of himself.

There were 3 times during the campaign when Biden was exponentially more lucid and clear than at any other point. And during those moments he was exponentially more lucid and clear for 1-2 full hours a time.

Well maybe he just rises to the challenge when the pressure is on.

Yeah. Maybe.

Now convince me that becoming President of the United States while simultaneously stunting the growth of literally every child in America by keeping them home from school amid a pandemic that you and your team say must change everything, forever — convince me that the guy who takes up that mantle, in part on the promise of access and transparency, isn’t able to meet the pressure of speaking to the nation for an extended period of time if not its fawning reporters who will do nothing but lob softballs at him.

Convince me. Go ahead.

Convince me that he doesn’t have a good reason to have addressed the people and/or the media directly with open questions at this point.

Let me guess: you’re worried that the media is too biased against Biden, and so he’s right to avoid them.

Sound about right?

Based on their track record, I’m sure that’s exactly where his defenders will eventually land.

The reality pretty clearly is that Team Biden drugged him up a few times, likely with Adderall, and the demonstrably destructive long term side effects means they know they can’t do it anymore.

Now they’re up a creek and just hoping to ride it out, letting the chips eventually fall where they may.

And that’s a perfectly fine strategy for them, right? I mean the media et al will let them get away with this as long as he can at least stand, (kinda) read a teleprompter and then ignore questions but for light banter that doesn’t tax his faculties too much.

They’ll all keep the charade up as long as they can.

But something big will come at some point. Either he’ll step down as gracefully as a career grifter and racist can, or humiliate himself and then have to. But they’ve gotta know the dam is on the cusp of breaking, and it’s all because they can’t even come up with a better solution than drugging “the big guy.”

What a clown show.

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  1. The real culprit here is Jill Biden. A person so selfish to become the first lady that she would essentially commit elder abuse on her clearly deteriorating husband. But to what end? If she’s not even there for a full term and she gets replaced by the first husband of one of the most heinous people to ever be in line for the presidency.


  2. As commander in chief, ruler of the known free world, and our president apparently?
    I ache for the day when Joe tells us what his clear vison for us will be.
    I for one do not give a hoot for empathy, nor appearances nor do I believe it is a real concept.
    I just want to see the foundation being laid for something we can all believe in this new world.
    As for the covid we got this handled just fine don’t need any reassurance, or reminders from someone who I cannot believe a word of.
    This virtuous grandstanding is getting old mighty fast.


  3. How can all of the Executive Orders Biden signed be legal when he wasn’t alert enough to know what was in them?


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