Racist Democrat Party Uses School System To Make Your Kids Racist

The most universally defining characteristic of any card-carrying Democrat is that every last one of them is a racist and subsequent blight on our nation’s progress and unity. They’re not used to hearing it. Neither are many of you if it’s your first time here. But it’s a hard reality and one that will continue to reveal itself, like all truth eventually does, in the coming years.

I’ve written loosely in the past that “they’re teaching children to become racist in our schools.” I write it because I know that — with the backing of the deadbeat teachers union that exploits and batters children in service to their members — unhinged leftists who spend their days pretending to be teachers have for decades imposed their illiberal and perverted Democrat Party beliefs about race, family, religion and sexuality on kids in their classrooms.

And you know it, too.

Now they’re slowly but surely codifying the Democrat Party’s racist and anti-family “values” in those same schools.

Tomorrow, for example — March 11, 2021 — the Beachwood School System in Beachwood, Ohio is forcing mandatory “critical race theory” training on all students. They dress it up with a lot of useless jargon but the bottom line is they want kids to see the world exclusively through racial lenses, with little children who happen to have brown skin feeling ubiquitous victimization (and spreading it all around them) and little children who happen to have white skin feeling ubiquitous shame (and spreading it all around them). 

It floors me every time I have to write the words but, very simply, that’s not a good recipe for ending racism

But it’s an excellent way to create a lot more of it.

The Democrat Party’s racist values will be what many schools now focus the majority of their time and energy on. Why? Well that’s easy. It’s because math, science and reading are — wait for it — “RACIST!”

At least that’s what Democrats and their enablers in academia and the legacy news media claim.

And I wish I could say “But Democrats just don’t care!” because it would be easier to treat them like the societal enemy combatants they are, but the vast majority of them are too brainwashed and racist themselves to even know it’s happening. They believe their racism is a virtue, just like they did in 1964 and 1863 when they were using it to literally segregate and enslave brown people instead of simply doing so metaphorically like we see from them today.

Democrat Party Racism in the old days was anchored in whites being victims because they were forced to co-exist with blacks. Today’s Democrat Party Racism is anchored in blacks being victims because they are forced to co-exist with whites. In both cases Democrat Party Racism served only to create more racism.

Never once in their long, pathetic history has the Democrat Party ever created less racism. And why should they when we let them derive so much power from it?

Any American who isn’t suckered by BlueAnon conspiracy theories…

“‘Insurrectionists’ tried to take over the government!”

“Trump supporters are going to take over the Capitol any day now!”

“Russia stole the 2016 election!”

“There was no fraud in 2020!”

“Book burning is good!”

“Joe Biden isn’t almost fully demented and is in fact running things!”

“There’s nothing shady about the Biden Crime Family inexplicably taking in tens of millions of dollars from Communist China through their dirtbag son, or elected Democrats being groomed their entire careers by Communist China spies and still getting to keep their jobs and committee assignments with the media and intelligence community not even batting an eye. All perfectly normal. This is how things should be.”

“‘QAnon’ is a big deal and we need 911-style security reforms to deal with it.”

“I realize you’re fully vaccinated now and also you already got the virus months ago and recovered from it quickly and with no problems. And I know that 99.9% of people who get this virus survive it with barely any symptoms let alone problems, and that the number of COVID deaths being reported is wildly overstated for political purposes. I get all that. I do. But mask up and stay home and save lives just for like another year or election or whatever because I just want the economy to reopen don’t you!?”

— every one in America except the crazy BlueAnon conspiracy theorists already knows that the Democrat Party is the source of our nation’s most voluminous and destructive racism.

But nobody talks about it.

Instead we just let them call everyone else racist to the point where it had become laughable.

But while their flailing, predictable and stupid accusations had become more hilarious than hurtful, there was nothing funny about the very real racism they were simultaneously promoting. 

We were so distracted by them calling everyone else “RACIST!” that we forgot how important it was to check and expose theirs.

We’ve lamented “identity politics” for a while now and have had a handful of great voices over the decades emerge to speak out about the bigotry and racism fomented by the left and Democrat Party specifically. But as a movement we never really got our heads around the importance of exposing modern day Democrat Party Racism. 

It’s time we change that.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Start thinking about it. Start writing about it. Start talking about it.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Every Democrat sees a) all white people as perpetually racist and b) all black or brown people as perpetual victims.

That’s not “anti-racist.”

It’s just racist.

In fact it’s all the way, completely, entirely and only racist.

And now they’re working hard to codify their racism so they can formally and forcibly teach it in schools.

When a 3-year old sees a person with different skin color they think, “That’s a person just like everyone else, but their skin is a different color.”

That’s the right answer. 

In 2021, parents across America must be extremely careful not to let racist Democrats throughout the school systems and elsewhere teach their kids anything else. 

Because it’s on you. Your love for your children, more than anything or anyone else, is what will eventually breed accountability in them.

All Democrats breed is racism. And a very real part of your job today must include being mindful of and protecting your kids from it.

AUTHOR’S NOTE, VIDEO: Hear one parent’s outstanding reaction to the Beachwood School Board’s decision to impose Democrat Party Racism on children. The video starts as she approaches the microphone. She gets cut off but makes a great argument. Much appreciation to Bob Frantz for making people aware of this through his excellent radio show. 


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