BlueAnon Insurrectionists Have Seized The George Floyd Memorial. In Related News, LOL

While the disgraced legacy news media laughably pretend that “Trump-supporting insurrectionists tried to take over the federal government on January 6th,” the Democrat party’s BlueAnon paramilitary force of deadbeats and dropouts is still out there doing what it always does: fomenting violence, fascism, lawlessness, injustice, hatred, destruction and racism all under the guise of “liberal Democrat progress and social justice.”

In this example you’ll see they literally took over several city blocks surrounding the George Floyd Memorial. And apparently it’s been that way since his death. A young man was recently shot and killed in the area but because of the Racist Democrat Party’s violent, fascist, terroristic paramlitary force, first responders weren’t able to get in and the young man’s body was instead dragged out by the hostage takers like so much trash.

This short news report from the area shows the terroristic nature of what’s actually happening.


Threats and all!

Every last one of these slobs needs to be dragged out and beaten into submission if necessary before being fully prosecuted to the most extreme extent of the law.

That’s what they deserve.

Instead, because the Democrat party is driven by racism and empowered by failure and destruction, and because the national news media do everything they can to help the Democrat party, these animals will get to stay right where they are, killing themselves and each other while threatening anyone who gets near them, all while the media lift them up as peaceful arbiters of progress and unity.

The innocent people and small business owners who live in that neighborhood don’t deserve what they’re getting. They, like so many Americans in these times, are casualties who deserve our thoughts, prayers and any other attention or resources we can direct toward the crisis they’re enduring thanks to the lawlessness and hatred enabled by the Democrat party and media.

The deadbeats, dropouts, dirtbags and douchebags who have literally seized entire city blocks around the George Floyd Memorial — they deserve every shred of what they get from the STDs to the overdoses to the murders, all the way to their loved ones suffering as they watch it all unfold.

Every shred of that is deserved.

If you’re one of those suffering loved ones, then get your idiot family member out of that situation.

If you won’t, then shut up.

If you can’t, then keep crying for them. They deserve to know the pain they’re causing the people who actually care about them, separate and apart from the pathetic facade they put on for the mob.

These people — these terrorists, who have been stoked by the Democrats and protected and enabled by the media — aren’t fit for civil society. And when the America First movement completes its sweep into power in 2024, the stage will be set to let our actual police and/or military forces once and for all finish our country’s fight with these assholes without fear or apology. But stand down, patriots, because if you so much as look at them wrong right now then you’ll be the one who makes the news and suffers for it.

Their time will come. And as the elusive video evidence shows thanks to the one reporter willing to show it, that time is obviously long overdue.


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