Desperate & Defeated, Don Lemon Begs Viewers Not To Blame Democrats For Cancel Culture

He helped them create cancel culture and they’re bitterly clinging to hopes they can ride its wave all the way to America’s utter destruction, but Friday night on CNN Don Lemon begged his literally tens of viewers not to blame Democrats for the book burning and other fascism they so openly demand and celebrate these days.

He actually says it twice and promises to say it a lot more: I just want to be clear and I’m gonna say it a bunch of times. The Dr. Seuss thing has nothing to do with Democrats!”


It’s yet another sign that Democrats and their media messengers know their time is coming and that the culture has turned on them. There’s no going back. They can’t make it “cool” again to be a liberal or a woke social justice warrior. The institutional left’s uselessness has long been on full display, then came their rank hypocrisy, next the elitism and finally the bigotry and fascism.

The revealing of their bigotry and fascism in broad daylight is a product of their desperation. These are their last gasps. And along the way they’re going to have to humiliate themselves — like Lemon, above, for example — because there’s nowhere left to hide from their own insanity.

Yes, aided by their legacy news media allies, Democrats are the reason books they don’t like are being burned all across America.

And nobody believes it stops at “just six Dr. Seuss books.”

Nobody thinks it started with those books.

They’re banning Abraham Lincoln’s name, George Washington’s statue, Dr. Seuss books and everything in between. 

They’re trying to erase and destroy America, its pride and defenders entirely.

It’s not new. It’s not even unexpected.

This is how the rot that is leftism spreads.

It’s just hard to watch, especially when that leftism has been a) falsely held up b) for generations c) as the nation’s preferred perspective and d) its most celebrated leaders actually believe their own hype because e) the dishonest media won’t stop reinforcing it.

Tough five pills to consecutively swallow.

But the good news is that leftism didn’t plan for America. Yes many great American patriots today are justly unsettled at so many of the events we’ve seen in recent years, specifically the media’s bad behavior and all the fallout from their stoking the fires of fear and division. And now they and their Democrat bedfellows are in power, and trying to cancel us all.

All of that is true.

But just watch.

We’re barely a few months in and Biden and the Democrats are already struggling mightily and it’s just going to get worse for them. It might seem inexplicable or easily dismissed as infighting, but something far bigger is afoot: the left, in power, is and will continue to suffer retribution while the right, presumably out of power, sees its revolutionary and dominant forward progress completely cemented in the American political machine.

The whole world has now seen the Democrats’ terrible behavior and how they’ve worked with massively powerful media, corporate, tech and intelligence community partners to strip freedom, rewrite history, manipulate public opinion and seek to destroy anyone who talks about it.

People know.

They know that if you nod along to everything you hear from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NPR, WaPo, NYT, AP, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple then you’re a lot of things but “woke” and “speaking truth to power” aren’t any of them.

Leftism hasn’t actually won any new support in decades. In America’s recent past, it’s only taken hostages. Kudos and thank you to all who resisted. You’re the reason we started and will keep winning for generations to come. And when leftist social engineers like Don Lemon literally beg viewers not to blame Democrats for the cancel culture that everyone knows they created, you deserve to know it happened. Because it’s hilarious, and yet another sign of how desperate they are and how badly things are going for them.

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  1. Didn’t Obama give the same warning before the election? Such disingenuous pleas from the left are designed as a warning to the ‘faithful’ against shocking the sensibilities of people before their treason has been firmly emplaced.


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