Racist Democrats Insist Black People Are Too Stupid To Get, Keep ID

Show me one eligible American voter who is unable to get an ID.

Just one.

You don’t have to show me 100,000.

You don’t even have to show me 100.

Just 1.

Go find me that person who has neither a state ID nor any resources in their community, including friends and family, to help get one.

Seriously. Where is that person? Have you thought about him or her? Have you thought about these people the media and Democrats insist simply can’t get an ID because it’s too expensive and difficult?

Who are they?

Where are they?

Show me just one because, no joke, I’d like to help that person.

Also no joke: I don’t think you can find him or her. I don’t think they exist. I think any example you give me will, upon a few minutes of not-intense research, be revealed to have a slew of options right there in his or her own backyard to help them get an ID.

The truth, as we all know, is that Democrats oppose voter ID laws because those laws shore up the integrity of our elections.

And Democrats are Godless cheats who believe the ends justify the means. They believe it so much that they now actively rail against free speech while promoting book burning, violence and other fascism. They love cheating and they love inflicting pain and failure because they thrive off of both.

Think about this: never once in their history has the Democrat party derived even a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making.

With a modicum of deference to so many unwitting individuals in it, the Democrat party itself is a terrible, racist institution and in order to sustain itself its leaders for decades have had to lie, cheat and steal.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that in service to stealing elections, the Democrat party and their legacy news media messengers are happy to casually spread the lie that black people are too uniquely ill-equipped to get an ID.

It’s bothered me for years because it’s such plain sight bigotry and racism, and everyone treats it like it’s a good thing and that they’re actually standing up for black people.

No, friends.

Do not believe the Democrats and legacy news media: Americans who happen to be black do not lack the capacity to get and keep an ID. They are people like everyone else, equal in every way except, like the rest of us, the entirely superficial color of our skin.

It’s true that Americans who happen to be black endure disparate poverty. And bigotry for that matter.

Neither of those things are okay.

Both fall squarely at the feet of the Racist Democrat Party and the legacy news media that expertly handles their marketing.

And now both of these institutions claim it’s “RACIST” to ask for an ID, and we say they just want to cheat in elections. The debate ensues, as usual, with us trying to make a good faith arguments in the face of their “YOU’RE JUST RACIST!” attacks.

But also as usual their wholly fabricated and hyper-racialized attacks hurt and distract us so deeply that we completely miss the racism on full display from our accusers.

It’s not okay to suggest that voter ID laws are wrong because black people can’t be expected to meet such high expectations.

They can dress it up with whatever nuance they want but if you strip it all away and just speak clearly, that’s what it would sound like. That’s their argument.

They lean on the fact that black people are disproportionately more poor which, again, I’m unhappy to stipulate is 100% true. They also say people who want voter ID laws know that black people are generally more poor and, Democrats claim, that’s the point: make it so that fewer black people vote.

But let’s just make it really simple.

Jill says “All voters regardless of race must have an ID to help ensure free and fair elections!”

Jack says “That’s unfair because you’re including black people and they’re gonna struggle!”

You tell me.

Who in that conversation looks at and positions black people as being inferior?

Here’s what I know for sure…

I know the vast majority of them are lying when they say they oppose voter ID because they think it’s racist.

I know the truth is that they want to make it easier to continue cheating.

I know some of them truly believe voter ID is racist because I know Americans who happen to be black are disproportionately more poor, which can make small things like a few extra dollars or a day-long trip a lot more difficult. Add ailing health and it can get exponentially more challenging.

That’s why at this point I’m asking the media and Democrats to put their money where their mouth is.

Let’s find those people. How many are there? I truly believe if we were to look honestly, the answer would be infinitesimal. And that’s probably an important part of this discussion. In fact, one would think it’s the most important part of this discussion. But nobody really talks about it.

Who are these black people who lack the resources to get an ID? I’m not interested in white people or Hispanics or Asians. I’ll play the Racist Democrat Party’s racist game here for a minute. Blacks only. I’m legitimately offering to help. I enjoy helping people and I have a little time here and there. If you have a friend or family member whom you’re unable or unwilling to help get an ID, and that person needs one to vote or for anything else frankly, send an email to FeedbackForLBA@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner to serious inquiries.

I don’t anticipate many serious inquiries.

This piece could go viral and I’d still get primarily only hate mail or purposefully-constructed wild goose chases from people who are pissed off that I’m making these points. Because how many jerks out here want to admit that they won’t personally help the person they care so much about to <checks notes> get a dang ID card?

How about the Racist Democrat Party operatives who have voter lists and potentially know who among those lists don’t have an ID? I’ll legitimately go through some kind of indoctrination course and do the job right way if you’ll let me help those people get IDs. (I already wrote “blacks only” once just a few sentences ago. That’s gotta get me some cred among the segregationist Democrat crowd!)

I don’t anticipate that job would last very long, if it would even exist to start with.

Because it’s absolutely true that getting an ID is a very simple thing. And it’s absolutely true that free and fair elections are critical. But for military or other uniquely extenuating circumstances, we should have to show up with an ID on the first Tuesday in November and vote.

That’s all, and it’s not too much to ask, and anyone who says it is either loves cheating in elections or truly believes that black people need uniquely lowered bars.

Sadly, in far too many cases thanks the dominance of the institutional left (media, Hollywood, academia), both things have become often true at the same time: many Democrats love cheating in elections and believe black people are uniquely incapable of getting an ID.

I imagine there are a few who truly believe the intent of voter ID is racist, and that elections are better when more people are less impeded to participate in them. Those people are wrong on both counts. The idea that we’re pinning our America First future on black people not being able to get IDs is just plain stupid. We want all Americans to have IDs, jobs, guns and pride in this country because when they do we are all stronger. Moreover, the idea that elections should be a weeks-long party experimenting in how much access we can grant flies in the face of the event’s exclusive nature and security demands.

It’s a one-day event and you need an ID to do it.

That’s how it should be, that’s what we’re getting from our dominance at the state level, and there’s nothing Kamala Harris, Jake Tapper, Nancy Pelosi or Lester Holt can do about it. If they earn more power in 2022 and 2024, sure. It’s possible then. But we’re currently on extremely safe ground and while our anger at their efforts is just, any fear of their efficacy is short-sighted and unnecessary.

So we go on offense and challenge them.

And a long, rambling post later, this is what that sounds like: I think it’s racist for them to exploit black people as being uniquely incapable of getting an ID, and I don’t believe them that the inability to get an ID is pervasive.

Time will prove me right on the first point as the GOP is again on course to lead our nation’s next great civil rights push, yet again exposing the folly of the Racist Democrat Party’s racist ways. On the second point, I’m writing now because I’m ready to be proven wrong.

Go ahead and do it. Tell me about your grandma who you love so much and you won’t help her get an ID. Ask me to do it for you. Go ahead. Democrat operatives in states with voter ID laws: indoctrinate and train me to be a resource helping people without IDs get one. Just make it a public service on behalf of your party. I can’t promise to pick up heavy expenses but I’ll commit $25 per month and volunteer my time. Put me to work and let’s see what we can do with that. Where are they? Who are they?  Contact me at FeedbackForLBA@gmail.com.

Again, I don’t expect many if any serious inquiries or replies.

And that’s not just because I have the smallest albeit smartest readership on the internet.

It’s because the media and Democrats don’t actually want to dive deeper on this “problem.” They want to say it exists and have nobody question them. They’re counting on us not noticing how bigoted their implication is, and not offering to help actually solve the problem they claim is so great.

I’m not doing either of those things anymore. Show me a person who can’t get an ID, and I’ll show you that person was just a prop to be exploited whose “problem” could actually be solved with just a few minutes and a few dollars. And I’m putting that challenge out there now for the world to take me up on.

If I turn out to be wrong, I’ll gladly own that.

I won’t be.

Because as usual the Democrat and media’s talking point is a bigoted, dishonest and stupid one that can be easily picked apart with just a little thought, time and honesty.

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  1. You make an exception for “military or other uniquely extenuating circumstances,” but note that there are already many provisions for military and overseas voters and that the state-level voter ID laws that I’ve looked at allow for military or other government-issued identification documents. So, the number of people who would be in uniquely extenuating circumstances is vanishingly small, just reinforcing your point.


  2. If you’re too lazy or stupid to get an ID, I couldn’t care less who you think ought to win the election.


  3. More than 85% of blacks consistently vote “democrat”.
    One would have to be stupid to vote “democrat”, no matter what the hue of one’s skin happens to be.


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