Three Things Every ‘Trumpite Next Door’ Should Be Ready To Ask Their Racist Democrat Neighbors

I’ve lamented the reality that there’s really no point in talking to Democrats about politics anymore, but if I was absolutely forced to and my family were clear of the Nazi-like retribution that the American left has become proudly notorious for, here would be my 3 starting blocks.

First and foremost I’d ask them to concede out loud that when it comes to parenting, generally speaking, two are better than one. And, moreover, that neither that spectacularly basic reality nor its assertion are in any way a product or application of racism. If we can establish that out loud, it’d be a really useful start. Probably the most important, in fact.

Next I’d ask them to concede out loud that abortion is not cool, nor should it be celebrated and “shouted” about as has become the norm among pro-abortion advocates across social media. If they won’t acknowledge that abortion harms an innocent life, I’ll at least ask them to acknowledge that its no picnic emotionally or otherwise for the girls who do it. I would need to get to a place where we agree that abortion is not cool, and it shouldn’t be celebrated, and that young girls should know it’s not something to be proud of or excited about or to approach casually. It sounds and should be simple to get to that place, but more often than not I’ve found its met with extreme resistance.

Finally I’d want them to cede that the legacy news media is biased to the left, and that that bias does far more to divide our nation than anyone or anything else. That one is actually pretty easy. That’s how awful the media has become haha. Rarely do I find a serious-minded Democrat who won’t quickly concede, at a minimum, the media’s leftward bias. The mob, in the main, toe the line:

AKSHULLY Jake Tapper is really impartial and fair, and Yamiche Alcindor is just a hard-working journalist trying to do her job. The media are totally fair. You just don’t like them because they constantly select and narrate stories that we like while proving that you Republicans are 100% wrong 100% of the time.

That’s the mob’s line.

But if you get them one-on-one they’ll usually cede the media’s bias, but then quickly shift to insisting that it doesn’t really matter. And that it’s not actually an important part of the conversation. Of course it’s a hugely important part of the conversation, which is why I’d need it stipulated to talk about anything else.

When I think about the most important starting blocks that I’d personally have if I was forced to talk openly with a Democrat about politics, those three come to mind first if not to rule out the utility of talking to them at all than to wake them up to how asinine their brethren are.

This is me coming at it from a position of strength, where I think we all sit right now even if the corrupt Democrat media have scripted and are narrating a different version. This is me putting Democrats on the defensive from the jump in the most important ways with respect to the ugliness that permeates their movement. And those who stand even a small chance of being saved might just get a wake up call when simple realities like those are the only things we really care about establishing on the front end.

Because we are winning. And we’re going to keep winning. And that means more people leaving their side, and joining ours. And for my part, in my own world, in my own life, when I think about even beginning to engage these people who have sat by stupidly and idly for so long, nodding along as Jimmy Effing Kimmel tells them to attack their neighbors and Amazon burns books, that’s the most respectful and socially progressive positioning I can muster.

And frankly, at this point, they’d be lucky to get it.


What ‘Love Breeds Accountability’ Means

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