Media’s Celebration Of Andrew Cuomo Hurt Americans Far More Than His Collapse Will Help Us

Forget Andrew Cuomo.

Sleepy Joe Biden could get busted with Hunter trying to rob a convenient store in their underwear while blacked out drunk, and within a month the media will have the national conversation staged to pretend that Joseph R. Biden never even existed and Kamala Harris was always the Disney-Approved Mommy With The Mostest whom our nation loved first and best.

No matter what the facts on the ground might be, the legacy news media as it exists today will always make sure the world believes the right has nothing to celebrate and the left has nothing to lament. If they absolutely must report on something positive for us, its narration will quickly be tempered by a media eager to downplay the success. If they absolutely must report on something negative for the left, well — just refer back to their behavior these last four years.

So neither Cuomo’s fall from grace nor the media’s faux outrage over it impress me one bit.

The sheer evil behind what he did is disgusting, but that doesn’t surprise me either. I’ve written at length about the Democrats’ success being a derivative of failure, disunity and pain. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if a Republican lied about something so gruesome and evil to save their own skin! When it comes to these politicians? Come on. With a lot or maybe even most of them it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. But it surprises me even less than one bit when a Democrat is caught doing it. The point is, from a moral standpoint we can all stipulate that Cumo’s behavior, causing unnecessary death and lying about it, is repulsive.

But from a political standpoint and with respect to the war we’re in, what’s going on with Andrew Cuomo right now is garbage action in garbage time netting garbage for gains.

Cuomo will be forced to account, be it by a court’s judgment or God’s, for his sins. But from a purely political standpoint the media will have done nothing but gain from his entire existence. Whatever we’re about to watch happen to the dime-a-dozen-Democrat Governor of New York pales in comparison to what the media gained from his career. And their belated but imminent destruction of him will cost them nothing. To the contrary, they’ll gain the right to disingenuously claim their coverage of Cuomo’s fall is evidence of their impartiality.

Meanwhile, for a solid year they and their Democrat allies benefited from their lies about Cuomo and his alleged greatness. He was the barometer they used when bludgeoning Trump. Of course if they didn’t have Cuomo they’d have found someone else. Gretchen The Human Gaffe Whitmer, for example, would’ve been a fine stand-in for them to celebrate and hold up as a weapon against Trump.

Because all the legacy news media need is a warm body and they take care of the rest.

And then when their story blows up and that warm body is exposed as a fraud, the media couldn’t care less because they already got everything they wanted.

That’s their new play, and they’re very comfortable with it as well all Godless cheats should be who have persistently gotten away with something so easy and effective. They’ll spend months or even years telling a lie and then when it’s exposed, they may or may not end up sacrificing one of their own in the fall out but regardless, the damage they wanted to manufacture is already coursing across our nation.

They already won those battles. They dominated the news, the national conversation and our lives with their preferred narrative.

We will never get back the year that the media spent lying about and propping up Cuomo to hurt Trump. From a political standpoint that, not Andrew Cuomo’s career, is the enormous story. And it happens all the time. We must be cognizant of that as a movement, and particularly among our leaders and strategists.

We need to start focusing on the right things and the dishonest legacy news media’s stranglehold on our national conversation is chief among them.

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One comment

  1. Just when I think that the press will start turning on Cuomo, they jump to his defense. It is almost as if there is a pro-idiocy clause in their journalistic contracts.


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