Narrative-Correcting Shock & Awe: Crush The Media, Tell The Truth

While some will think my most recent ideas are too incendiary, I argue that they’re our most effective path to a fast, peaceful and necessary victory against an extremely well-heeled adversary that appears to control virtually all of our most powerful institutions.

Now they control the government too and their plan — it’s insane, but it’s what they’re going for — their plan is to create a legitimate historical record claiming that Trump’s entire movement was about white supremacy and the events of January 6, 2021 were on-par with a very short civil war that was lost by the racist Trump supporters.

That’s the narrative the media are currently weaving so that the Democrats can start using the government they now control to cancel us more broadly.

And to encourage banks, employers and businesses to do the same.

Every Democrat in America hates our country and the ones who don’t are considered posers among their more woke peers. They hate us. They’re responsible for the racism they lament. They blame us for it. They get more powerful as it gets worse. They get more powerful as 1) our nation fails harder, and 2) the individuals in our nation fail more. The legacy news media’s sole objective is to help them meet both of those goals while manipulating public opinion along the way.

You couldn’t script a better way to kill businesses right now than imposing a $15.00/hr minimum wage on those that have managed to survive the forced lockdowns. But they’re going to go for it or scare business owners to death while trying because they thrive off of our nation’s failures and wither amid our successes.

They cause the worst problems. They blame us for them. The problems get worse because the blame is misappropriated. They get more powerful because they thrive off of the problems getting worse. The media help make the problems worse, and also write the history while doing all of the Democrat party’s heaviest lifting for them.

And we don’t actually have a plan.

Are you with me yet…?

Enter narrative-correcting shock and awe.

The media don’t want you to exist and they already pretend you don’t. The vast majority of the time they have someone from “the right” on, that person is there to explain why you and your 75,000,000 brethren don’t represent the Republican Party. They couldn’t care less if you hate them, or stop watching them, or stop subscribing and/or clicking. You’re nothing to them and there’s nothing you can do about it. They are far too powerful to care about or fear you in any way.

So now we ask why are they powerful? The answer is credibility. Yes, obviously, I know they have no credibility with me and you. But they still have the veneer of credibility as an institution and so they operate with impunity selecting and then shaping our national conversations in persistently divisive and destructive ways that hurt the right and help the left. It’s what they do every time. So we look at their credibility and we ask what, if anything, we can do to influence it. We’ve had media bias watchdogs yelling “FIRE!” for decades already. They’re great. They do studies. They prove bias. Nobody cares. Nothing changes.

So we keep thinking.

What else do we have? How else can we expose the reality that the legacy news media don’t deserve the credibility they get?

We have but one weapon in our arsenal that we can use to fight back: our elected representatives, from whom the media derive fully half of their credibility.

It’s only because our players are on their field that anyone gives credence to the media’s credentials as referees. So it’s time for our players to strike. I’ve written about it at length but at this point need smarter people with power to get involved and take the ball.

Having several of our elected representatives effectively stop what they’re doing to pick a fight with legacy news media’s worst offenders would rock their norms-dependent fragility with a critical, initial degree of narrative-correcting shock and awe.

But it’s not nearly enough by itself.

Because again, we’ve been exposing media bias for decades. Nobody cares. Having our elected representatives pick a fight with them will create a serious and necessary disruption to the Democrats’ most effective marketing arm, but we still have to deal with the very large portion of recreationally-engaged America who get their news from Jimmy Kimmel or their liberal friends’ Facebook feeds. Because they’ll probably never hear about the Republicans who declared war on media bias by boycotting the legacy news media’s worst offenders. And if they do hear about it, do you know what they’ll hear?

Those Republicans who are boycotting the media are RACIST!

Right? They’ll either be called racists themselves, or sympathizers with racists.

And every person reading this knows that accusation, just like always, couldn’t be further from the truth.

They’ve falsely accused us for decades with the “RACIST!” smear, but I argue and I think effectively that’s just another example of them blaming us for what they actually do.

In other words…

All Democrats Are Racist.

And I believe it with every fiber of my being.

In fact I believe, just like they’ve long said about us, that the vast majority of them don’t even realize they’re racist. But I just don’t know how you can sign on to their platform with all of its expressly racial divisiveness, without holding racist views yourself. I believe all white Democrats and all black Democrats believe exactly what they’re teaching in schools now: that black people and white people need to be treated differently, and white people treating black people differently is the reason why.

That’s racist, only racist, all the way racist and completely racist. That’s not only telling you it’s not okay to look past skin color, but that anyone who refuses to is racist!

It would be considered clinically insane had they not also hijacked the authority to define what “clinically insane” is.

And they all hold that view: all blacks are victims, and all whites are the reason why. And it informs their every social, political and I would guess even spiritual thought. And I don’t feel bad being honest about it because I don’t think for most of them it comes from a place of hatred, like so much of the Racist Democrat Party’s racism in the past did. I think many of their most powerful people and influencers are trying to make it come from a place of hatred for as many people as possible, but I don’t think that’s taught as easily or as broadly as the devil and his allies in leftist leadership would like. We’ll find out I guess.

Or maybe we don’t have to.

Maybe instead of just letting them lie about us and destroy our nation in the process, we instead saddle up and tell the truth about them for a little bit…

All Democrats Are Racist.

Who knows, maybe it’ll do some good. Because while the elected Republicans are busy knocking the Democrats’ most powerful weapon off balance with a boycott of their own, and the grassroots GOP gets All Democrats Are Racist trending across our base and in our streets, that power that we all know we have but aren’t sure how to use right now could change the course of history tremendously in our favor during what’s alleged to be our weakest moment.

Narrative-correcting shock and awe.

It might sound unnecessarily harsh to some, but look around. We must not be afraid to do what’s right or to tell the truth. Both of these actions reflect both of those endeavors while advancing the most important objectives not just to our party but also our nation and the free world around us. I just don’t see us having a plan to address these massive elephants in the room: media bias, along with the very real racial disunity that creates disparity and destruction and is caused by the Democrats but blamed on us and therefore marinates and only gets worse while creating a host of new problems on top of it. We don’t have a plan. We’re doing nothing.

Narrative-correcting shock and awe.

We’ll never stop winning. Let’s do more of it more quickly and save a lot of people a lot of pain in the process.

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  1. You are absolutely right. This racist business has been blatant and a hurtful lie by our media. I will stand with those that call this lie out for what it is


  2. Trump was never accused of racism before he ran for president but I know the whole left doesn’t care about facts but only politicize race to promote their big govt elitist class agenda. They are rewriting history and being intellectually dishonest to gain power and demean and destroy any sense able american loving patriot that gets in their way!


    • “…to promote their big govt elitist class agenda…”
      So you support “small government”, then? That, I think, is the enemy’s greatest victory; getting us to hate and distrust our own government gives them the chance to replace it with their own globalist power structure. If your government is not big enough to stand up to people like Soros and Gates, how will it have power to support you against the entire Bolshevik onslaught?
      Careful of entering the fight using weapons your enemy built for you. Better to find a way of stopping Them from spreading their lies, without resorting to censorship, don’t you think?
      We should popularise the Protocols of Zion more, show people how Their plan is coming to fruition, because that same plan holds the solution; just do everything the opposite of what they want us to do!


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