Quick, Honest Answer About Why I Supported (And Support) Trump

Someone somewhere will go to a comedy club this weekend and one of the comedians will ask if there are any Trump supporters in the audience.

About half the room will eagerly look around while the other half sits there frozen, because an America where you’re persecuted if you support Trump is exactly the America the legacy news media wanted to create. And because Trump supporters are the only adults left in America, we mostly play along.

But what if we didn’t.

I’m just envisioning being that Trump supporter who raises his hand and isn’t a total glutton for punishment about the whole thing. And I’m wondering what comes next. Maybe it’s a quick, stupid shot:

“Okay you can leave then.”

But maybe it’s an engagement of some kind.

“Okay, seriously. Why? I want to know why. Why do you support Trump?”

If one of these not-at-all-hip hipsters asked me that question in front of their not-even-kinda-hip friends and I was completely on the spot, I thought about it and my answer would be pretty simple. Because while a flood of sentiments would amass I’m reminded yet again of how valuable simple honesty is.

So why do I support Trump? If I’m being my most open and candid, the answer sounds like this…

I believe all Democrats are racist. And I believe nobody does more to perpetuate racial disunity, disparity and the destruction that follows than the Democrat party. I believe it’s been that way since their inception back in 1828. I don’t exactly think the Republican party is ahead of the curve on this important subject either, but when I look at who does the most damage — it’s the Democrats by a landslide. For that reason more than any other, I consider myself a Republican. And Donald Trump was the Republican candidate. So, obviously, I enthusiastically supported him.

That’s it. That’s the unvarnished, most simple and honest answer I’d come up with if I stripped away all other distractions. I have thoughts on him as an individual and have written about those at length. Spoiler alert: they’re glowing. But the most simple reason I supported Trump is the same reason I supported Romney and McCain. It’s because I believe all Democrats are racist, and I oppose racism, and so I identify with and support the Republican party which serves as the best weapon I can find with which to fight the Democrat party’s racism.

It’s hard to articulate precisely — but the ability to answer their bad faith questions with nothing but raw honesty, and in the process put them on defense in a way they’ve never been, feels to me like yet another significant instance of our winning in the culture. It’s something I never felt or saw until recently.

And I’m no anomaly out here. If I’m thinking it, at least a few others are also. And I guarantee you these are the ideas that will bubble up and will take hold of the GOP’s platform, ultimately helping usher in what our nation needs more than anything else: another major civil rights victory that again exposes the Democrat party’s reliance on racial disunity and failure.

I supported and still support Trump because I believe all Democrats are racist, and the Republican party is the best weapon we have to fight them. That the truth is also the winning argument provides yet more evidence that honesty really is the most simple and best policy.


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