Quick Update, February 2021

Hello to all seven of you who stop by regularly! I wanted to let you know that I’ve been writing but am not publishing to LBA or anywhere else for the time being. A friend who has helped me over the years is currently shopping some of my work to some bigger outlets where it would get more visibility. This is something I’ve thought about for a while but it means, in part, really pulling back here because it’s very difficult for most larger places to publish content that was already published somewhere else. And then I have to contend with the reality that anyone offering to help me is also extremely busy, and so are the people they’re reaching out to. Still, it’s an extremely generous offer from someone I both respect and like a lot — so I decided this time around to slow down and give it the time and patience it deserves.

Long story short, I’m giving it a few weeks to see what if anything develops. The good news for me is that the last few pieces I’ve done that would’ve been published here, still can be at any point. They weren’t “news of the day” type pieces that are no longer relevant. So if they end up getting published at one of these larger places, I’ll let you know. Otherwise a day may come pretty soon when I upload several new pieces about the endangered grifter wing of the legacy GOP, narrative-correcting shock and awe, feeling great after leaving Amazon, and the top 3 things I’d need a Democrat to stipulate ahead of a conversation about politics.

They all came out pretty good because I guess in the back of my mind I knew they’d have the potential to land somewhere that carries a little more juice than my small corner here. So one way or another, I’ll share them soon. But as I finished today’s and yet again didn’t publish it here like I normally do and enjoy so much, I figured I’d at least post a quick update letting those of you who honor me with your time know why.

More soon! Take care!


  1. The best of luck to you and I do hope your thoughts get a wider audience. Honest commentary should be read by the most people possible.


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