Even Corporate America Now Knows Media & Democrats’ Portrayal Of America Is A Lie

Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser have all decided for the first time in nearly 40 years not to advertise during the Superbowl.

This is emblematic not just of the NFL’s America-hating social deadbeats turning off fans with their perpetuation of racial disunity, but also the reality that wading into the required social indoctrination advertising protocols dictated today by the media and left is no longer considered “cool.”

These popular culture giants opting out of the Superbowl is yet more proof that the world is rejecting all the bigoted, racist, illiberal Democrat trash that the media and their allies have been pushing on us for so many decades. It’s yet more evidence that what’s truly cool today has nothing to do with the fascist, science-denying, authoritarian social engineering they’ve long tried to shove down our throats.

Leave it to the morally flaccid vulture capitalists in corporate America to accidentally start doing the right thing before anyone else!

Last ones in to the “social justice” movement.

First ones out.

Never forget who they are.

They’re consumer giants because they offer useful products or services. Never let them claim to be anything more than that socially, morally, politically or otherwise. Their purpose is profit. Their profit should be predicated on the quality of their goods and services. That they waded into the political and social arena is a reflection of the fascist, America-hating liberal mobs crybullying them into submission. And now watching them get heckled to hell and back as they try to leave the Democrat plantation will be hilarious. But they will leave because they have to, and it appears they’re starting to realize that.

As for corporate America’s C-Level: your companies will never be cool because of what you say and do. You can’t force it and people who try to help you do that are stealing from you. The billions you spend with the geniuses at Google, for example, who are still trying to sell me the blender I bought from you 6 months ago, is all wasted. The people who convince you that your brands need to be, say or do more than what your product or service is intended for have presented an purposefully complicated social perspective that tantalized you because they convinced you that they understand things you don’t.

When have any of them ever actually demonstrably delivered on anything that your own product or service and sales team wouldn’t have without them? Your woke social sales, media and marketing activists have brought you only one thing: the ire of half the country. And, hilariously, it’s the half of the country who also prefer to buy things instead of getting them for free.

Your collective rank stupidity in this regard, as you scratch your heads about your sales declining and engagement being more negative, will confound future analysts for centuries.

Don’t try to catch up. Don’t try to keep up. Fire literally every person you have on your “social media team” who does anything more than field customer complaints and thank happy customers for their feedback. Never again wade into any social or political issue, ever. Don’t donate. Don’t volunteer your employees’ time. Don’t run PSAs that confuse us more than anything because why the hell is this paper towel company talking to me about “racial climate justice?!”

It’s not your job and you look absolutely ridiculous doing it.

You remember Poochie from The Simpsons?

That’s you guys.

Every one of you, every time you try to grow your brand even marginally by being “cool.”

And I can see you now…

We’re woke. We’re cool. We love free speech and think America is the greatest nation on earth! We think dissent is cool and masks aren’t! Come with us, powerful American patriots! Spend with us!

Sadly our side would eat it up nearly as much as the left do because mob mentality doesn’t stop for political checkpoints. Our faith would temper us a bit more than the left’s but ultimately we’d gladly join your dangerously-placed celebration of that which we love and hateful pile-on of those who oppose us. Sure. We’d love it and dance along as you tickle our social and political interests.

But then you’re going to turn off the other side. And you may not have noticed but they’re getting increasingly unhinged, violent and dangerous. So that’s gonna keep escalating for all of us. And you’re at the center of a lot of it.

Maybe just stay out of the political and social aspects of our lives entirely. Just don’t do it. You were never supposed to be there in the first place. You started because you got dragged into it, and convinced that it was a good thing because the legacy news media and others told you leftism is ubiquitously loved.

Now you’re seeing and learning that it’s not. You’ll still have to play along as you embark on your exit strategy, but they’re going to see you leaving and eventually you’re going to have to stand up to them and tell them you’re breaking up. And my advice to you is that when you do that, corporate America, stay single. Because there is no scenario where you survive what’s coming if you keep trying to date all of America while beating up one half and groping the other. Just knock it off and stay in your lane. You guys should’ve done that from the start but the longer you wait the more painful it’s going to be.


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  1. Your conclusion is wrong, big corps position hasn’t changed one iota. They are dropping the super bowl as a favor to the cancel culture. American football is a white guy thing, and must be eliminated. Simple as that.


    • It stopped being a guy thing at all when they started making them wear pink. Nice signal. Good cause. Bad trend toward stripping the sport of its masculine veneer and pushing it toward activism. A few years later: full-on racial combat in the social arena saluting so-called “direct action” against any who engage in wrong-think.

      Leftist social activism is fascism now. The truly “woke” among America’s grassroots — and I’m not just talking about Trump supporters or conservatives here — but even the recreationally-engaged who typically take their cues from Jimmy Kimmel and Oprah Winphrey can’t deny or avert their gaze from the sick, totalitarian, petulant and humiliating display being put on by the American left over the last four years and four weeks more specifically.

      They’re no match for *America*. They over-stepped long ago and what we’re watching in this moment is their weightlessness off the cliff before the splat. Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser may still have advertising, marketing and executive teams run by leftists and/or those who fear them. But the dominance they once enjoyed with their social virtue signaling, manifest most spectacularly by their pathetic Superbowl displays, is no more.


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