How Media Pimp Academia To Spread Democrats’ Science-Denying Lies

While out hiking the other day I ran into a pissed off boomer who’s a dick to everyone but for some reason was cool to me. (I know he’s cold to everyone because there are only a few of us who cross paths and I’m relatively new, and others — salt of the earth types — have told me he’s a dick.) At any rate we got to talking for a few minutes and the virus came up. He mentioned “400,000 dead” and I obviously couldn’t let that slide.

The one thing we really need in order to claim any degree of seriousness with respect to this virus is good data. And the one thing we know for sure about the most important data we need is that what we have is unmitigated bullshit. From the number of people who died which a) includes motorcycle accidents, b) appears to have magically disappeared the flu and c) includes those who died with as well those who died who from it — to the number of people infected which doesn’t account for the tens of millions of asymptomatic cases. We can’t rely on any of it and the people who promise we can are the ones who keep tripping over themselves to change their stories on us.

He said even if it’s much less than we’re being told, it’s still a high number because America (aka Trump) dropped the ball.

But I again called bullshit on that.

You really want me to believe that America somehow, because of who our President was, we somehow did things so much worse than everyone else and have hundreds of thousands more dead because of that? You really believe that? You really believe that third world countries, authoritarian-run dictatorships, communist China, European countries that relied on us for equipment and guidance and are now leaning on our vaccines…you really want me to believe, you really believe, that they’re all being honest about their numbers and that somehow we just missed some secret trick that the rest of the world picked up on? Which country? Tell me which country should’ve been the model.

He said Australia but then he thought about it and walked it back because apparently, per him, they dropped the ball at some point too.

I guess they must have been listening to too many Trump speeches!

I noted again that we’re likely not nearly as bad off as the media wants us to believe, nor that America is truly the picture of failure that they’ve long tried and will apparently keep trying to portray. I recommended he go look at the infection rates versus the mask mandates so he can see there’s no correlation at all between the two. And as I always do lately when having these discussions, I also suggested he “meet me back here in 20 years” when we have the benefit of incorruptible data across more planes than the media can manipulate.

Because I know that this guy, and Anthony Fauci, and countless others can and will talk circles around me when it comes to — for example — COVID-19. They can point to all the studies and data and this that and the other, and I’m just standing there saying “But muh feelings say otherwise!”

Still, “muh feelings” — and yours — keep proving us right and them wrong. They might even be tied more instinctually to common sense scientific logic than we realize.

For example, about 20 years ago an article was published citing brilliant minds and sources from prestigiously-presented institutions like the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, and Professor Jarich Oosten, an anthropologist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia. The article, which cites myriad studies and research all peer-reviewed and grounded in rock solid “settled science,” concludes with this scary assurance:

Heavy snow will return occasionally, says Dr Viner, but when it does we will be unprepared. “We’re really going to get caught out. Snow will probably cause chaos in 20 years time,” he said.

I know as a right-minded America First patriot I’m supposed to hate math, but if I’m doing mine correctly, “20 years time” will be here in about 7 weeks.

But how can that be?! That smart scientist made that educated and well-moderated calculation based on all that settled science and with all that support from all those smart people. Our vile anti-climate sins — driving cars, having air conditioners, letting impoverished third world countries finally have electricity — these sins may as well be a genocide on the arts.

The chances are certainly now stacked against the sort of heavy snowfall in cities that inspired Impressionist painters, such as Sisley, and the 19th century poet laureate Robert Bridges, who wrote in “London Snow” of it, “stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying”.

Not any more, it seems.

Again, this was 20 years ago.

And based on “settled science.”

And those studies and that article and those beliefs permeated the circles of my hiking acquaintance, and everyone like him who fancies themselves intellectuals because they ascribe to all the most mainstream bodies of thought.

It circulated all the highest thinking bodies as they tut-tutted the masses for failing to appreciate how dire things had become. They talked about it at their dinner parties and lost sleep over it all across every college campus in the world. Every college in America was teaching and pitching this belief. Massive student movements were formed and activated. It trickled down throughout the education system and was peppered all throughout America’s K-12 classrooms. Glorified babysitters who think it’s their job to save the world all because Democrats don’t want parents to do shit for their own kids so now everyone thinks it’s all the teacher’s job — I digress — these glorified babysitters stood up before their classes begging and pleading with them to take this seriously. Promising them how dire and in fact deadly their parents’ bad behavior is, and how these children need to take it upon themselves to save the planet from the evil adults. Letters were written. Phone calls were made. Non-profits were started and funds redirected all to help make sure we don’t *checks notes* lose snow forever in 20 years.

I’m gonna promise you a few things.

First, nothing any of these sad sacks wanted happened. Not a single thing they demanded or said they needed, happened. Anything they did get was a tiny fraction of what they asked for. All they really ended up with was a lot of smoke and a lot of useful idiots indoctrinated and activated. But every last one of them, if they happen upon this piece for example, are standing around looking like idiots because of those who once inspired and purported to “save” them.

That’s what you, the left’s most smug and insufferable thought leaders, do. You absolutely humiliate the people you recruit to pitch your lies. And as the world gets smaller, and information travels more quickly, and our lives seem to get longer and history is written much more quickly — you simply can’t manipulate and hijack enough of the scientific and media communities to perpetuate your lies beyond a few decades.

And that’s really good because you fascist, racist assholes are some of the most disgusting and dangerous blights on progress and unity that ever happened to humanity let alone the scientific communities you’ve hijacked and effectively destroyed with your partisan agenda that operates today and has for several decades without even a shred of honesty or integrity but in pursuit solely of social and political engineering that makes individuals smaller and government bigger.

Every time.

They create the lie. They get smart people to back it up with “science,” aka whatever they want their studies to conclude. They get the media to write about it and the rest of academia and the culture parroting it. Real world social and political action happens. Government levers move. Funds are established and redirected. Legislation passes. Real world things happen to satisfy the cries of the spoiled, petulant, bratty little liberal idiots whom we all have to endure all day every day but pretend not to mind too much because they’re just so unhinged and petty.

But real world things happened because 20 years ago they all got together and lamented the imminent end of snow.

And if I would’ve called them out for it 20 years ago or challenged their “science” and/or the really smart people and institutions who were peddling it, I’d be the one made to look and feel like an idiot.

I would have been right. I’d have known it in my heart. You’d have known it as an observer. But the powers-that-be would’ve deemed us ridiculous for even suggesting that they’re wrong. And when I say they purposefully get things wrong, and it’s tied to social and political engineering, they say I’m more than wrong. They say I’m a conspiracy theorist.

But they keep being wrong.

And their lies — that which they’re wrong about — are always in service to leftist political interests, and always in defiance of those social and political interests that I as a right-minded American ascribe to.

And it keeps happening over and over again.

Year after year and decade after decade.

They seed a lie. They back it up with “science.” It gets perpetuated all throughout the media and academia. We challenge it. They mock us. 20 years go by. We were right. They were wrong. But we’re on to the next lie, doing the exact same dance.

And now everyone is starting to see it.

They’ve lost all credibility. Me writing about it means nothing. Heck, all the stuff I write about means nothing. It’s all already happening. We’re winning in the culture. This — the broadly-accepted revelation that they decades ago hijacked the scientific community for partisan social and political gains — is a massive part of that victory.

What’s “cool” often permeates from academia. Being “a nerd” is cool. And that’s always been the case. And it’s cool that it’s become cooler now than it was when I was growing up in the 80s. But fascism and corrupting data for partisan ends is not cool. And I think kids see what the left have become and are doing, and I think they know how uncool it truly is.

Anyway — it’s happening. We’re winning. It’s a good thing. You and I are in the absolute worst part of it right this minute. This is the part where we all have to pretend that Illegitimate Joe is a great uniter with a big mandate for massive leftward change, and that it’s Trump’s fault we all have to wear masks for the next 20 years and can never hug again. Oh and we’re now all terrorists and we’re not allowed to communicate with each other anymore on social media unless Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon all approve of it.

It’s going to be like this for at least a few more months. But soon the gears will start turning again and the revelation of our red wave — which did happen even if it was stolen from us — but it will reveal itself in tough leaders who watched Trump and learned from his no-fear and no-excuses example.

And as for those insufferable Democrat racists (All Democrats Are Racist) who say garbage like “I believe in science!” and “Facts matter!”, just tell them that their same coveted research community told us that snow would cease to exist by March of this year. They made that prediction 20 years ago. We didn’t do anything they said we needed to do. We ignored them.

In the end the only thing that actually ceased to exist was their credibility.

Science is awesome. If God had a language that He could speak with us directly, it would be Love. If He had a second language, it would be Math. Math is awesome. I love science. I love math.

I hate the dirtbag leftist douchebags who, paralyzed by an imaginary sense of self-importance, hijack math and science for their leftist agenda. But the cool thing is that you can’t really fake math and science real long. And that’s why it’s getting easier and easier to spot their lies, and expose how their transgressions — like the media’s — always go in the same direction.


And we’re all watching. And just like with the media, we expected and needed this institution to be militantly impartial. And now we all know they’re not, and we can thus no longer trust them.

That’s dangerous and the world will be a much better place when evolution helps us resolve it. I don’t know how it will play out. I just know it will. Evolution, social or otherwise, is like water.

It will always find a way.


President Trump’s Supporters Are The Only Adults Left In America

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