President Trump’s Supporters Are The Only Adults Left In America

Day in and day out great American patriots are forced to sit by quietly and watch as the destructive and spoiled brats of the illiberal, science-denying, racist and regressive left flail and melt down and kick and scream and sometimes burn businesses and take over city blocks.

We’re forced to sit and watch as they wail and moan on the floor, shrieking at the top of their blood-curdling lungs about the duly-elected President being a Russian spy.

They’re caught lying. They’re caught cheating. They’re caught stealing.

Nothing happens.

They’re caught using the government to spy on political opponents. They’re caught literally using hammers to destroy federal evidence.

Nothing happens.

They lie some more and make up more stories about our side. Their lies are treated with the utmost seriousness. All over the news it’s the only thing anyone is talking about.

Their lie is the news.

Nobody honestly or fairly represents us on their panels, in their columns, or as part of their stories or reports. Nobody stands up for us. Virtually every analyst, expert, pundit or politician they include in the national conversation is crybullied into some submissive posture from which they must apologize for or dismiss us.

And we’re forced to sit. And watch. And listen.

We have no meaningful recourse anywhere in sight. We have to just sit and take it.

Right this very minute they’re gearing up to infect our nation with this lie about COVID-19…

As it turns out, Trump’s incompetence means the vaccine rollout will be really, really slow. We really, really wanted everyone to stop wearing masks and get back to normal. Seriously. We did. But this vaccine situation. Ugh. We’re gonna have to invest a lot of money and do a lot of work and hire a lot of social justice activists if we’re going to make sure this thing gets rolled out properly. We’re all appalled at the lack of coordination and resources the Trump Administration left us with. Just appalled. They basically killed another few hundred thousand Americans. We hate to report that. We hoped this nightmare would be over. But as if to punish the country that rejected him so resolutely, President Trump’s legacy will now include prolonging the COVID-19 nightmare months if not years longer than was necessary. What a shame. We’re so sorry. Mask up. Stay home. Save lives.

That’s exactly how they’ll frame it and their only goal — their only goal — is to create more pain in America so that more people need the government, and the Democrat party thus grows more powerful.

That’s how they operate.

The leadership of the Democrat party want individuals in our nation to fail because when that happens they get to assign and consolidate more power. Your dependence on them is the metric on which they base their success. The leadership of the Republican party, on the other hand, do better when you as individuals do better and you don’t need or want the government’s help.

We have to sit and watch as they treat wounds and gashes that they created. And they keep creating new ones.

And we keep having to sit and watch.

And they keep blaming us.

And we keep taking it.

Over and over.

Day in and day out.

Lie after lie.

We’re good people.

We’re not stupid, racist or evil.

And all day long all we do is endure their lies about us.

We’re busy working, raising our families, trying to escape their ferocity and hatred whenever and wherever we can.

But if you’re paying attention to what’s happening and how you’re being lied about, then you know there’s no escaping it.

If you work in a school, you’re surrounded by it.

If you work in a hospital, you’re surrounded by it.

If you work in corporate America, you’re surrounded by it.

If you want to sit back and enjoy some entertainment, you’re surrounded by it.

The bigoted, fascist and America-hating left have infected every corner of American life and crybullied their way to a position of perceived dominance.

It’s not.

We can wipe them out anytime we want if it really came down to it.

But instead we all just take it.

It’s not because we’re weak.

It’s not because we’re afraid.

It’s because we know they’re largely petulant, spoiled and stupid children. We watch them screaming at each other about whose skin color means what, and who should perform today’s rain dance to help stop the ubiquitously-changing climate from changing. We watch them socially militarizing universities in an effort to strip rights and compel conformity. We watch them beating up people in order to silence speech so they can tell us how much they hate fascism. We watch them teach children to segregate and value themselves and their peers based on skin color, all in the name of combating racism. We watch the media literally make scandals up and then spend months or even years sticking to their insane-from-the-beginning lies. The Chinese Communist Party paid Illegitimate Joe’s drug addict son tens of millions of dollars and 10% went to Joe and nobody knows what it’s for and when we even tried to ask the question the media stepped in and said it was Russian disinformation.

We had to watch, and just take it.

They stole an election, burned the books of any who wrote about it and lynched anyone who spoke about it.

We had to watch, and just take it.

They claimed the tens of domestic terrorists (likely Antifa/BLM) and hundreds of idiots who stormed the wide open Capitol, largely escorted by armed police as if they were being given a tour, they claimed this was an armed insurrection staged by white supremacists in a legitimate attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

And they’re trying to use that lie to create very real levers of government power that will restrict our speech, movement and freedom more broadly.

They’re liars, racists, bigots and fascists.

Look at their massive institutional power versus our independent grassroots movement, how they abuse and exploit their bought-and-paid for power, the lies they tell about us, the cheating they eagerly engage in, the narrative-peddling and manipulation in service to partisan political ends, the anger and violence and discord they foment, the disinformation they peddle, the foreign governments they prop up and the allies they work to tarnish.

We have to sit and watch and endure all of it.

Half the people in your knitting circle who nod along with the liberal idiot in the group don’t actually mean it.

It’s just that the spoiled, bratty, misogynistic, science-denying and America-hating left have proven themselves incapable of honesty, civility and/or grace. We’ve seen it for decades because they’ve been bragging to us about it in popular culture.

We see them. We hear them. We believe them.

They’re disgusting. They’re proud of it. They hate us and our country, and they’re proud of it.

We all get that and we all live with it every minute of every day. We endure it. We get up and leave the house and go to the store and walk past the signs and sit behind the bumper stickers…we watch, quietly and conservatively, and let it happen.

Because we’re the adults in the room.

And we know the brats we have to deal with will either grow up someday, or hit rock bottom in a way that assures their own demise. And we don’t have to do much but sit back and let it happen.

We can try to help. Some of us have. Some of us do.

Most of us have checked out though.

We’ll let our elected Republicans — the only evidence we still exist in a world run by a media that wishes we didn’t — we’ll let them do most of the work for us, the way our Founders intended. And thanks to President Trump, there are a lot more who know how to do defend us and a lot more coming with a good blueprint for what it looks like and how to handle the media.

We’ll win. I’d personally at this point like to win quickly and with as little collateral damage as possible, but we are letting them abuse and exploit and punish us and our nation not because we’re weak. Not because we’re afraid. Not because we’re small or we lack the power or determination to do anything.

It’s because we’re the adults in the room. And we know better than to try to reason with children who are having a tempter tantrum. And the American left has been having a temper tantrum for the last 60 years, ever since their Democrat party lost the right to literally segregate and enslave people. So now they try to do so metaphorically, every chance they get. It’s repulsive but the basis for their entire agenda. They’ve become shiftless social and political criminals and we either stand back and let them keep slaughtering each other and humiliating themselves, or stoop to their level and then take all the blame for what comes next.

We make the right decision every minute of every day and have for several decades now because we — the American right, lied to and about and battered 24×7 by the institutional left — we are still very much here, and it’s a good thing because it’s now clear that if America is one big room then we’re the only adults still in it.

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  1. Agreed. The left’s ideology is based on manipulating emotions. It is right to them if it “feels” right. Our society (even the men) have become feminized over time and are more focused on how things feel than what is the right thing to do. This is why everyone is so focused on social justice instead of real justice. This is why our debt is out of control and getting worse. This is why it’s ok for adults to throw tantrums. This is why we have lost respect for authority, policemen, the military and law & order. We as a society have the sensibilities of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We have moved away from respecting masculine qualities like strong leadership, justice, individualism, accountability and freedom in favor of feminist tantrums, law-breaking and gaslighting that was started by the rebellious leftist movement of the 1960’s and have been allowed to grow virtually undetected in our school systems, media and Hollywood since then.


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