One Trump Supporter’s Candid Perspective As We Enter The Next Chapter

I just tried 6 ways from Sunday to write today but, as evidenced in yesterday’s piece, it’s just not flowing so well. The ideas are there. The inspiration is there. The equal parts hopefulness and ferocity are all there. But the words aren’t coming out in a clear, well-organized or compelling way.

I even tried video just to see if something conversational might be a little easier. Man that’s hard. You’d think it might be easy but set your phone up, start recording, and start talking about something you care about or know about. It’s a lot harder than it looks because once that light is on and you’re recording, the pressure comes on in an overwhelming way that you didn’t practice or plan for.

Anyway, the writing didn’t happen.

The foray into video didn’t happen.

One of history’s greatest and most accomplished Presidents is leaving office today, and the most senile, compromised and criminal dirtbag American politics has ever known will be sworn in.

I’d like to talk about that a little bit haha.

But it’s just not happening. It’s a little frustration, sure. A little exhaustion. And kind of just wanting a break which every one of us is entitled to for a minute here.

Then I look up and see a quivering Biden on my TV.

Then I think about Ted Cruz. And Jim Jordan. And Kristi Noem.

I think about all the smart people we have.

Tough. True. Correct.

And then I feel good. I know things are okay and that the world doesn’t need my ramblings for our side to be protected and defended.

I think about Donald Trump not going anywhere and the hefty weight our America First movement will still be wielding for decades to come. And how awesome it would be if Donald Trump Jr. announces in 2022 that he’s running for President in part “to avenge the injustice done to my father.” (Bonus points if he says it with a Jean Claude Van Damme accent.)

The fun will continue because we are happy warriors over here, and that’s also why we’re winning in the culture and there’s nothing the joyless, Godless scolds on the left can do about it.

They can’t make being “liberal” cool again. They’re the fascists. They’re the book burners. They’re the lynchers. They’re backed by the most powerful forces and billionaires on the planet and haven’t “spoken truth to power” in 60 years.

The genie’s out of the bottle and there’s no turning back for generations to come.

So I think about all that and it makes me feel, in a good way, like I’m tiny and my stuff isn’t that important. And that the smarter and more powerful people in the room are gonna keep holding the line and defending us and our country.

And I feel good, and motivated to do my part how and when I can; to give, volunteer, call, write, vote, rally and support etc.

I don’t have to put my words on paper and press “Publish” to do my part.

And plus I’m a Christian so I know that not only will we win for America but as children of God we’ve already won and nobody can take that away.

And it all feels good.

But then I remember why I sat down to write in the first place.

I remember that nobody’s really talking about using our elected GOP as leverage to help defeat our greatest and most pressing opponent (the media), and that I feel like the only person in the Republican party who seems to know that our fight against the Democrats is still predicated almost entirely on their racism and the pain and disunity they inspire with it.

And then I don’t feel so small and like my work is so unimportant anymore.

The problem is I just don’t know how to articulate and package any of it in a way that compels others.

But the Democrat party’s bigotry, and the media who promote them, are the two most pressing issues we face. And nobody’s focused on them in any kind of meaningful let alone strategic way.

To be clear, the Democrat party’s greatest sin remains their oldest. It’s also their greatest source of power. It’s also their greatest weapon. And as it goes not only unpunished but largely unnoticed, Democrat Party Racism is proving yet again to be our nation’s most toxic cancer.

It’s racism, and identity-driven bigotry more broadly.

It’s pervasive.

It’s getting worse.

And it belongs to the Democrat party that thrives off of, creates and traffics in it.

But they can’t do it on their own. Yes they get help from useful idiots in Hollywood, academia and now big business. But it’s the legacy news media that drives virtually all of our national conversation and conscience. It’s the legacy news media that paves the way for Hollywood, academia and big business to behave with such flagrant partisanship that it’s indistinguishable from bigotry.

The media, more than anyone or anything else, blights our national progress and unity.

The lie that they are non-partisan actors filling our lives and homes with “the truth” is the most dangerous and destructive anywhere in the American bloodstream. The pain and suffering they cause is an in-kind contribution to the Democrat party that they’re constantly promoting. They do every shred of the Democrat party’s heavy lifting and have for the last 40 years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about rapid response, opposition research, lobbying, fundraising, platform-building, messaging, calls-to-action or even incitement-to-riot. If it was done effectively and helped the Democrats, the media did it and the party leadership, along with their base, were just happily along for the ride.

The Democrat party’s bigotry and the media’s enabling of them are the two most pressing issues we face.

And, candidly, we’re doing nothing about either of them.

The one piece of leverage we have against the media is our elected representatives who can quickly and easily draw attention to the issue of media bias by marginalizing and boxing out the media’s biggest and worst offenders.

The one piece of leverage we have against the Democrats’ racism is our grassroots who can expose and rebrand them in under a year by peppering our nation with these four words: All Democrats Are Racist.

(And please spare me your pearl-clutching. It’s very close to 100% true to at least some degree across the board with everyone who identifies as a Democrat, and they’ve been falsely saying the same thing about us for years. It’s something we absolutely can and should do because their bigotry is tearing our nation apart and calling them on it would rock the entire political world — and their precious media enablers — to the core.)

But I don’t know how to communicate this stuff any more effectively than I already have. I don’t know what else to do. My ideas are so much different than anything anyone else is talking about or focused on. I’ve written at length trying to articulate them, been promoted and propped up by some very respectable people and venues, and the stuff just isn’t taking but for a few hundred faithful readers and a few thousand extra who might happen upon each new piece.

We need great writers, content creators, talkers, campaigners, fundraisers, lobbyists and others all working to marginalize the legacy news media, and expose the Democrat party’s commitment to national disunity and individual dependence.

I write today, like most days, with the hope that some of them will find, agree with and then mass manufacture this agenda. We’ll win even if they don’t. I just want to win quickly and with the least possible collateral damage. And for that we need more than faith and diligence alone. We need action.


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