Raise Your Hand If You Still Think The Democrats Are More Powerful Than The Media

If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said President Trump and his allies conducted a coordinated strike on the government that was to conclude with an unarmed militia of senior citizens forcibly taking control of the Capitol and its occupants, they would’ve been laughed off the stage and into a loony bin where people who make such claims belong.

But when Jake Tapper and Lester Holt make the same preposterous claim, suddenly everyone takes it seriously.

Tapper and Holt, along with their media peers, have your undivided attention because you’re only there to consume the news they give you.

First they’ll tell you all the people who agree with what the Democrats are saying.

Even some Republicans!

Then they’ll tell you how the people who disagree lack credibility.

The rest of their very compelling story will be told using Hollywood-quality sound and visuals as they usher you lazily downstream through an array of stories all pointing to the same persistent and indisputable conclusion:

That ridiculous claim the Democrats are making is akshully quite sober, and any sober explanations to the contrary are ridiculous.

Over and over they foment that general perception.

Democrats = Good. Republicans = Bad.

All one of their major players has to do is say the words…

Trump won the 2016 election because he’s a Russian spy who got help from Putin, some say.

…and the other major players hear, and they all start saying the same thing.

Those words then become the perceived national reality.

Events don’t determine and shape our national conversations and mood.

The media does.

Their “Trump incited a mob to overthrow the government!” narrative has only two key elements, both of which are easily debunked:

  1. President Trump incited a violent mob
  2. A mob tried to violently overthrow the U.S. government

Neither of those things are even close to true but both are being used to dominate almost every aspect of our national political discourse right now. Every person with any political interest thinks all day, every day about how to react to the media’s narrative that Trump and his supporters are domestic terrorists who must pay dearly before they can do any more maiming and/or killing.

It’s not reality. But it may as well be because it’s all anyone is talking about, responding or reacting to.

The last four years, as per the media’s telling, have been scrubbed from history. Those years never happened. The media’s 24×7 lying about Trump and demonizing his supporters, all in an effort to meddle in our elections and suppress our free speech, never happened. Their weaponizing of and exploiting a virus for social and political purposes, never happened. Their flagrant lurch away from neutrality and toward unabashed partisanship, never happened. Their normalizing violence as a response to speech, promoting riots and looting and murder and destruction, none of it ever happened. It was all just a bad dream. Or at least that’s how the media are trying to yet again write us out of history and replace us with their own dishonest, highly partisan telling.

The Democrats’ base literally took over police stations and government buildings for weeks and months.


Nobody in the legacy news media said or did anything except defend the violent rioters and attack anyone who didn’t.

And yet now the entire nation is pretending to clutch its pearls over “America First Extremism” because that’s what the media want and after roughly 2 suspiciously contrived hours of said alleged extremism, they’re telling the world that it’s everywhere always and its eradication must be a central focus.

Our ability to stop the media is nearly gone. They don’t care if you’re mad. They don’t care if you stop watching or reading. They don’t care if you boycott their advertisers. Their advertisers barely even care if we boycott them anymore because they’re more afraid of the media and their mobs than their own customers!

Is the seriousness really not sinking in for our most powerful voices and players?

We have only one resource left with which to go on offense; only one thing they want and need.

Our elected representatives.

Tough, smart, courageous and inspired elected Republicans who are ready and willing to finally pick a meaningful and lasting fight with the media; to make Media Bias the pressing national issue it’s long deserved to be.

They don’t want us to exist. They stopped writing about us in anything other than condescending language decades ago. They’re writing us out of history. They’ve written us out of popular culture but for dishonest and insulting portrayals. The only evidence we do exist is our elected Republican representatives. And they’re the only thing the media want or need from our side, because by playing along they give the media credibility.

They can, and should, take that credibility away.

We have so much more power and momentum and enthusiasm than we realize in the culture and political undercurrents. Instead of using it some of us appear to be letting off the gas and apologizing for ever having existed. And the little bit of firepower that we’re actually cognizant of having is being aimed in all the wrong directions.

There’s one reason we all live with this ass-backwards reality each day. It’s not Schumer. It’s not Pelosi. It’s not Illegitimate Joe. It’s the legacy news media. And we have only one thing they want and need: credibility they get from engagement with our elected representatives. If anyone has any other ideas on how we can use that to our advantage in this critical war, now is the time to share.


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