Letter From Grassroots Trump Supporter To Legacy News Media About Our Future Together

I wasn’t interested in political action or its social implications until I saw the partisan and dishonest treatment that George W. Bush got by the media, and what that partisan and dishonest coverage was doing to our country.

That, coupled with what I watched people like my Christian and conservative parents endure in terms of mean-spirited bullying throughout our popular culture, lit my fuse firmly to the right in defense of religious dignity and conservatism.

It didn’t take me long to revere Liberty as being the greatest gift humanity would ever know after life itself. It is in my view effectively “free will” minus the right to infringe on others’. I further concluded that if God truly did shed His grace on We then it was likely more about our codifying Liberty than our singing His praises, which nations before ours had done.

At the same time I was marveling at the individual and collective value Liberty enables, I began to see how racism and racial disparity were fomented most by those who claimed most forcefully to oppose them. Moreover, I found the people who were accused most pervasively of being racist were in fact being falsely accused.

It was a rude awakening and it wasn’t one that Rush or Sean or anyone else impressed upon me. I wish it were because that would mean more people saw and understood it. But like just about everything else I write up I’m pretty much on an island with it despite wishcasting to the contrary.

Fast forward to today and I know now that you control virtually everything. You write the headlines. You decide what we’re going to talk about and how those conversations are framed. You decide what elements of the stories get oxygen and are treated with seriousness, and what elements get buried or shoved off to the fringes. If you want to blanket our nation with malaise and despair because you don’t like the person we elected to run it, you’re not only willing but you consider it your moral duty. And worst of all? You lie about it. There isn’t a more toxic or divisive pollutant anywhere in our national bloodstream than the lie that you are not political partisans working to hurt the right and help the left.

And as you read those words your activist colors come out in your predictable retort:

If we promote anything it’s anti-racism and the destruction of would-be authoritarian dictators (aka fascists) here in America. If we’re guilty of anything, it’s that. And it’s noble.

That’s simply not true and further it’s not your judgment to make. That’s not your job. Your job isn’t to adjudicate the greater moral purpose of one side or the other. Yet you’ve done just that for so long that it’s now ubiquitous throughout your industry. And the worst part, the part that makes it so dangerous and toxic and egregious, is your destructive gaslighting of our nation by denying it.

It’s destroying our country.

You and your cancerous partisanship masquerading as “the truth” are destroying our country.

That’s why the most important focus I have right now is to get several elected Republicans to simply stop talking to your nine most powerful players: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP.

I want Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Gaetz and any others with guts to tell the world that they will no longer talk to those outlets because those outlets have proven to be bad faith political operators. My objective is to marginalize your most powerful names and brands. If those brands don’t address and atone for their myriad nefarious and one-sided transgressions (e.g. the Hunter Biden story before the election), then the standoff remains. (They won’t atone, obviously. And I’m not even sure at this point that they could if they tried.) Months go by. Years go by. Debates are affected. The RNC joins. Your celebrity anchors and reporters start to wither because only Democrats will talk to them. As more Republicans get burned by these bad actors, more Republicans join the caucus and standoff at national, state and local levels.

The base will take note and love it early on, but soon it will escape the right’s media ecosystem and become audible in the mainstream. After months or years of repeated beatings and exposure by Republicans calling out their bias, their brands are irreparably broken culturally and beyond, and the power of those who stand up to them becomes even greater.

You and your peers are never going to change. You’re destroying our nation. You’ll never treat us fairly. You’ll always root for the side that amasses power from pain and failure. That means we have to stop you. But we, consistent with our storied past of affirmative civil rights action, are non-violent and will remain as such. So we have to defeat you peacefully. And this is the only way I know how as several of your employers are already propped up by America-hating leftist oligarchs who couldn’t care less about losing a few billion here or there for the cause.

I want this expedited because having watched you spend these last four years normalizing violence as a response to speech, I believe you have become extremely dangerous and proven yourselves unwilling and incapable of changing. And you’ve already done so much incredible damage not only to those you consider your enemies, but also in those communities you purport to help and care about so much. There must be a historical record about your bad behavior and my hope is that our elected Republicans will help us create one.

But for now in this your moment of glory — which is already crumbling because you stole the election and karma’s gonna dickslap you repeatedly for it — I thought I’d take a humble step back and explain my own ferocity a bit, and perhaps that of some of my America First peers.

This is also a chance to reinforce that most of us have been here before. That frustration I felt back in 2007 when I watched how Bush was treated by the media only grew. Obama predictably won and the media’s fawning over Democrats and hatred for Republicans got worse. And worse. And worse. Then Romney came along. And it got worse. And worse. And worse.

Then we dropped Trump in the middle of the swamp’s action and it worked beautifully, and now we’re going to stay that course and do a lot more.

Now it’s a real fight, and we’ve drained the swamp of the McCain/Romney GOP that was afraid to fight the media.

As for who truly does have the moral high ground in this cold, cultural war for social and political power?

There are two sides to every story and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. I’ve committed myself pretty steadily to intellectual honesty, straying to my sincere knowledge only satirically or admittedly when I have. So speaking with intellectual honesty here, while there are two sides and both have good points and bad: your worst people are a lot worse than ours. And you have a lot more of them. You have a lot more power than any of us, and you lie about it. You’re not fighting for the little guy. You are the monster. You’re not uniting us. You’re dividing us, teaching children that it’s impossible to judge someone by character without first understanding and accounting for their color, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc. Your untested, unproven, spectacularly idiotic test-tube approach to social engineering is the stuff of Nazis. It’s sick and you’re weird for not seeing that or being able to understand the damage you’ve done and are doing. Even your good faith operators who don’t revel in the power derived from others’ pain are too racist to talk honestly about the disparity that Americans who are black endure, and so they let you foment your terroristic lie that all of America is inherently racist. It’s evil. I never used to use that word about you. Now I do. You’re not speaking truth to power because you control the national conversations and mood, and you’re in bed with big tech, big government, Hollywood, academia and big business. You create exponentially more disparity and disunity in a day than you’ll ever mitigate in your combined lifetimes, you hate America and love only what it might someday become if only you can destroy and rebuild it, and you think every American who doesn’t agree with you is either a racist or an idiot.

I could never imagine doing what you do — lying about and manipulating an entire nation under the guise of honesty and impartiality — and being okay with it. Ever. But you do it all the same, and I know you legitimately believe it’s noble and good.

It’s not.

You’re the racists. You’re the bigots. You’re the fascist, regressive, science-denying book burners whose militant secularism has cultivated an ends-justify-the-means mentality that removes all daylight between you and just straight up evil.

But yes, with zero snark here: I know that you do in fact mean well.

That’s the hard part. Sure you might have a vengeful streak like just about everyone else. But it’s not the genesis nor the ultimate desire. Pain and destruction, to you, are merely unfortunate means to what you believe is a more moral and noble end. I get that. It’s why you could bully and punish our country so recklessly while Trump was President, and will quickly tidy everything back up in service to whatever mood or objectives Illegitimate Joe and his team of idiots need from you.

More fear of the pandemic? We can do that. Less? We can do that too! More anger at Trump and his supporters? Sure! Less? No problem!

It’s that easy for you.

No matter the specifics, the general shift will be from “everything Trump does is awful and everything the Democrats do is great” to “everything Biden does is great and everything Republicans do is awful.”

(And I guess I should note the one possible off ramp from that narrative: you decide you’d rather have Kamala in which case, bye bye Illegitimate Joe and hello Willie Brown’s Sidepiece!)

You control virtually everything. You know you do. You’re flagrantly partisan hacks. You know you are. You lie about it. You know you do.

So yes I’ll stop ever so briefly today to congratulate you, Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd and Lester Holt and Maggie Haberman and the rest, on your corrupt and stolen “W.”

However you got it, it’s yours for a moment.

But I don’t believe you’ll get anything done with it. And I know you’re already way overstepping, and that that’s a product of your fear. Because despite all your best efforts, we’re still here. And you know that your headlines and polls today are no more truthful than they have been the last four years. Or forty, for that matter.

No matter how you try to pigeonhole or drag us, I am a proud Trump supporter and America First patriot. My cause is noble. You’re going to lose. And history will record you not as freedom fighters or liberators, but as nothing more than yet another iteration of the persistently racist and regressive Democrat party. Because if racism is taught then you and your precious Democrat party have been the world’s “Teacher of the year!” every year since 1828. And counting. And we in the Republican party, like we always have, are coming to defeat you and liberate all whose pain you profit from.


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  1. Good article. I fear many republicans love hearing the sound of their own voice more than they love the country and their voters, so they will continue to go on those leftist news shows. They will justify it by saying that it’s important that they give their side a voice, but if they simply stopped going on people would catch on pretty quick that it’s one sided and start to wonder.


  2. Why does your “News of the Day” have dates no later than 2018?

    You probably need to see if that code is controlled by Google, MicroS**t, or one of their subs. At any rate, get rid of it.


  3. In an interview by the online National Observer with renowned American author and linguistic/cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky, in which he noted worrisome inconsistencies by what are often perceived as “the liberal media”:
    Although there are stories published about manmade global warming, “it’s as if … there’s a kind of a tunnel vision — the science reporters are occasionally saying ‘look, this is a catastrophe,’ but then the regular [non-environmental pro-fossil fuel] coverage simply disregards it.”

    There’s also the unsigned editorial that my local community newspaper, The Surrey Now-Leader, printed just before Earth Day 2017, titled “Earth Day in need of a facelift”.
    Varied lengths of the same editorial were also printed in sister-papers The Langley Times, Chilliwack Progress and Peace Arch News, though it was also run by other B.C. community newspapers, all of which are owned by news-media-mogul (and aspiring oil-refiner) David Black.

    It stated that “some people would argue that [the day of environmental action] … is an anachronism”, that it should instead be a day of recognizing what we’ve societally accomplished. “And while it [has] served us well, in 2017, do we really need Earth Day anymore?”

    Though in my lifetime I’ve never heard anyone suggest we’re doing so well as to render Earth Day an unneeded “anachronism”, considering the sorry state of the planet’s natural environment, it was the most irresponsible form of editorial journalism I’ve yet seen in my 32 years of newspaper consumption.

    For, while some readers may dismiss it as just another opinion, there are many readers (as I once was) who may take such unsigned editorials as a seriously considered and balanced argument.

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)


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