Reality Of Trump’s 2020 Red Wave Puts Quick End To Media, Dems, GOPe Wishful Thinking

That didn’t take long.

Illegitimate Joe hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already he and his ship of fools are being humiliated by Trump’s red wave.

It’s a unique perspective but I’d written a few times that if in fact the election were stolen, then the power is still ours. They can steal the election. They can steal the positions. They can steal the power that goes along with the positions. But winners have mandates, and mandates permeate a nation. They can’t be faked.

The cheap and frantic cancel-lust we’re seeing from the media and left doesn’t reflect a mandate. They look much more like illegitimate victors who expect to neither be in power very long nor exert much in any lasting way while they are.

Think of an election, for a minute, as a mountain of colors. The more red density, Republicans win. The more blue density, Democrats win. If the 2020 election was stolen then what we just watched was a very real mountain of red get covered up by a very thin layer of manufactured blue. Here’s the cool thing: the mountain of very real red is still there. And that could be why just when the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans are yet again promising the entire world that “the walls are closing in” on Trump and his supporters, in come some new troops with the same tenacity and fearlessness in service to America First.

Still not tired of winning!

One of them (joined now by several others) is calling for Liz Cheney to step down after she did the same to President Trump, falsely smearing him with the laughable claim that he incited a riot.

And yet another beneficiary of the Trump 2020 Red Wave has said she’ll be filing articles of impeachment against Illegitimate Joe on his first day in office, January 21, 2021.


The racist and fascist powers-that-be — big media, big tech, big government, big business – are doing all they can to scrub us from history and replace us with a white supremacist movement. They’re praying it’s over. They think they got to steal an election and now they want to rewrite history to make it look like the entire America First movement is about white supremacy and that President Trump literally incited a mob with a legitimate hope of overthrowing the U.S. government.

I hate to keep saying this, but…

Yes. Really.

That’s their story haha. I mean it’s insane. Almost as insane as him being a Russian spy who was installed to overthrow the U.S. government.

So forgive me for laughing my head off as in come two freshmen congresspeople just taking turns bludgeoning the media’s entire narrative with that very real mountain of red.

More to come I’m sure because it was a pretty impressive red wave, and it’s pretty pent up given the dismissive and dishonest treatment its beneficiaries have gotten since November.

Buckle up!


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