Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz & Jordan Can Unite, Save America With This Cool Trick

As the last remnants of the old guard GOP go back to being whipping boys for the media and Democrats, the rest of the party, where the underlying power is, are thinking about how much we enjoyed winning for a change and would now like to pursue more of it.

The remaining ghosts of our scared Republican past want to submit to the media who controls our national dialogue and mood (aka everything) and get back in bed with the racist, abortion-loving Democrats who the media work so hard to defend and promote.

They can do that.

But for my part I’d sooner live out my life quietly and peacefully while America burns before going back to sheepishly obvious “Let’s win at the ballot box!” goals and subsequently letting the legacy news media — the most powerful force working against American progress and unity — off the hook.

We can win at the ballot box but we cannot just move on from our explicit fight with the media because even when we win at the ballot box they aren’t going away or changing and all of this type of crap will keep happening.

We came very close to crushing them permanently and their bad behavior proves it. We’ll be damned if we’re going to let them bully and scare us out of finishing them off and protecting the nation and freedoms that they’re trying to destroy.

If we don’t take the fight right to the legacy news media as happy warriors with right and might (75M) on our side, they win.

We can never say President Trump’s name again. We can never talk about the stolen election again. We can sacrifice the hundreds of idiots and tens of domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol and dismiss them all as truly deserving of the punishment they’re getting that nobody in BLM or Antifa ever did for doing the same and worse, far more often, for far longer.

That’s all fine if we must. It’s wrong, but not nearly as wrong as giving up entirely and just kind of hoping something else happens someday that also unites and empowers us.

We’re here right now. We’re real. The media is telling a different story because that’s what they do. The story of our continued support for President Trump, and his entirely innocuous behavior throughout this contrived maelstrom, should be told. It won’t be. Fine. We’ll live with that if we must.

But we won’t live with this: some of the smartest people in our world are yet again letting the media tell them what’s happening in our country, what to think about it, and what it means.

I mean, seriously, people?


A poll is out this morning showing…

…more than 80% of Republicans don’t think Trump should resign or be impeached and more than 60% don’t think he did anything wrong at all. Treat that poll like all the others. It’s weighted and corrupted and skewed as much as possible to show as little support for Trump as possible.

What makes anyone think anything about their formula has changed?

The news they’re telling us isn’t the real news.

It’s a series of stories they a) select and b) characterize to hurt the right and help the left. It never changes.

Are we seriously going to watch everything that’s happened the last four years and not consolidate the office-holding power we have to keep our needed and noble fight with the media going?

Are we really not understanding how much more powerful the media are than the Democrat party, when it comes to messaging and opposition research and getting in the minds of voters and instructing our national conversations and moods?

I mean are we really still pretending that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the masterminds driving literally every aspect of our nation to celebrate leftism and cancel anything and everyone who disagrees?

You’re not that stupid. None of you are that stupid.

We can’t let off the gas. And the only litmus our caucus will need will be:

Show me your reporting on the Hunter Biden story from the weeks before the election.

That’s all the proof our team will need to pick and sustain the fight with NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP.

Those 9 are strategically selected. The rest can tell the story.

Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz, Jordan. They can get us started. They can be the ones who use their political power to make “media bias” a massive cultural issue, and to thus liberate the base from the legacy news media and the bullshit perception that the legacy news media is not already engaged in political warfare that’s dividing and destroying our nation.

They are.

And we need a win. We need a big win. We need to recognize and act upon the reality that we still have tremendous control over something incredibly important. We need them to know that we have that control still, and the strength to stand up and walk away from their lies the way they’ve walked away from the truth.

This gets us there quickly, easily, peacefully, painlessly and with a little fun.

We need people in high places with power and money to comprehensively consider and hopefully embrace the wisdom of this move, then plan it out and execute it. It will be the continuation of our party’s storied history and wildly successful and growing present push for pro Liberty, pro America, anti racist and anti fascist civil rights action.

Our best of the best in the Republican party need a play. Our base needs a win. The other side deserves a lasting shot to their most powerful weapon that they can’t control or take away from us.

This is that.


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  1. I feel your rage. A nice rough draft, but a little rambling. You may want to either read it out loud to yourself or have someone read it out loud to you. I got pretty lost. You have a couple of good catchphrases that you could repeat like a fiery Sunday morning preacher.

    We can’t trust any of the four you mention. They may be true to our cause, but I won’t hold my breath. They will be censored, ghosted, and destroyed as easily as they did to Trump. It is going to be some “sleepers” that are going to get past the censorship just long enough to launch a few nukes. O’Keefe and company will be gone within the year. As will Judicial Watch and many others. They will try to fight, but it will be new voices and whistleblowers that will penetrate the Great Firewall that Big Tech is erecting.

    Here is how your plan works. We do is what the Democrats did. Cheat.

    Well, not really. We focus on the six or seven counties in America that matter. Not the national news, not even the state news, but the county news and the county bureaucracies. We can infiltrate those. (h/t ToreSays, infiltration not insurrection, I think that what she says. Or maybe another “i” word instead of insurrection.)

    You are NOT going to change the nine media outlets you mentioned, but I bet we can change all the media outlets in those counties if we focus our efforts. Letters to the editors, buying advertisements (they are dying for lack of ad revenue), story tips (especially about the sexual antics of the corrupt politicians in their markets), and human interest stories about businesses (without identifying that the owners are conservatives) going under and how that will affect their market and readership revenue. Call into local radio shows. Public access television. Get the local TV stations to pick up the feeds from any of the hundreds of conservatives producing free-to-air shows. You may not like Alex Jones, but his shows are free-to-air. That means the station sells the ad time and gets the revenue.

    What media outlet wouldn’t take a chance to air a well-made video exposing corruption in some other county?

    Get a group to rent theaters to do showings of such films as Shadowgate 1, 2 & 3. Or any of Dinesh’s films or the many other documentaries out there. A free movie and free popcorn? Who can resist.

    And focus on the high schools. A free Constitution and free experts to do fun presentations. You might just change a few of those skulls full of mush and fill them with love for their country.

    And free firearms training. Kids love nothing more than doing something they perceive as dangerous.

    Restoring America One County at a Time
    Book by Joel McDurmon

    I’ve seen another political book that talks about focusing on county-level politics to win over time.

    Enough rambling. Dinner time.


  2. I see what you are saying. I have a quicker and more immediately effective way. t takes time for a weed to grow, but you can pull it out in a second.


  3. Even better: The Republican controlled legislatures of all the swing states that contributed to the
    massive election fraud should change their rules to have NO voting machines–especially Dominion–
    No votes accepted or counted after 8 pm with ARMED GUARDS ready to arrest anyone who tries;
    strict voter id and no mail-in ballots without clear and identifiable paperwork attached with those ballots
    and then only for very good reason NOT including pandemics because we are getting ready to have
    a pandemic every 4 years if the Democrats have their way!


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