The Delinquents At Twitter Meddled In The 2020 Election & Are Now Laughing About It

The medicated-since-they-could-walk test tube pajama boys and men-women who work at Twitter are some of the left’s most powerful forces and influencers, and they’re setting the supposed new tone by flaunting their anti-democratic election meddling in the faces of their victims.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 3.21.25 PM

We’re ceding the White House in large part due to their nefarious transgressions.

They’re flaunting those nefarious transgressions, while they point and laugh at us for being their victims.

What makes any of you think this stops at the figurative?

For many of you it’s already quite literal with respect to your earnings as they deplatform and demonetize our content creators, writers and other intellectuals and artists. What makes you think it stops there? Every one of you has watched videos of people being mercilessly beaten. Those who have defended themselves have suffered more than any of the perpetrators.

It’s not going to stop. This is them. These are their leaders. This is what they’re doing.

We need a response.

It must be definite, bold, peaceful, unifying, honest, easy, durable and incorruptible.

Not words.


I’m not asking our elected Republicans to declare war on the media. I’m asking them to publicly, formally, finally and forcefully document and announce the reality that such a war is already apparent and destroying our country.

What I’ve suggested isn’t a last stand. It’s not a “last hope.” It’s an additional set of plays that will advance the ball far more quickly and effectively than anything else anywhere else on anyone else’s radar.


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