PBS Big Wig Wants Children Of Trump Supporters To Be Taken Away

It’s really hard to keep track of all the terrible things these powerful Democrats in politics and media say.

They’re scrubbing that piece of trash Michigan Democrat Cynthia Johnson telling her “soldiers” in the streets to “make them pay,” referring to Trump supporters with a supposed-to-be-scary-but-looks-more-like-farting look in her eye. Tough to find that clip still in its original form on YouTube but went to Rumble.com — the free speech alternative to YouTube that will likely be taken down soon — and found it quickly and easily…

And now we’ve got Michael Beller, a big wig at PBS, caught on camera talking about crushing Trump supporters and their children.

Throwing Molotov cocktails at the White House, Michael?

Who says that stuff!?

Psychotic, terroristic, America-hating leftists who have no moral center beyond their own bigotries and believe the gospel according to their big government is the only God anyone should ever be allowed to study, abide and/or worship.

That’s who.

No real point to this post other than trying to document one or two of the things that I constantly refer to in other pieces as “the stuff is all over, just go find it!” Here are two very powerful leftists — one in politics, one in media — proudly and casually fomenting violence against Trump supporters.

The media won’t cover it because they created this environment and value its toxicity with respect to America’s regression and disunity.

We have work to do, and it sure would be helpful if there were a plan in place that we could all get inspired by and help with. If only.


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One comment

  1. They want to “Cleanse” us.
    They want to put our children into reeducation camps!
    On Morning Joe: How can we deprogram us!
    The want intend to classify us as Domestic Terrorist, put us on no fly lists, take our firearms!
    They intend to flood our border with tens of millions of Illlegals and take our jobs and we pay for their health care and welfare with higher taxes
    They have taken away our First Amendment.
    We they are targeting with this and much more Terror are the Honorable Citizens?Patriots/We the People!
    Over 3,000,000 of us in DC on the 6th and very few near the Capitol and led by ANTFA/BLM Operatives a Black flag incursion into the Capitol. They want 15,000NatonalGaurd at the Innaugeration to protect these Criminals as they take power and destroy our Republic, our Bill of Rights, our Liberty our freedom, because they fear America. And where are our supposed Leaders and our Military:..they are defending these Nazis.
    What is left for Americans to defend the Republic?
    Wife asked in tears, do we need to save a bullet for each of us when the Democrats come for us!


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