I’d Like To Win Quickly & Enjoy It But If You Hate That Sort Of Thing, You Do You

I’d love some feedback at this point on why the plan that I’ve pushed for over a year now won’t work. Because frankly I feel stupid for having pushed it for so long as nobody really bought it. Granted I’ve done nothing to sell it except show up here to write about it, but I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do. Go knock on doors and tell people about it? Start advertising my site to try to get the word out? No thanks. I write and if it’s good then people will read it and share it and then more people and that’s how this works. And the idea that I’ve spent a year trying to sell isn’t getting squat.

But I still know everyone else’s ideas for more government (that’s what most are asking for with the tech guys: we are the ones who let them become effective utilities and we have to strip them of that with competition, not codify and put all that power in government’s hands) and vote and donate and “call your congressperson!” and blah blah same old same old — will solve nothing. We need a bold plan. Mine was the most peaceful and practical and effective and simple I could come up with. If someone else can come up with a better way to immediately liberate our base from the humiliating perceived stronghold of the legacy news media while sunsetting their greatest and only defense (deniability) and embracing our own durable and righteous offense for a change, especially during a time of clear powerlessness and the need for bold, meaningful action that will satisfy 75M people who are justifiably enraged right now, we’ll all be listening and eager to hear it.

But I’ve been watching closely for 20 years.

And 5 years ago I started LBA largely out of frustration with Republican messaging and conservative media, and their combined proficiency at getting crushed culturally.

So as far as a plan beyond “Be mad!” and “Click here!,” most of our most powerful and amplified voices and messengers don’t actually have one.

Most are here to talk about the importance of change, and then monetize the enthusiasm that talk generates.

The good intention is change, but the capital is enthusiasm and engagement.

It was in the second piece I wrote way back on September 7, 2015…

Most come to do good, but stay to do well…and in the end, ultimately, do very little.

But I also know since writing that so many years ago that we have a renewed conservative media with a lot more sincerity, passion and talent. So we’ll see what gets accomplished here with them and any smart elected Republicans who actually took notes and learned the important lessons about Trump’s power and the support we all rewarded him with.

For my part I’ve long tried to come up with ideas that will legitimately change things in a big way.

A few memorable ones…

“Make America United Again” for the Trump campaign was one. It got me a 1:1 meeting with Corey Lewandowski in Trump Tower. I ultimately was unable to convince him in that my first ever (and to this day only) political strategy opportunity. But it was a winner for myriad really good reasons.

Update our outreach to more explicitly highlight Democrats’ plain sight racism which, under the banner of “helping,” has created exponentially more racial disparity and disunity than anything every Republican has ever done in their combined lifetimes. (I started this blog in September 2015 and within a few months started writing about that and media bias almost exclusively.)

Get better at exposing and talking about media bias. (It’s all over this site.)

And then there’s today’s idea that I’ve been pushing for a year. The legacy news media are already in the ring. Their best weapon is also their most dangerous: that they deny being in the ring. By calling them out and clearly explaining why (a position that probably more than half of Americans would share and support) you make their presence in the ring undeniable and in doing so clearly define the lines. That’s matters. A lot. You can’t claim to know your opposition without clearly identifying them. (!) So spare me the “We need to get along with the media and it’s time to be nice” bullshit. My lord they’re the ones who have been violent all this time and you think they’re gonna stop because they have more power now? They’ll either put levers in place to make sure we never have power again, or to make sure they can get away with punishing us socially and otherwise to even greater degrees for when we do get power again. They are losing organically but will now meaningfully move the dial culturally, using government power, in a way that will create so much more unnecessary chaos and violence in the future.

They are now coming for us. It’s real. They’re coming for our artists. They’re coming for our lawyers. They’re coming for our bankers. It’s all very predictable and if it were happening anywhere other than the United States of America, it’d be terrifying. As it stands now it’s just an ugly reality that needs to be dealt with.

And to deal with it we need a simple, cheap, easy and effective plan.

Step 1: Get a few smart, elected Republicans to just brain the so easily brainable legacy news media.

Step 2: Tell the simple truth and don’t talk about anything else and tell it everywhere for at least a solid year: All Democrats Are Racist.

That’s my plan and both elements are pretty well-documented in recent posts. It’s honest, smart, effective, cheap and incorruptible by the media or other forces. But it’s going nowhere. My traffic on these has never taken off in anything close to a big way and yesterday’s piece explaining elected Republicans’ role got 4 shares on Facebook.

This one will likely get less.

It felt like the 100th time I’ve written about this and tried to make the case. That gets exhausting after a while. It’s hard to repackage the same idea over and over but that’s the only way to try to get it out there in the world. I can’t just keep sending my very small distribution list the same piece. It has to be new for them to consider, even if it’s all the same ideas and whatnot. Meanwhile, my poor regular readers have all this memorized by now and at this point would rather hear about last night’s dinner than what I think about defeating the media and the Democrat party’s racism. My rhetoric has gotten as incendiary as I’ll ever let it and more so than I ever wanted it to, and there are no more powerful proclamations I can make on these the most important and least addressed matters of our nation and time.

So either it’s over or I’m an idiot and neither mark a great start to this day.

And now I throw it back to our sherpas.

I voted. I donated. I wrote. I called.

Now what? What’s the actual plan to win — to define the battle lines and neutralize their most potent weapon?

We don’t need the reasons why it’s so important. We don’t need more examples to make our case.

They don’t care if we watch or not. They don’t care about revenues and are propped up by oligarchs. They control the national conversations and mood. They, in that way, own everything. Nobody does more to divide our nation than they do, poisoning our homes and lives with claims of impartiality while pervasively and perversely deifying one side and demonizing the other; promoting violence as a response to speech and then calling anyone who responds in kind “domestic terrorists” and working to ruin their lives.

What’s the plan? I had one. It didn’t take. What’s yours?

I value all all of you do. I don’t still reach out to people whom I don’t respect. I begrudge nobody for making a living. I applaud those who do so successfully and pull for those who might be struggling. I know we’re going to win because we have God on our side and we’re fighting racism, just like we always have. It’s a little rough because the vast majority of our party and base don’t even yet know we’re still fighting racism — Democrat Party Racism — but we are. And that’s just one more reason I know it’s gonna be really long and really fucking ugly. And I just want it over quickly and with as little pain and loss as possible.

My plan is to turn our tired strategy of the past on its head. Instead of the grassroots boycotting the media and elected Republicans fighting the Democrat party, we let elected Republicans boycott the media and the GOP grassroots base utterly and honestly decimate the Democrat party’s brand.

I want our elected Republicans to marginalize the legacy news media once and for all while we in the base take care of the Democrat party by making “All Democrats Are Racist” trend nationally. It may sound “too inflammatory” to some now but I swear to you a day will come when we wish we had the opportunity for such mild, honest, important, fair and liberating civil rights action.

NOTE: It was a bit wild going back to that piece from September 2015. I remembered clearly my sentiments while writing it and “sounding the alarm” back then. Back then there was no talk of cancel culture. There was no normalization of violence as a response to speech. They weren’t literally and openly targeting, attacking and destroying individuals in such Orwellian ways, and they sure as hell weren’t doing it so casually and with the entire media and entertainment complex cheering them on while corporate America funds them for it. It’s just crazy how much more dire things have gotten in such a short period of time, and the escalation against us has been exclusively because we successfully for the first time in our lives stood up to them in a meaningful way. Whether that inspires you or terrifies you would probably come down to one thing: whether or not you’re confident we have an actionable plan to capitalize on our cultural gains and upset them again.


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  1. You have a unique style and a brilliant take on current events. I enjoy and look forward to what you have to say.

    Sometimes though, even the best of the best fails to gain traction. What is generally missing when that happens is a lack of luck. Yep, plain old simple luck.

    Keep going. Things can happen that are completely unexpected.

    I do have one suggestion. The name of your site doesn’t tell the potential reader anything at all about what your site is about.


  2. I think continuing to work through elected republicans and the GOP is a losing strategy as they have already shown themselves to be just as much the enemy of the USA as the demoncrats.


  3. Anything outside of the 2 main parties will not get very far with the uniparty. They are entrenched too deeply, you think they went hard after Trump as an “outsider” within the GOP, any 3rd party would have as much chance as the libertarian party. Keep pushing to reform the GOP, elect constitutionalist members. I kind of hope the Dems do away with the filibuster, when we get power again, focus on restoring term limits and then restoring the filibuster.


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