Keeping It Simple: Why Republicans Must Defeat The Media, And How To Do It

None of this would be happening if the legacy news media were fair and honest. None of it. If the journalists and newsrooms make a stink about something, then everyone else (with any power) does also.

That’s the formula.

Media gets fired up first, and then everyone else with any power follows suit.

It never works the other way anymore unless the legacy news media allow it to. (President Trump’s insurgent 2016 upset was a single exception, and we’ve all seen just how badly and dangerously they’ve responded to that.)

If the media want a story to be told and die quickly, they can do it.

If they want to bury a true story altogether and claim it’s Russian disinformation until such a time that the story can no longer hurt their political allies, they can.

If they want to scare our nation into such a humiliating panic that we give up our rights and let them destroy our jobs, businesses, social engagement, family ties, permission to live freely and the health and well-being of our children, they’ll do it and sleep better at night.

If they want to help create an environment that allows for massive voter fraud and then accuse anyone who talks about voter fraud of sedition while demanding they be silenced and scrubbed from all public communication, no problem!

If the legacy news media want to spend years promoting and inflaming violence against Trump supporters and then pretending they did no such thing when Trump supporters respond in kind, today’s media consider that type of activity not political advocacy but something that’s good and healthy for our nation’s progress and unity.

They believe these types of behaviors are what their work truly commands, and that the days of just reporting the news honestly and fairly without partisan favor are dead and gone.

And they’re probably right.

The problem is that they commit their political advocacy under the guise of fair, neutral and honest journalism. That dishonesty on that subject asserted that pervasively and aggressively is what makes them so much closer to authoritarian dictators than political operatives. Where’s the daylight between Jake Tapper and some Chinese propagandist censoring the news on behalf of their communist government? Tapper and the rest do the exact same thing only they do it in service to America’s communist movement instead of China’s directly.

Nobody does more to divide our nation than the legacy news media. If they want to smear the tech giants for nakedly political attacks on free speech, or call out Democrats for their hypocrisy about riots and violence, or look into election fraud, or report that Senators like Cruz and Hawley are guilty of nothing more than following the Constitution to the letter of the law, or report that fatherlessness contributes tremendously to the disparity Americans who are black endure and yet there are groups out there right now being funded by virtually all of America’s Fortune 500 companies for their claims that it’s racist to have a father in the home…

…if the legacy media wants to they can make a story out of anything. And they can kill any story they don’t want told, just as easily.

People are talking about the tech giants being the most powerful forces we have to defeat but if the media wanted to tell the truth about what’s happening and expose the splintering that’s occurring around free speech, public utilities and private internet companies, they could end all this in days and Parler (for example) would be back up and running everywhere. The media would find the credible conservative who’s launched a campaign to boycott the tech giants and expose their fascism, and the media would make that movement the hottest and most important thing in America.

It’s that easy for them to shape opinions and create action.

People just don’t get it and it’s almost too late. We need a big move and we need to get on offense and at the same time it would be helpful if that big move and that re-positioning can make a lasting difference during this critical point in our nation’s history.

We need to take out the legacy news media.

And in order to do it we just need a handful of elected Republicans to prepare for this fight together and then go out and pick it.

Yes, really. All we need in order to defeat the legacy news media as we know it are those two things: for reliable and tough elected Republicans to study up together and get their ducks in a row on the messaging and launch, and then for them to go out and pick the fight and tell the world why. The fight between the GOP and the legacy news media will then ensue publicly and that’s when we win because the fight has been there this whole damn time and all we really need to do is force the media to help us amplify that reality. Once they do, everyone is neatly and clearly in the partisan corners, and thus the Democrat operatives who we’ve long had to pretend are neutral referees will be stripped of their most potent quality.

We only need a few elected Republicans from the House and Senate to announce to the world that due to media bias, which their constituents care greatly about and contributes significantly to this nation’s disunity and destruction, they will no longer be engaging with the nine most pervasive and longstanding offenders: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP.

They’ll laugh at us for it because they still mistakenly think they can fabricate news and make that fabrication become reality. They can fabricate news and make it appear to be reality, but they can’t change the actual truth that exists underneath the surface.

I describe the 2020 election this way…

Imagine an election is a mountain of colors. The more red density, Republicans win. The more blue density, Democrats win. If they did in fact steal the 2020 election and I believe they did, then what we just saw happen was a mountain of very real red get covered up by a very thin layer of manufactured blue. That red mountain is still there. The media is of course reporting on the thin layer of manufactured blue, but that mountain of red is still there, underneath, permeating and brewing and, thanks to their idiocy, just getting more pissed off and a lot less forgiving.

Nobody is a greater blight on American progress and unity than the legacy news media who stoke pain, failure, dishonesty and division in service to a Democrat party that has always thrived off of each.

Nobody enables that legacy news media more than the elected Republicans who play along and let them pretend to be impartial arbiters of the truth who, because of that impartiality and massive obligation, have been entrusted to effectively lord over our national conversation and mood.

They’re doing a really bad and now dangerous job.

Stop them already. We are begging you.

Call them out. Tell the story. Arm yourselves with the stats. Be quick and fast and smart on your feet. Every single day every one of those outlets will give you myriad new opportunities to identify and expose their bias, and at no point on any day will they give you any reason to think they’re anything other than hostile to you and protective of your Democrat peers.

How can you all not get this? How can you not see how simple it and important it is?

Please show us you learned at least something from our support for President Trump over these last several years and go take the fight to the media where it belongs, and with the ferocity and determination it deserves. Call them out. Isolate them. Marginalize them. Tell the stories every day. The Republican base will love it but far more than that we deserve it and our nation desperately needs it.


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  1. Maybe a lot of ‘insignificant ‘ individuals could pool resources & print, publish & produce dynamic, professional ‘truth pills” ….30 second truth supplements to boost the nation’s immunity against constant exposure to lies & deceit?


  2. Those mentioned rarely took up the charge as Trump battled for us each day. Now, it’s wishful thinking to place on their backs collectively what my President bore solely on his.


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