To Defeat Big Tech, Just Calmly Walk Off Their Douchebag Battlefield

For a split second this morning I forgot we have God on our side. Because while I write and live and believe sincerely from a place of great hope and optimism, I just like everyone else have those moments of real doubt and uncertainty.

I’m thinking just about what we’ve seen in the last year…

  • A virus manufactured and released by China was weaponized by America’s legacy news media to attack the President who had China’s back against the wall and install a new President who was already in China’s pocket.
  • Big tech joined with the legacy news media to start burning books and socially lynching any and everyone who interfered with their mission.
  • Their paramilitary force had been violently assaulting people and property for years. They were celebrated by the media as heroes. They were described as “mostly peaceful” by journalists who stood in front of businesses they burned to the ground. They were said by the media and Democrat leaders to be having a “summer of love” when they violently took over entire government buildings and city blocks for weeks and months on end, taking hostages in some cases and setting up rape tents in others. Murders happened every night. Nobody treated it with an ounce of seriousness except its victims, those who watched in horror waiting to become one of their voiceless victims, and conservative media.
  • A mass assassination attempt occurred on congressional Republicans who were playing baseball.
  • A sitting U.S. Senator was violently assaulted by a Democrat while mowing his lawn and had part of his lung removed as a result.
  • I’m leaving out thousands of similar examples.

There was more outrage over some psychopath who lives in a van down by the river sending fireworks to CNN than there was for all of the above realities combined.

And now they’ve got what happened at the Capitol to exploit. A few hundred idiots storm the gates, public and private property is damaged, norms upended, people injured and killed including cops…just like every other riot we’ve been watching the media endorse and defend on our screens for over a year.

So admittedly this morning was a little unsettling when, with all that going on, I saw that not only have Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores making it impossible for any more of us to download, but now Amazon will be removing Parler entirely from their servers.

Parler is the last place we have to all meet in the modern public square and speak freely together. And there’s a coordinated effort by the Democrat party’s modern Nazis to shut it down along with every other powerful right-minded voice. (People are being purged and banished all over from YouTube and the rest. It’s actually very, very creepy and Orwellian. But it won’t win and the people who stood by and condoned all of this will never be off the hook for it.)

So as of midnight tonight (1/10/21), Amazon will be shutting down Parler and scrubbing it from the internet.

The site will eventually be back up but they have to find a new host, and that could be tough since the media and Democrats are trying to cancel anyone with any power who says anything they don’t like.

The media and Democrat Nazis have become so brazen in their book burning and social lynching, and everyone who isn’t one of us is acting like it’s not happening and it doesn’t matter. It’s entirely normalized. They’re attempting to dehumanize us and it’s working exceedingly well even among their most cautious constituents. All they have to say is that our speech “might incite others to violence” and that’s it. You’re cancelled. The left can literally call for violence and commit it, and they’re fine. But if you say something they claim might compel someone else to commit violence, then you are no longer allowed to exist on their platforms.

You don’t have to actually tell people to be violent.

But if they feel your words could make people so mad that they’ll choose on their own to go be violent, then they remove you. (But only if you’re from right. If you’re a leftist promoting some of their favorite things like Jew-killing and forced infertility, like the leaders of Iran and China do with immunity all over Twitter, that’s fine.)

The big tech oligarchs are normalizing this anti-American communications enslavement and it wouldn’t surprise me if the big government oligarchs soon decide to capitalize on that.

NewsMax? OAN? They might incite others to violence. Take them off the air.

That’s the new and extremely low standard they’re now using to ban speech. And yeah, it’s pretty scary.

But then you remember that the “tech giants” are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who are terrified of real life and haven’t lived a single unmedicated minute since their pre-teen years. (They’re only slightly better than celebrities because what they provide is infinitely more useful. But in both cases you’re dealing with poorly-experienced douchebags whose only credential is the overnight fame and fortune they stumbled into.)

These people are not going to topple America.

But still I’d rather start from the stone ages than keep submitting to them.

It’s not enough to delete Facebook and Twitter.

We need a reliable off-ramp from the rest of them, too.

All most of us really want are the basic services: phone, text, email. We must be able to communicate with each other and we must not be dependent on the creepy social test tube man-babies at Google and Apple to do so.

So where’s the alternative to Android and iOS? How do we move into it? I don’t know these things. There are tons of guides from a variety of sources but I’m asking the smart people on our side whom we can still trust to put something together that we can all rely on and follow.

Get us off Android. Get us off iOS. Give us the reliable email services and help us empower them with growing numbers.

And of course Amazon’s gotta go. It just does. I know it makes life easy but I minutes ago shut my account down and am not looking back. I’m done with Amazon. I’ll get it elsewhere, build it myself or live without it. Nothing is worth funding these racist, fascist assholes any longer.

We should really be abandoning all of them except those who expressly support our views for freedom and liberty, and/or whose operations we can overrun to start espousing our pro-America and pro-American views. If they don’t fall into one of those two camps then you shouldn’t do business with them. And if that sounds like wartime footing it’s because it is.

They hate America. They hate our freedoms. They hate our prosperity. And they want you dead. This is the posture of the left in 2021. The ones who are too weak to hate that hard believe the peers among them who do are noble and just.

The war is getting hot, fast.

And we need our own communication vehicles. We won’t be able to do much politically these next two years except enjoy watching them fail, but we need to communicate with each other and we need to live our lives free of those tech oligarchs who in concert with the media and Democrats are working to kill us off figuratively if not literally.

I don’t know who can put this together, but this post is a strong suggestion and request for someone who knows this stuff to help the rest of us out a little bit. We need a point-by-point manual to help people along, anticipating the basic starting points and potential obstacles. We also need coders to help Parler and similar alternatives. We need smart people who can learn quickly to volunteer hours doing whatever they can. And we need a mechanism directing and helping guide all these people.

They want us using muskets while they’re using nuclear bombs with respect to communication. We need to start building our own reactors and we need to do it fast before they’ve disarmed us all.

Other than all that, the song remains the same: we’re going to win because God and the truth are both on our side, and we’re fighting racism and evil. It can either be a long and ugly and painful war, or a relatively quick and peaceful one. I want to see a quick and peaceful victory. And here’s how I think we get there…

Someone build a guide to help us deplatform ourselves from the mega players: Apple and Google.

Push our elected Republicans to stop dicking around with the pathetic Democrats and start taking the fight directly to our most potent opposition: the legacy news media. (I’ve written on this exhaustively so just click around and you’ll find more.)

We in the grassroots make “ALL DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST” trend across the nation, letting the mantra alone do all the work for us. Don’t say or write anything else. Just “ALL DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST” everywhere you can, all the time, for a year or more. (Also wrote on this a ton. It’s a good move. Go read about it more.)

The Republican-led state legislatures are already getting to work on election integrity ahead of 2022.

We can and will crush the media and Democrats, but we’re gonna have to do some work along the way. Making the effort to get ourselves away from the tech giants who hate us has almost overnight become an important step. The tricky part is the cell phone platforms — Android and iOS — which are basically monopolies. But there’s gotta be another way and that’s what I’m asking for guidance on. As for Amazon and the rest (Netflix, YouTube, etc), I won’t tell you what to do but for my part they’re gone too.

We’re gonna win. I’d like it to be clean. Some days and battles will be easier than others. Right now it credibly appears they’re trying to scrub all of our content and presence and existence from the historical record, including President Trump’s calling for peace at all times. They want what happened in D.C. to be portrayed as a white supremacist insurrection and to use it as an excuse to start literally killing us. Yes, really. Many of them want that and many of their leaders sympathize with those people and want the same or something close to it. This is all happening. It is all real. But they won’t get anywhere near all of us, literally or figuratively. That’s why I know we’ll win, and that they’re in reality no match for America or the strength We The People have. But they are psychopaths and they hate you and they want you dead, and their base are too weak and afraid to step out of line and call them out for it. They’re even “coming for the artists” already. It’s sad watching Van Morrison and Eric Clapton reap what they sow, crying about how the lockdowns are “hurting the musicians.” Cry me a river you pansies. You’re on our side now out of desperation. You wouldn’t be so desperate had you opened your dumbass eyes sooner.

It’s not time to go die in the street and stupidly take yourself out of the fight. But it’s time to get smart and get ready to live without a lot of what you thought you needed to rely on. And to start getting a lot smarter and more strategic about how we fight the other side.


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