‘America First’ Revolution Swells After Tech Oligarchs Complete Left’s Political Evil Trifecta: Racism, Terrorism, Fascism

Well it appears that the left’s most powerful and important influencers have hit political evil’s trifecta, all in plain sight and without any fear of retribution: racism, terrorism and now fascism.

This all, of course, as per their rights as free American citizens and expressed through their First Amendment protections.

Which they are, and they have.

Which is also what makes their stomach-turning efforts so pathetic and doomed.

People are freaking out a bit because they think the nervous, tremor-stricken 30-something tech billionaire virgins in America are going to “cancel” us all.

They’re figuratively killing us off as individuals. One by one they’re taking us out in terms of our ability to earn a living and live without endless targeted harassment from their angry masses. That’s happening to individuals in this country big and small. We are taking casualties, no doubt. And they’re to be supported and honored. The thousands whose names we don’t know and never will must be prayed for and — it’s hard to write but true — mourned.

But these wannabe communist dictators don’t stand a chance against America.

I’ve been increasingly concerned in recent days about our side’s ability and willingness to really fight, if it came down to it. Because that threat unfortunately has to be there. I wrote that I don’t see it anywhere on the radar in my lifetime. And I mean that. It’s ridiculous to even begin to suggest otherwise right now. But the threat has to be there. What I mean is, the powers that be shouldn’t know we’re that at ease with their lousy defense of our freedoms.

But the fact is, as most of us know, we are.

We’re all standing around letting them strip away our freedoms and kill our jobs and businesses, and stunt the growth and development of literally every child in the country, and hate each other more, and be angrier and more depressed and deeper entrenched in drug abuse and suicides — we’re all just standing around and letting them do it to us because we don’t want to make a scene.

And hey! As it turned out, COVID-19 actually cured influenza, pneumonia, heart disease, cancer and even motorcycle accidents! How do we know? Because while the media and their equally corrupt friends in academia insist that somewhere around 273% of Americans have already died from COVID-19, it appears that effectively zero Americans are dying from anything else. (Below is the latest update on Ohio influenza hospitalizations. The blue line is the 5-year average, while the red is the 2020-2021 season.)


At any rate, yes they’re getting scalps. Ours as individuals, those of our businesses, and that of our nation’s more broadly with the malaise they’re all enjoying like psychopaths bathing themselves in blood. (The left thrive off of pain and failure. That’s why they’re so committed to promoting and sustaining racism.) But now that they’ve hit the political evil trifecta I’ve never actually been more confident in their inability to win.

Notice I didn’t say our ability to beat them. Because as for the tech guys, I’ve never had a good answer for that other than just living without them and muddling through lesser quality products and services until suitable replacements emerge, or without them entirely if none do in our lifetime. I just don’t love the idea of a big government solution and this 230 business feels more like government imposing itself than removing itself. They’re huge. We rely on them, seemingly, for everything.

But how many people reading this have ever thought to themselves, “I have no idea how we survived without cell phones!”

Most of us of a certain not-very-old age think about that quite often.

But we never finish the thought.

The answer is, easily.

I’m not going to preach about how they make our lives worse because I think technology is excellent. And while Hugh Hewitt is an insufferable elitist snob who’s sufficiently base-deprecating enough to hang with the NBC and WaPo crowds, he did make a compelling point that stuck with me…

We live in the greatest country in the world, at the greatest time to be alive.

I don’t know about you but I wring my hands a lot. A bit more than usual in the last year or so. It’s scary but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If “the best is yet to come” and I believe firmly it is, then for crying out loud let’s keep this train running. What’s more, say what you will, but I have an interesting theory on what happened to the actual power that’s typically exchanged in an election. It’s admittedly and regrettably on the Marianne Williamson end of things, but ultimately I think it’s not only possible but probable that they’ll assume the positions of power and wield it as aggressively as they can — but mandates such as they are, I don’t see them being able to fake owning the enthusiasm that legitimately won the election. And I know that sounds crazy for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that so many on our side are feeling down about what they’re seeing. But I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t. I’m sorry. I care about reality. None of us want to live in a world all wrapped up in feelings instead of facts. That’s half the problem our nation is staring down these days! So forget that your’e feeling down. Forget that I’m merely feeling this theory about where the actual, underlying power lies and who can effectively wield it.

Watch what actually happens.

Within a few months we’ll be watching the Democrats implode and we’re going to be rallied around the Republicans who earn our support. And they’re going to be vying for it because it’s massive and the only support that exists in a meaningful way on the right. And it was responsible for not only a red wave in the 2020 election, but the restraint to let the presidency be stolen from us and still keep our wits because we know we’ll live to fight another day.

That’s power.

And I don’t think they expected it. I think they expected much worse from us. I think they wanted a lot more than they got and the people on their side who pay close attention to this stuff might be wringing their own hands because we’re still not scared enough of them to act out in a way that will let them cancel us all.

But for a few hundred idiots who did to the Capitol what they saw the left doing for years with social immunity (including the resulting deaths), they got nothing from us. We’re still here fighting and I legitimately think there are people on their side who are pissed about that and expected us to react more desperately.

We didn’t because we’re not.

If you’re a regular reader then you already know what I’ve been pushing as our path forward. It is, in fact, the same one I’d been pushing for over a year now. Our two biggest challenges were always going to be how to defeat the media, and who to run in 2024. That hasn’t changed but there’s obviously a lot to do between now and then.

Defeating the media is one of the things we can do. And when they fall, the Democrat party itself is close behind because nobody has propped the fledgling bigots in the Democrat party up more than the legacy news media. The media is weakened, then the Democrat party is weakened, then the legacy news media as we know it gets effectively cancelled from the nation’s serious political conversations. This all happens because we’re now for the first time in my life competing and I’d argue winning in the culture, and will thus continue to rack up new voters and mandates to effect our restorations of freedom and liberty and independence. And with the wannabe communists in the tech community getting together in some creepy stalker effort to burn every America First book and lynch every America First supporter, our organic growth and support in the culture will continue to explode in massively powerful numbers.

They’ve hit the social and political evil trifecta:

All Democrats are racist.

All legacy news media employees are terrorists.

And all tech oligarchs are fascists.

Nobody likes any of them except their slaves and those with whom they share power.

The vast majority of Americans are neither, and never will be. Those who once thought they were are waking up, and those who never will be are just getting more fired up.


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