Time For Cruz & Hawley To Pick A Real Fight With Our Party’s Top Threat: The Media

Even with President Trump in all his deserved glory we were always on defense.

We’ve never been on offense when it comes to the legacy news media.

And the legacy news media, more than anyone or anything else, decide what our nation talks about and how those conversations are framed.

And every conversation they select and partisan framing they attach all always go in the same direction.

“Unfair” has long since sailed. Over the last few years I have called them terrorists a few times, and now I’m doing so with regularity.

But I’m coming to you live from the peanut gallery.

I’m a serious person with serious ideas who writes in a way that often fails to translate either of those realities.

So here’s one more stab with that admission top-of-mind…

They’ve made violence an acceptable response to speech, as long as the violence comes from the left and is aimed at the right.

They’ve stripped us of our right to free speech and expression because if you’re a conservative in the private sector and you stand up for yourself or your country, you get cancelled. If you’re a liberal you’re allowed to be as much of an asshole as you want, to anyone you want, all under the bullshit banner of corporate America-approved “social justice” or whatever other leftist-affirming application of bigotry and fascism they’ve glommed onto that day.

They’re doing the modern equivalent of burning books — be they related to science or current events — in an attempt to censor the truth out of existence forever.

They are the most powerful forces on the planet: big media, big tech, big government, Hollywood, academia and corporate America.

They’re all working together in lockstep to promote the left and marginalize the right. It’s not some wild conspiracy theory. It’s the way things worked out as a result of their hard work and, when applicable, cheating. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, virtually everywhere you might choose to work or shop, leftism is promoted as being cool while conservative American patriotism is deemed racist or just plain stupid.

Here’s the problem with that: despite all their efforts to marginalize and cancel us, roughly half of America still subscribes to right-minded thinking and values.

We exist. We’re not going anywhere. And they hate us for it and are getting increasingly comfortable stripping our rights and livelihoods. The vast majority of people it happens to don’t get a segment on Tucker Carlson’s show. Every day people are being “cancelled” for the crime of supporting our President. It’s absolutely insane and unacceptable, and we’re getting increasingly pissed off.

And we’re tired of being on defense. We’re tired of just waiting for them to come tell us how they’re going to hurt or punish or obstruct or resist us next.

We’re tired of your stupid games with Democrats and your useless interviews with legacy news media outlets who hate you and your supporters.

Believe me I am not one of those “Why is Juan Williams on Fox News?!” types. I’m all about broad and open engagement in the public square. I enjoy hearing the other sides’ views because even if I don’t learn anything of value it still sharpens me. The massive problem polluting our nation is that the media assert their bias all day, every day, and they lie about it. They claim it’s “just the facts.” They leave out the part about how they only selected Story A in stead of Story B because Story A would hurt Republicans and/or help Democrats more. They don’t tell you the context they leave out. They don’t tell you that while the Republican “analysts” they have on every night all hated Trump, there were a few in the world who also supported him. Engagement is great. The media’s sin is that they lie about their partisanship and that dishonesty on this topic is straight up poison pumped directly into our nation’s veins.

Joe Biden and the racist Democrat party haven’t had to lift a finger in decades because the media does every scrap of heavy lifting for them. All the Democrat party does anymore is come up with increasingly extreme schemes, lie about those schemes, and stoke racial division and disunity. (The latter, if we’re being honest, is the only thing they’ve ever accomplished with any success or consistency.)

They’re taking our rights right now.

It’s happening and has been for some time.

Trump was excellent because he didn’t fear them, but he was doing it alone and I wrote many times that we need a bigger and more defined fight with the media than we were getting.

Senator Cruz.

Senator Hawley.

Senator Rubio, for crying out loud.

Hear our call.

Help us.

All I’m asking you to do is pick the right fight. There isn’t a single person in the Democrat party blasting themselves into everyone’s living room each night to tell news stories in a way that perpetually attacks the right and promotes the left; that defends and apologizes for and explains the left, while demonizing and lying about and condemning the right.

That’s not Chuck Schumer doing it.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t filling in over at NBC.

It’s the legacy news media who day after day, night after night, hour after hour and minute after minute tells America that you’re bad and your opponents are good.

They’re the ones, more than anyone or anything else, who divide our nation.

And they do it in service to the Democrat party who, more than anyone or anything else, derive power from that division.

And you — the elected Republicans we count on to hear and fight for us — you, more than anyone or anything else, empower and enable the legacy news media.

Because you keep playing their game, and fail to hold them accountable.

Do you understand that?

You’re not doing it on purpose, obviously, but you more than anyone or anything else empower and enable the legacy news media.

I want you to stop doing that, and have spent the last year or so outlining the simple architecture for your off-ramp and our liberation.

I’ve called them “terrorists” because while I’m a serious person with serious ideas, that’s the brink I’ve been pushed to. I’ve called their entire party “evil.” This is new territory for me. I not long ago laid out a 3-part plan to defeat both the media and the modern Democrat party. The third point in that plan gives me heartburn because it feels like a bridge too far. But the first two are absolutely within reach and bounds.

We’ll get to that.

But your job, Senators Cruz and Hawley, is to take the first step.

The media are already in the ring. And they enrage us further by claiming they’re not. The only thing worse than bad behavior is people who lie about their bad behavior, and that’s what we get every time those sanctimonious terrorists in the legacy news media say, “We’re just reporting the facts. Sorry if you don’t like them!” It’s such a flagrant and disrespectful lie and it’s as close to a psy-op mission as one could get because it’s absolutely enraging.

Something has to be done.

Complaining about is no good.

Expecting them to change on their own is no good.

A big government solution is certainly no good.

Us boycotting them is no good because they often couldn’t care less about money anymore and have plenty of oligarchs to help prop them up.

We need the visibility of this fight.

We need to go on offense.

They’ll laugh at, mock and twist our efforts, like they always do.

But if a few of you get this started and then commit to serving your constituents by helping expose and eradicate the media’s divisive, destructive and pervasive bias, then their laughing and mocking and attempts to twist our efforts become a lot weaker.

They’re already in the fight.

Your job is to expose that reality.

Stop talking to them about anything except their own bias.

The targets are NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP.

These are the nine worst and longest-running offenders.

Nobody is asking you to hurt anyone. Nobody is asking you to strip anyone of their rights. These people hate your supporters with the fire of a thousand suns and they want excuses to strip our rights or worse. You need to fight back. You need to stop playing nice. You need to stop hoping they’ll change, or pretending they’re not flagrantly unfair, or thinking that calling them out here or there is going to make a scrap of difference.

It hasn’t.

It won’t.

It never will.

Stop talking to them.

Tell them why.

Let the world hear you.

Give us that support and respect and frankly security.

Help us take this important first step toward freedom and independence from the legacy news media’s reign of terror before it’s too late.

I am begging on behalf of millions of people who may soon be pushed to do much more.


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  1. Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

    Mark Twain

    Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon (a nom de plume for me)

    Trump was able to stay in the ring with Big Tech and the MSM. I doubt anyone else has that ability or the cajones to do it.


  2. Let me add this to your very good post. Instead of using the corporate names of the media such as NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP, let’s use the names of the owners of these corporations. Let’s take a clue from Saul Alinsky who, in his Rules for Radicals, wrote:

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it”

    So instead of the NY Times, use Arthur Sulzberger.
    Washington Post, Jeff Bezos.
    And so on down the list.

    The NY Times is a big, amorphous blob but Arthur Sulzberger is an individual that can be “targeted, freezed, personalized and polarized” more effectively. It will level the playing field and make the fight fairer.


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