Is The Conservative American Right More Powerful Than Ever?

My optimism is a bit unique right now in conservative and right-minded circles, but there’s a very real argument to be made for our side being more powerful today than ever before.

A primer: I often lament my own failure as a Christian to trust in God in all things. And while I realize it’s not my place to judge others’ faith, I go over that in my mind often if not daily: how can a person who believes in an all powerful and loving and forgiving God be so uneasy with what’s happening in the world He created? He knows what’s going on. He’s always in control, should He need to be. We’ll all be okay if not today then for eternity because He is real. It’s easy to lose sight of that but Christians of even marginally strong faith probably shouldn’t for too long.

Similarly, if we truly believe that the election was stolen then that “red wave” we were denied still exists and is coursing through our nation right now. It’s out there. Despite all their efforts we still won up and down the ballot. We crushed their polls. We crushed their media. We crushed much of their cheating and scheming throughout. That’s stunning when you think about it. And what’s more, we were cheated and robbed and the worst we did was unwittingly let a few hundred idiots socially streak through the Capitol many of whom were escorted the whole time by armed LEOs. It’s entirely possible that that level of comparative restraint also reflects a great deal of power. I would argue, in fact, that it does. Nobody is telling that story though. People won’t be able to enjoy it or act on the power. We lack the authority politically to do anything formal with it. But if you believe the election was stolen then you must also believe that the power we were due does in fact exist. It’s real. It’s out there. Nobody can use it except for us. They can pretend to wield it and celebrate their very real proximity to it, but if ours was truly greater then whether it’s being reported or even felt or not, it remains the reality in our social and political undercurrents.

It’s just potentially not a small deal and if the works are gummed up in inexplicably difficult ways for the new guard and their most vital partners (the media), the inability to steal the organic and underlying power despite stealing the election will be why.

They control the news. They control the headlines. But we’re for the first time in my life competing if not winning in the culture. There’s a decent chance the story nobody is writing is that we are right now more powerful than we’ve ever been. And there’s a decent chance that the reason nobody is writing that story is because the people who direct our national conversations don’t want anyone to know it exists. What’s really slick is that if it does exist then nobody can stop that reality any more than they can stop a climate hellbent on changing or a virus hellbent on spreading.

Yesterday I encouraged people to hold the line. Today, with some of this thinking on paper, I’ll better support the other argument I’ve been making: instead of merely holding the line let’s use this opportunity to raise the bar and finally crush the legacy news media that does all the Democrat party’s most difficult and important work for them. Because there’s a chance we’re a lot more powerful than we realize and one thing we can count on is that those who write the headlines and censor the news and cheat in elections would never tell the truth about it.

UPDATE, 1/9/21 & 8:09AM ET: Hours after publishing this I found a New York Times’ reporter (Jonathan Martin) (he’s awful) sniping in a piece because the GOP isn’t sufficiently shook in the wake of what the media and Democrats are hoping and praying — with the help of their tech oligarchs — will be the end of the GOP they’ve known these last four years. They couldn’t be more wrong. Our posture, per Martin’s lament and that of his readers, hasn’t shifted an inch. We feel like winners. We’re acting like winners. It’s because we won. I know it sounds weird but I’ll say it again: if it was stolen then the power we were due is out there. It’s ours and nobody else can actually use that. They can claim the mantle. But they can’t just magically amass our winning undercurrent. It will bear out if I’m right. Until then I’ll keep sharing anything I see in support or to the contrary. Nothing yet to the contrary. These tech purges we’re seeing were entirely expected and I wrote about it back in June. They too aren’t as powerful as they think. They’re communist wannabes. Have a great weekend!


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  1. I think this is so spot on.

    Let’s consider election history. Since 1976 when Jimmy Carter won in the backwash of Watergate, the only Democrat that actually ‘won’ the National Vote was the black guy who got a record turnout from black voters. Bill Clinton only got to the White House because Ross Perot split the right. Joe Biden lost badly in any honest accounting of the vote.

    So, in 50 years, only by playing the Race Card won for the Democrats. No White Democrat has won in all that time. Pretty bad track record.

    And this year, more Blacks, more Hispanics, and more Asian rejected the empty race hate rhetoric and collectivist policies of the Democrats than ever before.

    Then we have their performance. The first two years of Clinton, when they ran things were an epic fail and gave us Newt Gingrich (the first republican house speaker in 50 years). The first two years of Obama, when they ran things were a record of failiure – 27 months of 8.5% unemployment that never ended until Paul Ryan enacted the Budget control Act of 2010 and put an end to it. Their policies simply do not work.

    Joe Biden has a little help – covid has probably suppressed consumer demand. he might get a decent QTR or two…but just wait until the massive tax hikes and regulations are pushed to the house…you can bet on a Stock Market correction.

    And then the Red Wave of 22 arrives.

    What we should be focused on now: building the consensus for anti-trust regulations against the media conglomerates that have too much power, the realization that Trump economic policies benefit every racial group, and cleaning up the voting system so their massive obvious cheat can’t be repeated.

    That is our short term agenda for the next election.

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  2. I agree with you. As for our powerful foes, well our country was founded by a bunch of free men that took on the most powerful country in the world. They prevailed by having God in their hearts and trusting a great general named Washington to lead an army of civilians! He won by fighting an unconventional war. Here in Texas, we fought a similar war of independence though far more important(I’m a Texan). We faced a very strong Mexican army, fought an unconventional war and won. As AMERICANS we are used to taking on any and all opponents because we have love of God and country. We are facing a paper tiger. Our bite is much more deadly. We need to realize that one of the most important aspects of this fight is who controls information. Healthcare reform was never about reforming our care, it was about giving information to the government. When that reform effort failed, tech filled in to collect the data. The crazy thing about that is that we give the information freely! We need to open our eyes and see our foes clearly in order to succeed. We have a numbers advantage that our ancestors didn’t have and we are worried about winning. We should be embarrassed if you think about it. It is more like WWII in that we were caught by surprise but once we were awakened, we won. In the words of one of our fallen heroes….LET’S ROLL!…I am
    William Z. Ramirez, MD


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