The America First Movement Is Still In Charge & Will Ultimately Win The War

Despite everything you’ve seen and heard in the media since the November election, the America First movement is still the most powerful and dominant force in politics.

Because, for starters, let’s just be honest about who the America First movement really is…

It was also the tea party.

Before that we were the civil rights activists.

And before that, this is the group who stormed the beaches at Normandy. (It wasn’t, as Lester Holt and Jake Tapper claim, the terrorists in Antifa and BLM.)

Before that, the America First movement was busy ending slavery.

And before that we’re the ones who founded this country.

We’re the ones with the guns.

We’re the ones who know how to aim.

We’re the reason no other nation will ever invade ours.

And we’re the ones who don’t need the clowns in big media, big tech, big government or big business anywhere near as much as they need us. (The racist snobs, failures and casualties in the Democrat party can’t say that.)

Sure we’ll take advantage of them and their services when and how we want because it’s a free country. But we know they hate us. And we know they are partnered with and supported by the terrorists in the legacy news media who stoke American destruction in service to Democrats.

We know all of that and go on about our lives, watching their movies and using their tech tools and platforms; letting them exploit our engagement in exchange for their services as part of a controlled burn that’s of far less consequence than most realize.

But when and if the time comes, we will die for this country.

I’m a husband, a father, a son and a brother.

I will die for the United States of America, on our own soil, if pushed to do so.

Now here’s the really important thing…

That time is nowhere near close nor do I expect it will be in my lifetime.

In fact it’s not even something I’d write about had the Trump supporters yesterday not made the bad decision to do the single dumbest thing I’ve ever seen the grassroots right do…

Behave like the left.

Even if they were lured by Antifa/BLM plants who put on MAGA hats and are experts at inciting violent mobs, they were still part of it. A few bad actors led the charge and then mob mentality did what mob mentality does. There’s a reason there’s a name for it. But no I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Democrats sent their experts in anarchy and violence to stoke and lead the unwitting Trump supporters. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Still, we’ll never find out and even if we do it won’t matter because the media will make sure it’s never actually a broadly covered or discussed story.

I’m amazed that people seem still unable to grasp that reality. We keep picking these big fights with powerful people as if the media will let us get the result we want, or will report on it honestly if we do. They’re the historical record. They control the stories we talk about and how they’re characterized. The legacy news media decide the mood of the country. It’s so critical for people to get their heads around that.

Because politics has never been more downstream from culture than it is right now. That’s historically been terrible for the right because the left really did hijack Hollywood, academia and so many other positions of cultural power and influence. America-hating leftism is the rule everywhere, from the big screen to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

But it’s not because they’re better or more deserving than we are.

More than 70,000,000 Americans feel imprisoned and unable to speak or express themselves freely without the threat of violence from the left.

That’s the America we live in right now.

And despite big media creating, stoking and sustaining this environment alongside big tech, Hollywood and big business, Americans everywhere on all sides are waking up to that reality.

And there’s no stopping it.

The Democrat Party stole the 2020 presidential election, but they would have never pulled it off without the legacy news media running cover for them. The President-elect of the United States and his not-a-real-doctor wife were getting 10% “cuts” of the tens of millions of dollars that his drug addict son was taking in from China. There’s no professional value that his drug addict son would provide the Chinese government, and there’s no reason his father, Joe Biden, should have also been in on that clearly indefensible and potentially treasonous scheme. The evidence is rock solid. And yet the media not only don’t care, but they actually lied about the story in the days leading up to the election and said it was…

…it’s not actually easy to write without wanting to throw my laptop through the window, so I need this brief moment before I type the words…

They said it was Russian disinformation.

The legacy news media and their tech allies lied and burned books and enabled the selling off of American political influence to our enemies all while manufacturing a national crisis destroying tens of millions of lives and livelihoods and that’s the tip of the iceberg and they did it all to hurt Republicans and help Democrats. And they got away with all of it and are patting themselves on the back right now for it.

Just unreal.

My point is this: they’re cheating because they’re desperate. They’re desperate because we made them desperate. And a red wave did happen relative to what good faith operators expected.

We don’t get the actual result because the Democrats cheated, but they can’t simply disappear the underlying strength of the America First movement.

Nothing can.

We’re as emboldened now as we’ve ever been. Yes many are exhausted. We’ve spent our lives being lied to and about by the most powerful forces in our country. Then, finally, we enjoyed significant victories across the board for the first time in our lives. But it was a constant battle, we were targeted and lied about the entire time, and then in the end we had to sit back and watch them take it from us by cheating. It’s exhausting. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Democrat party is full of racists and slaves. It’s a disgusting cesspool of failure, hatred and fascism. They’re imploding before our eyes everywhere, but most importantly amid the culture. There’s nothing the media can do to make being a liberal idiot “cool” again. It’s over. The ship has sailed. Now they’re just forcing it and it looks ridiculous.

I’m not sure why I can see this stuff but others can’t. I do realize it sounds absurd given what’s being portrayed all over the news right now. But imagine an election is a mountain of colors. The more red density, Republicans win. The more blue density, Democrats win. What we just saw happen was a mountain of very real red get covered up by a very thin layer of manufactured blue. That mountain of very real red is still there. Again, I know many of us are exhausted. And I know a few are hustling to their virtue signal corners and admonishing President Trump as somehow being culpable for American citizens doing what they’ve watched other American citizens do for years on their television screens with virtually no negative attention or meaningful pushback from the media. But the dust will settle and pretty soon Democrats will get to work on their agenda. Here’s what they’ll pull off…

Raise your taxes

Make it harder to do business in America

Put us back to doormat status globally under the guise of “being respected”

Give the Biden Crime Family an opportunity to square up what they owe to China and others, likely selling off untold American power or influence to do so

Pass some sweeping environmental bill that will be packed with stupid crap that seriously hurts America but most of us don’t really feel and just laugh about due to its rank stupidity and straight-faced use of phrases “racial climate justice”

And that’s it. That’s all they’ll get done. And every scrap of it can be easily undone.

No, we can’t bring back the businesses they’ll kill in the future any more than we can bring back the ones they killed with their politically-motivated lockdowns. But America will still very much be standing in 2022 and 2024. We’ll have 50 states, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 100 Senators. And the fights we’re going to see on the left will be almost as sweet as all the victories we’ve spent the last four years watching on the right.

And if God willing our elected Republican leaders get the memo and take this fight to the media where it belongs, then we wrap this thing up quickly and peacefully. But if we don’t neutralize the media first then we’ll still win but it’s just going to be a lot uglier with a lot more carnage than is necessary.

No matter how you cut it the America First movement is still in charge and we will absolutely win this war, just like we have ever since our founding.

Hold the line.


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  1. You seem not to have been paying attention to what has happened. The traditional people of America have just received a good, solid rogering up their collective Khyber Pass by the shysters who control the MSM and Big Tech. You now face the certainty of every illegal and undocumented person within the US being granted citizenship, in effect rendering the TUS into a one party state like the old USSR and China. Short of a few million patriots rising and decapitating the entire DC Swamp there’s sweet FA you can do about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s Friday, but Sunday is a comin'” – Tony Campolo (this is about the only thing I agree with him on)

    Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon

    It is Friday, January 8, 2021. Trump is in the White House but on the ropes. Earlier in the week I told people, “Wait until Jan. 9.” I said that expecting good news on the Jan. 10 Sunday morning shows.

    I still have hope. It is waning. I have seen “Freedom Lost in a Generation” as Reagan warned.

    Little did I know it was MY generation that would lose it. I pray that I am wrong.


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