Destroy Today’s Media & Democrat Party In Just 3 Easy Steps

If the most powerful people in and around the GOP were smart or serious enough, we could quickly wipe out today’s legacy news media and the Democrat party they serve.

Some of those on whom we rely aren’t smart enough.

Many more than that aren’t serious enough.

But there are at least a few who have what it takes. If we can get them on the same page then defeating the legacy news media and modern Democrat party would be one of the easiest and most meaningful civil rights wins in the history of mankind.

First and foremost, stop thinking about the Democrat party as the most powerful instrument of the modern left.

They’re not.

The Democrat party is a toothless, feckless joke that has only survived because the legacy news media has done all of the most important work for them.

Forget about the rudimentary political tooling of “rapid response” or “opposition research” support. I mean sure, Jake Tapper and Lester Holt are master craftsmen at explaining why even if Democrats do something wrong it was still ultimately the Republicans’ fault. They’re great at all that. But the legacy news media has gone so far past that and are now engaged in the news media equivalent of burning books.

The Democrat party would get away with none of what it always does, and the Republican party would be spared the endless manufactured crises persistently foist in our laps, if the legacy news media weren’t out there selecting and steering our national conversations.

The legacy news media, not the Democrat party, is the most powerful and important instrument of the left. In order to defeat both, that’s the first thing we must understand.

And then we must broadly expose that reality.

That’s the first step. You and I boycotted the legacy news media a long time ago. Now our elected Republican representatives must do the same. They can’t ice out every media outlet, obviously. But if a caucus of our elected Republicans called out the historically worst nine offenders and refused to ever engage with them again on anything other than their own bias, then that would become a story in and of itself. And that’s all we need to win this battle. All we need is some substantive sunlight because once it’s there then the small caucus we started with quickly becomes a near-unanimous one.

Then while NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP (the nine worst offenders) are all tainted with the GOP boycott, and as new media like NewsMax and OAN continue to emerge more powerfully, we in the grassroots up our game and start plastering our nation with these four words:


That’s the second step. They’ve said it about us for decades but the harsh and crystal clear reality is that every shred of power the Democrat party has ever gotten has always stemmed exclusively from racial pain and disunity. It’s as true today as it was in 1863 and 1964. I’ve written about it at length and encourage you to bone up if this is the first you’re hearing about it but it is in fact a reality and one that merits sunlight: all Democrats are racist.

It’s true. Hearing it will wound them to the core because literally tens of millions of them don’t even know they’re racist. It will be the best defense we ever had or will have against the false accusations of racism they’ve so destructively and carelessly leveled at us. It will enrage their most powerful people and institutions. And most importantly it will expose an ugly reality thus saving and liberating future generations. There are five excellent reasons this simple act would be so effective if we can get on the same page and make it happen.

The third and final step would be the nail in the coffin for the media, and would again fall on we in the grassroots. We invest nothing except minimal time and effort to paint the nation with these 7 words:


When you think about the power they have, and how casually and destructively they abuse it, and how proud they are of their dishonesty — and when you think about how much they hate this country and any “rube” who loves it — and when you think about how they’ve spent four years putting a target on your back and chilling your speech — and how they’ve crossed every line there is to cross and it seems like we’re inches from either having to shoot our way out or just accept that they’ve stolen our country and are slowly selling it off to China and the rest of the world — when you think about the carnage in our own streets that they foment in service to the Democrat party that thrives off of pain and failure…

…when you think about all of it, the word “terrorist” suddenly seems like a pretty good fit. And they deserve to hear it. And the rest of the world needs to know we see it, and that we’re organized, strong and courageous enough to call it what it’s long felt like to us. Their behavior terrorizes our nation. They lie about us and foment anger and violence aimed at us. They censor the news that helps us or hurts them, and promote the news that hurts us even when it’s fake. We can’t speak freely anymore. We are forced into a closet for loving America without apology. These realities are just a sampling but they exist because the legacy news media has spent decades terrorizing our nation and, in the process, creating them.

If we get our elected Republicans to pick a meaningful fight with the most powerful legacy news media outlets, and we get ALL DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST more or less “trending” nationally just by peppering it everywhere, then the fight will largely be won. The third and final step will leave a lasting indictment of how dangerous and destructive the press can become when a) corrupted by the politics they report on and b) enabled by an apathetic audience who for decades let them get worse and worse.

Now the time has come when we have to fix it.

And it’s a lot easier than people realize.

In just 3 easy steps we can effectively destroy today’s media and Democrat party. We have the power. We have the tools. It’s the smarts and the seriousness I’m not so sure about.


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  1. Just more baying at the moon. The MSM have a pipeline into over half the households in America and will use it to drum out propaganda no matter how conservatives might react. There is only one way to deal effectively with them – “smash the presses”.

    As the “fourth estate” the media have an implied duty to serve the nation with factual information on their “front pages”, keeping opinion clearly separate in “section B”; en masse failure to do that is a betrayal of the citizens’ expectations of them. Now that oligarchs prop up the financing of media that can’t turn a profit, there is no financial path to force reform; the only means left to deal with MSM treachery is to “burn them down”.


  2. Dr William Pierce who expired about 20 years ago said the same thing about the US MSM for many years. When Trump burst on the scene I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, he’s been listening to Dr Pierce’, because he was right onto them as FAKE NEWS. I suspect they too knew this and decided very early on to do him over because of the damage he could do to their best weapon. Pierce went further than the MSM he also included Hollywood which spews out pure poison against the traditional people of America (read Whites)


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