All Legacy News Media Employees Are Terrorists

I don’t care if it’s the idiot who gets everyone coffee. If they work for NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR or AP then they’re terrorists. All of them. Because every one of them contributes to the 24×7 application of terror that their employers manufacture and spread all across our nation in perpetuity.

The legacy news media’s entire business model is to create disunity, hatred and fear within America’s borders and resentment for America beyond our borders. And they do it because the America-hating Democrats thrive off of each one. The racist and evil Democrat party has never once gotten power from anything other than racial hatred and pain. Today is no different. People don’t seem to grasp that and it’s one of the harder things I have to just set aside each day as I watch the America-hating idiots invoke so much pain and failure on literally the entire planet with their fascist, bigoted and rank stupidity.

They’re evil.

Even the ones who are more or less brainwashed sheep; witting or not, they’re evil too. They just can’t be separated any longer from the endless abuses and injustices they’re used as pawns to help perpetuate.

Simply stated: the entire America-hating left is a massive sewage system of living, breathing excrement — and every one of its sights, smells and sounds is promoted in unison by the legacy news media who work endlessly to cover our nation with it.

Inhaling and otherwise consuming that much social and intellectual raw sewage is spectacularly unhealthy, which is why our nation today has so much hate and pain in our streets and culture. Granted, the America First right is winning the culture back. Young people today see that their “woke social justice warrior” and “racial climate justice” friends are pathetic sheep going along with whatever the billionaires in big media, big tech and big business tell them to. The revolution that was America itself is an undying one in constant pursuit for sustained freedom, and today’s iteration of it means smacking the shit out of the billionaire elite ruling class who for a split second hoped they could turn this country back into a monarchy where nobody except the peasants have to play by the rules they create for us.

People see it. They recognize the irresponsible trend away from math, science, honesty and integrity — and toward manipulation, corruption, deceit and social engineering. It’s blatantly obvious and just because we aren’t burning down your homes or businesses doesn’t mean we don’t see you and hate you with the seething fire of a thousand suns.

The worst offenders by far are the legacy news media. I’ve already written about how we will defeat the media by getting our elected Republican officials to boycott them with us. And I’ve written about how we in the grassroots can help further expedite the death of today’s Democrat party if we smack them in their sad, ugly, pathetic faces with this entirely accurate yet never-spoken reality…


We need that peppered everywhere. Most of these rich, lily-white liberals who have never even had a conversation with a brown person don’t even know they’re racist. The accusation itself will wound them to the core. It disrupts the entire national conversation in a forceful, important and honest way.

So first we get our elected Republicans to boycott the media with us.

Then we pepper the country with ALL DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST everywhere we can. We put it on masks so instead of dishonestly advertising fear (which is all masks are meant to do) we’re honestly advertising the truth. We put it on t-shirts, hats, street art, hashtags, social media, Christmas cards, yard signs…everywhere.


And the third and final step is to then do the same thing with the terrorists in the media…


Plaster it everywhere. Make them live in fear the way they’ve done to you, eagerly, your entire life. Every last one of them hates your guts. Every one of them hates your family. Every one of them wants to see you hurt or worse because they hate this country and anyone who loves it. They’ve been raised this way. Our anger and willingness/need-to-retaliate is brand new to us. Which is why we’re terrible at it. But that’s changing. Just a few months ago I was leaning toward writing primarily if not exclusively about the other side’s good intentions. I’d done it often and remained mindful of it through most of my writing and work. I never called them “evil.”

Now it’s the first word I use to describe them.

I wrote a few weeks after the election that they’ve empowered us to care about them less, and behave like them more. Well now that’s happening quite a bit, and it needs to keep happening. It’s unfortunate but it’s where we are and the alternative is just to go back to playing nicey-nice with them and ultimately let them get away with not just stealing an election but also terrorizing us and our country in unspeakable ways for so many years. They were doing it long before Trump but once he came along and threatened their grift, they had to turn the heat way up.

And as everyone who isn’t evil can admit, that’s exactly what they did.

So now we have to do the same. Only instead of lying and cheating and stealing like the racist Democrats do, all I’m suggesting is that we more forcefully and focally represent the truth:

It’s time for elected Republicans to boycott the media with us.

All Democrats are in fact racist.

And yes, all legacy news media employees are terrorists — because they all contribute to their employers terrorizing our nation in service to the Democrat party that thrives off of hatred and pain.

I’m gonna take every opportunity I get to encourage and foment this messaging. It makes many people uncomfortable because even in the grassroots, just like with so many elected Republicans before Trump came along, we got used to losing and uncomfortable setting ourselves up to win.

We need to get rid of our fear. We’re going to win. The left is a pathetic joke built on racism and lies. That type of foundation can never sustain for very long. We can either win quickly and enjoy it, or have this thing take years or decades and potentially get very violent. I want to win it quickly, and enjoy doing it. So I’m going to make recommendations to that effect. And setting aside anything else you think about my writing, coloring, etc: these moves from a purely tactical standpoint would utterly crush the left’s most powerful institutions and pervasive dogma.

Get elected GOP officials to boycott the media, saturate our nation with messaging that crushes the Democrats and cancels the mainstream media (All Democrats Are Racist / All Legacy News Media Employees Are Terrorists), then watch them all implode and finish eating each other while freedom rings and America wins.

If we really wanted to win quickly and efficiently, this is how we’d do it. Everything else will just be the same seemingly thankless slog that allows for far more destruction and bloodshed than is necessary.


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