Excellent 75-Second Video Tells Full Story Of Stolen 2020 Election

Yet more fantastic content coming from the America First right. This video is just one minute and fourteen seconds long, but it’s one of the most boldly powerful I’ve seen.


I believe every shred of this.

China’s back was finally against the ropes thanks exclusively to President Trump’s brutally tough protection of America.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his dirtbag wife and son spent most of their adult lives selling off American influence and interests to the Chinese Communist Party.

At the same time, every elected Democrat it would appear has been infiltrated at some point by Chinese spies, and their party leadership couldn’t seem to care less as those revelations repeatedly emerge!

And go check in on CNN, NBC, WaPo, NYT and the rest. See how much they’ve covered the massive bombshell about an elected Democrat (Eric Swalwell) who also sat on the Intelligence Committee being seduced, groomed, manipulated and used by a female Chinese spy for virtually his entire political career.

Communist China’s fingerprints are all over much of the world’s woes and given the media and Democrat party’s obvious support for China’s anti-America interests, the communists knew they could count on the media and Democrats to help destroy our country.

And that’s what we’re watching happen. I don’t believe they’ll win. But we’re watching them try, and excellent videos like this one are worth sharing because they’re part of the reason we are going to win. We’ve never had this caliber and/or volume of bold, quality content. It’s been building. It’s been brewing. We’ve got many brilliant minds on our side. We’ve got many effective communicators. We certainly have all the right ingredients to prepare and serve a winning message. But we’ve just always been trounced by the massive reach and pull of the legacy news media. Now, drop by drop, brick by brick, piece by piece and post by post, we’re leveling the playing field.

And as most of you already know, we’re doing it not a moment too soon. The excellent video above was banned from Twitter after receiving over a million views. (Too much red-pill, I guess.)

The account that originally shared it? Permanently suspended, of course.

Which brings us to one more excellent video. This is closer to 20 minutes but well worth just about every second. It takes a really positive turn that every American patriot should appreciate, and heed.


If you didn’t watch, he ends by telling you to turn off the legacy news media (most of you already have) and also to get rid of Facebook, Twitter, along with their apps and any other mainstream media apps you’ve downloaded. You know who they are. Just get rid of it all. And then go set up a Parler account (replacement for Twitter) and change your search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo. Download and subscribe to OAN, NewsMax and all your other favorite conservative media outlets. Give them memberships, subscriptions, etc. Help build them up.

The point is that we have an opportunity here to do our part. And if we all do, it will make a difference.

Now add my 2 suggestions for continuing to take the country back, and this whole thing would be over in a flash.

Will we do it?

Anecdotally, I just found Rumble.com while doing this piece. Ever hear of it? I hadn’t. But it’s an alternative to Google’s YouTube. And it’s way better because they love free speech and hate burning books. There are a few Americans left who still know that’s a good thing. They’re all hanging out at Rumble and Parler, because YouTube and Twitter hate America and hate free speech and love burning books.

And everyone knows it.

There are options out there for us. Many more than most of us realize. Let’s start finding them, using them, and telling our friends about them, and at the same time deleting, turning off and marginalizing all of those massive media weapons that are so persistently used to hurt and destroy us.


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