LOL @ ‘That Sounds Like Something Our Nation Should Have An Honest Conversation About’

The most important thing our nation can do to navigate serious issues is also the furthest from reality. Worse, few people in positions of real power seem to understand that.

I know a lot of them enjoy playing the game. I get that. I do. But there are also plenty who truly do want to create meaningful, lasting, positive results for our country and, in turn, the free world around it.

Those are the ones we have to convince.

Because it doesn’t matter what issue you bring up. The fact is, there will be no real solution to it as long as we let the media select and narrate every last one of our national conversations.

Someone mentioned the other day, “I’m really concerned that Communist China was able to infiltrate our government, helping graduate an unwitting intelligence asset through the ranks of American government. That’s troubling.”

Yes. Quite.

As too are the emerging details about the Democrat party leadership learning of that information and not seeming to care much.

But the Eric Swalwell story certainly isn’t the first.

We also know that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s staff was infiltrated by Chinese spies for years and when that revelation was uncovered, it was met with a collective shrug by Feinstein and the rest of the Democrat party.

So yes — very troubling indeed watching Communist China not only manipulate the Democrat party but also infiltrate it. Add to that the total lack of concern from the Democrat party leadership when those details repeatedly come out, and it’s downright incriminating.

Well, hold on a minute.

It would be incriminating if the shoe were on the other foot. But as everyone knows even if many on the left won’t admit it: if you’re a Republican then in order to even get a hearing as part of the national conversation you’ll need either signed confessions written in blood, or video evidence that all experts everywhere agree hasn’t been tampered with. (But please remember this critical caveat regarding video evidence: if even one “expert” says they think the video was doctored, the media will make that person a celebrity overnight and insist that anyone who disagrees is “denying science.” So bear that in mind.)

The plain fact that everyone in America knows by now: if it helps Republicans and hurts Democrats, it will never be an actual story. It will at best be a simply-reported straight news item that the media tells and kills as quickly as possible so they can say “We covered that” without letting it resonate or do any real damage to the left’s brand.

But it’s that babying by the legacy news media, academia, Hollywood and big business that has damaged the left’s brand more than anything else. Their entire movement has been spoiled rotten by those who value their failure and dependence, and the result is a bunch of screaming little petulant children who hate America and promise to become violent if they ever don’t like what they get. It’s pathetic, it’s plain as day, and it’s going to inevitably end tragically for those millions of pawns the Democrat party and their allies have worked so hard for so many generations to steal independence from and inflict pain upon. (All, mind you, under the guise of “help.”)

That’s why what’s cool is quickly becoming unapologetic America First patriotism.

And that’s why the fascist, bigoted, violent and hateful left are being marginalized and mocked to the fringes where they and their racist ideas belong.

Still, I was struck when talking about Communist China infiltrating the Democrat party how this massive news story is sitting out there and nobody seems to care and nothing will be done. But we all know that happens all the time, every day. Meanwhile the stories we all talk about are usually garbage, meant only to hurt us and help the Democrats.


Why do we just have to accept these crises going unreported and thus unresolved? Why do we just have to accept that the national mood is stymied by “disunity” when Republicans are in power, and then when a Democrat is in the White House we’re told to either “unite” (aka fall in line) or we’re accused of “obstruction” (aka standing up for our own principles)?

Why is all that okay? Why do we allow it? What can we do to change it?

Think about it.

What one thing more than all others allows for the constant protection and promotion of Democrats, alongside the constant demonizing of and attacks on Republicans?

There is one right answer.

And I’m tired of telling people what it is.

We need more people on our side to come to figure out the answer on their own. And then we have to do something about it. As of right now, too few of us on the right even know what the real problem is. And even fewer have any idea what to do about it.

Don’t get me wrong we will win no matter what in the long run because that’s what faith and honesty net: winning. But we can either win effectively and efficiently and enjoy the heck out of the ride, or we can win slowly and ugly amid some of the most painful moments of our social and political lives.

Until we get the majority of our side better educated on what the real problem is and what to do about it, our march toward eventual victory will continue being incredibly painful for us and crippling if not deadly for the Democrat party’s millions of bred-to-fail victims.


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