Two Surefire Way To Finish Off Today’s America-Hating Joke Of A Democrat Party

The Democrats stole the presidential election and everyone knows it. But we can’t provide the signed-in-blood confessions required by the Democrat-Media Establishment to even get a fair hearing as part of the national conversation, and so instead they are trying — just like they always do on every issue — to mock us out of existence.

It’s of little help that many of our elected Republican officials are quickly reverting back to their old ways wherein they show up to work everyday and immediately drop to their knees hoping desperately that Manu Raju or Kasie Hunt will make time for them.

The fact remains and will continue to reveal itself in the coming months: The red wave happened and the America First movement is still solidly in control.

What I mean is we’re going to hold the Senate and there’s virtually nothing they’ll be able to do that we won’t want them to do. And by 2022 we’ll get the House back. That gives them 2 years to cobble something together that we’ll go along with, and then we’ll have both chambers and all they’ll have is a senile, grifting criminal in the late stages of crippling cognitive decline; a pathetic excuse for a presidency that will never once even sniff the word “mandate” because everyone will always know he’s a fraud and Democrats stole the election.

He hasn’t even been sworn in but I can already guarantee that you Joe Biden will go down as the single most disgraced, pathetic and unproductive president in history. Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be remembered as the single most wronged, vindicated and positively impactful.

It’s not wishcasting. It’s what everyone reading this knows in their heart to be true, and the truth will win out. I just can’t stress enough that this blow — while massive in terms of requiring us to soldier on despite it — but it’s so small compared to how big we’re winning in the culture, and the massive strides we’re making all over the political world as a result.

The left is cratering. The ones who aren’t eating each other are looking over their shoulder waiting to get eaten. It’s a disaster as well it should be because their entire universe is based on lies, racism, hate, jealousy, fear and fascism.

Still I think about how they cheated and are going to get away with it.

I think about the reality that Democrats have always thrived off of racism, and they still do today, and so they create as much of it as possible — same goes for pain, disunity, failure, dependence, and basically anything negative you can think of.

When individuals succeed on their own, Democrats fail.

When individuals become dependent on the government, Democrats succeed.

The math isn’t hard but we constantly have to ask the question anyway…

Which outcome do you think the Democrat party wants for you?

With all that in mind there are two moves I’d love to see our side make to really just finish the job on these dirtbags.

Because I look around at the masks and what they’re doing to kids and businesses and the rank stupidity and lies about the death numbers that include things like motorcycle crashes (yes really) — and what they’ve done to generations of Americans who happen to be black or brown, proudly working in plain sight to keep their pre-1964 power structure going — and how they straight up sell off American influence to enrich themselves but never pay a price for it — and how they put targets on our backs and believe violence is an acceptable response to speech, as long as the person speaking supports Trump — how they pretend that the Antifa/BLM terrorists don’t really exist and aren’t actually destroying cities anytime they don’t get their way — how they gaslight and pretend it’s a level playing field when they know they’ve hijacked the entire legacy news media along with a large portion of communist academia that would much rather “change the world” than merely apply integrity to their work as they’d long been entrusted to do…

I think about all of it and more and it’s just time to end these monsters. And it’s not hard to do. It really isn’t.

First we start with the media. And for that all we need is our elected Republicans to stop talking to NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS and AP. (Those 9 were selected strategically, while others were strategically left off.) And then the only other thing we need to do is make sure our elected Republicans to tell them why:

“My constituents think you operate in bad faith. And there’s good evidence they’re right. We need you to clean up your act before we’re going to talk to you. Our constituents boycotted most of you long ago. Now, because of the division in this country that they believe your dishonesty and partisanship contributes to more than anything else, I am boycotting you as well. Write about that. Or don’t. But it’s not changing until we change it. And complaining about it didn’t work. So we’re simply turning you off now. Go be activists for the other side. We’re not going to help you with that anymore.

That’s it. It’s so incredibly easy.

The media’s bias itself then becomes a story. And I mean beyond the one-off corrections and other single instances of “gotcha” we’re constantly wrongly thinking even matter. We can make media bias a real issue. And from there it solves itself pretty quickly because it’s such a wildly stupid issue and one that’s so incredibly easy to disinfect simply by applying meaningful sunlight. Do this.

The other thing I’d love to see is some boldness in branding their entire party. And I vote for “All Democrats Are Racist.” I want to see that everywhere. Most of them don’t realize how bigoted they are. (I know they always said that about us and we hated it. Sorry, not sorry that they hate hearing it about themselves. But I’m saying it because I believe it’s actually true.) So most of them don’t even realize they’re racists and they’re wounded to the core when they hear someone suggest that they are. It’s a move that’s almost never played by the Republican party because it’s always played against us and we’re constantly on defense around it. But it was always played against us falsely. Why? Because, just like with their claims about Russia collusion and abuse of power in Ukraine, the Democrats knew damn well they themselves were guilty of it the entire time! So when we call them out for it, we’ll be doing it honestly. That’s helpful. Don’t believe me? Try it.

And since it’s a bit new, if you don’t already then make sure you truly understand why All Democrats Are Racist. Many on our side are already getting much better at at discussing it. It’s coming.

This is my little nudge to make it happen sooner. Let’s get on with it already. It’s time to crush the media and expose the Democrat party for the bastion of racism that it always has been and, at the rate they’re going, always will be.

We can legitimately finish this fight in a few short years and have a blast doing it.


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    • Democrats, the party that gave us slavery Jim Crow, separate but equal, Japanese internment, abortion to name a few of their greatest hits. Where did these Elle come from?


      • Not sure who you are replying to. The WordPress comment thread doesn’t sync very well across the places I read comments. I replied to someone who was asking about something else, so I’m guessing your reply isn’t to me.


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