All Democrats Are Racist — Pass It On!

It’s time for some very simple branding in the political sphere. Granted I know with great certainty that the Democrat party itself is a joke and that our real target must be the legacy news media, but if we’re going to invest any time or effort at all into marginalizing and defeating the Democrat party’s has-beens, then it needs to be far more honest and blunt than anything the GOP and its base have yet put forth.

Having prefaced that, let me say now very clearly:

All Democrats Are Racist

Full stop.

Put it on hats. Put it on t-shirts. Write it on your masks. If you’re going to start putting “Dr.” in front of your name like that grifting criminal Not-A-Doctor Jill Biden, then tell people your training was in “All Democrats Are Racist.”

Get rid of those humiliating pronouns that the snowflakes in your HR department “suggest” you use, and put it at the end of your signature in your work emails instead.

Write it in big letters on a huge sign and attach some electricity to it and put it in your yard and point a camera at it and set up a livefeed and generate advertising and retire on the good and morally-progressive work you just did.

Keep in mind that the first among us to do this will invite trouble because while it’s true that all Democrats are racist, a not-small percentage of them are also unhinged psychopaths incapable of life outside the safespace provided to them by their big media, big tech and big business slavemasters. So as has been the case for many years now in America, if you’re caught promoting political speech that is anything other than absolutely submissive to the media and Democrat party then you’re subject to a violent assault and/or other illegal retribution.

Equally evil and unjust, you can count on it all going entirely ignored by the media and in many cases unpunished by the courts.

That’s the America we live in. It’s not hyperbole. I’m not sensationalizing a more-tame reality. If you offend a leftist with pro-America speech then they’re allowed to violently attack you and still be considered by our media and many Democrat lawmakers and judges to be the victim.

It’s terrifying and if I didn’t have a family to protect then I’d probably be in prison by now for repeatedly offending both the polite suburban Democrat racists as well as the fatherless inner-city dropout Democrat racists.

Not for doing anything illegal. Not for doing anything violent. But merely for the crime of offending them. Because in today’s America if you offend a leftist of any stripe and they choose to respond with threats and/or violence then they will forever be portrayed as the victim by our country’s most powerful and amplified messengers.

It’s the way it is, and that’s absolutely unacceptable.

So just like I fully support drawing cartoons of Mohammed as a public service to help draw out the psychopaths who would kill you for it, I’m writing now to promote flagrantly and publicly offending leftists to draw out their psychopaths who believe correctly but unjustly that they’re allowed to respond to your speech with violence. These ugly realities in our nation — that all Democrats are racist, and that they are taught and believe that their violence is now an acceptable response to your speech — these ugly realities need the disinfecting goodness of sunlight if they’re ever to be meaningfully repealed from our social fabric.

And if you think “MAGA” offended them then just wait until “All Democrats Are Racist” becomes central to our messaging!

This also means that at some point everyone on our side will have to get good at defending the statement, and that’s okay because many are finally getting better at it. For years all I heard was “But Chicago!” or “But Robert Byrd!” We are now making more salient points with respect to the Democrat party’s plain-sight and pervasive commitment to racism, disunity and disparity. And we’re getting smarter about understanding and articulating how that racism, disunity and disparity all help create the pain and dependence that fuels the Democrat party.

We are collectively getting a more clear understanding of how the media and Democrat party divide our nation by race and identity, and we’re getting better at calling that out and exposing the consequent destruction they’ve long foist on our country.

The Democrat party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity. In the old days they said all white people were victims and all brown people were the reason why, and today they say all brown people are victims and all white people are the reason why. Their lily-white liberals look at brown skin as an incurable disease that can at best be made more comfortable with their unending pity. Their brown “soldiers” in the streets were taught by those same lily-white liberals that they will always be victims, and white people will always be the reason why. How would you feel if you were taught that and only that in your home and in your school? What if that destructive and regressive lie was spread in your family and community for generations? And then what if you were further stunted by having “systemic racism” scapegoated when the real culprit for black American disparity is single parent homes (which are celebrated while intact families are attacked), and my lord what on God’s green earth do these idiots think is going to happen?!

It’s all getting uglier. It’s all getting worse. And it’s happening for one reason.

The reason is that All Democrats Are Racist.

For those of you who are out there with your rifles on your shoulders, wearing MAGA hats everywhere you go not just because you love Trump but because you’re itching for this fight — I implore you to adopt this mantra and plaster it everywhere you legally can.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Shame their brand with the ugly truth that they’ve been falsely accusing us of for decades. Ever since they lost the right to literally segregate and enslave brown people, they’ve been trying to do so figuratively. It’s unfortunately worked spectacularly well and that’s why we see so much pain, disunity and disparity not just by race but increasingly by any identifying trait (other than character) that the media and Democrats can successfully convince our nation needs to be socially segregated and treated differently.

It’s all so obviously and wildly regressive and bigoted. But they do it all in plain sight and nobody ever says anything meaningful to push back. So I’m promoting arming every America First patriot with these four simple words.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Nobody who approaches you while you’re wearing this hat/shirt/mask is owed any explanation. No discussions are necessary. No explanations are necessary. No debate is necessary. Your only reply needs to be:

“I believe that all Democrats are racist and I’m exercising my First Amendment right to express that opinion.”

If they want to get violent or proceed to assault or harass you in other ways, you respond however you want. But obviously, consistent with the non-violent teachings of the great Republican Martin Luther King Jr., never instigate the violence and if you can absorb it without swinging back, do so.

The only thing more humiliating for a leftist who gets its ass kicked, is a leftist who tries to kick your ass and you don’t fight back and the petulant brat still can’t inflict any meaningful damage.

And let’s face it: that’s the vast majority of the psychopaths who will not be able to contain their media-inspired rage when they see All Democrats Are Racist written on the mask they’re demanding you wear. Let them freak out. Let them stalk and scream at you. Let the cameras catch that.

Let everyone see the truth you’re communicating, and the ugly reality of the left’s unhinged base.

They want you to wear a mask so you can be a walking advertisement for fear. I’m suggesting that if we’re going to be forced to do that, let’s advertise something equally political but exponentially more useful.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Make it a brand. Get it everywhere. Let’s start fighting back and telling the truth about our media and Democrat overlords for a change.


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