Trump’s Red Wave Is America’s Reality & It’s Hilarious Watching Media Pretend Otherwise

It looks like Lester Holt, Stephen Colbert, Jake Tapper and the rest of the Democrat party’s most powerful influencers will continue reaping what they sow, and that’s bad for them but good for America.

The electoral equivalent of a test tube baby made with animal parts, the “win” they helped Illegitimate Joe cobble together is already behaving like the unnatural puddle of abomination vomit that it was.

When someone wins an election, everyone knows it. There might be a few fringe lunatics who truly think, for example, that the alleged victor was in fact installed by Russian spies who have managed to infiltrate the highest levels of the U.S. government.

But those people are crazy.

The vast majority of our county will look at the contributing factors and compare those to the polling and the results, and ultimately feel comfortable that an honest election took place. They may not like the result. They may be mad. They may, if they’re liberals, need years of group and individual therapy to cope with the result. But they won’t have a sick, sinking feeling about the integrity of the election.

The reason so many Republicans and Democrats alike can’t say that today is because the entire country knows that massive fraud occurred, and that we’re all supposed to be nice about letting it happen and/or covering it up.

That’ll work about as well as “fighting racism” by teaching black kids that they’re all oppressed and white kids that they’re all the reason why, and then saying “Now go play in the sandbox and never forget what color you are and what that means.”

We’re watching the result of that rank liberal idiocy play out in our streets today, and it’s not good.

But that’s the brilliant plan instituted in schools today thanks to the sleepy idiocy of rich idiot liberals who see brown skin as an incurable disease that can’t be treated but can be made more comfortable with the administration of unending pity. It’s a perverted mockery of justice, equality and humanity and if anything does actually destroy America it will be just that: the Democrat party’s historically persistent and pervasive racism, classism, bigotry and faithlessness.

In the meantime, even stealing a presidential election won’t destroy this country or dilute us even slightly from fighting for it.

Consider this: despite the best efforts of the America-hating institutional left — that’s the legacy news media, corrupt teachers’ union and its prideful trustees, fascist and failing academia, talent-free Hollywood, and much of the easily-hijacked profit parasites in corporate America — despite all of them in unison lying to everyone about everything, every minute of every day, fully half of this country still doesn’t buy a word they say or any of the garbage they pitch us. From my seat that’s a small miracle. Think about it. Only around half of our nation is brainwashed into believing the trash pushed by the regressive, racist, fascist, Nazi-like liberal Democrat party of today despite its 24×7 promotion and protection by the legacy news media. They spend all day bullying, terrorizing, harassing, threatening and attacking us while they celebrate, protect, defend, apologize for and absolve the fatherless deadbeats, dropouts and anarchists who make up their paramilitary force. 

“What paramilitary force,” you ask?

You know the one. It’s that Antifa/BLM mob in every major city making our country look like a war zone. Virtually all of those people, tragically, will eventually be slaughtered by the thousands. If not by law enforcement then by some other consequence of their socially stunted evolution. That’s the course correction that’s coming. They’re literal pawns, bred by their modern slavemasters to fail and do nothing but create violence and destruction when the media and Democrats tell them to. I don’t know when or how that tragic course correction will happen. It may not even be in our generation. But there’s zero chance the Democrat party’s bought-and-paid for mobs, who were literally bred by the media and Democrats to fail so they can become angry and dependent, are going to survive. These people already live in hell. The Democrat plantation is a disaster for everyone except the rich suburban liberals who would need counseling and a year of hot showers if they ever spent a single day with the people they claim to care about. Living on the Democrat plantation is like living in hell because it’s built entirely on evil, lies, racism, slavery, inequality, pity, hate and government dependence.

And that’s the entire liberal Democrat universe right now.

Every fiber of it is an unmitigated disaster.

They’re up a creek without a paddle and they’re trying their best to pretend like they just won something but know dang well that reality awaits…

This is still very much “Trump’s America.”

This is and will remain an America First America.

And there’s nothing they can do to weasel out of that reality, which will reveal itself repeatedly in the face of everything they do.

We unfortunately won’t be draining the swamp anytime soon of anyone except a few of the media’s newly-unemployed dirtbags, but “Drain The Swamp” was a generations-long project anyway.

“America First” on the other hand is here to stay, every minute of every day.

It more than anything else will be what allows Republicans to obstruct, resist and whenever possible punish our media and Democrat enemies.

Yes, they are enemies. No, I don’t apologize. This is the reality in America at this point. This is what happens when the media and their allies do everything they can to steal an election before it even happens, and then literally steal it when all of their earlier cheating and lying didn’t get them across the finish line.

This is the new America that we live in.

It feels different because it is different.

We just spent four years watching the media and Democrats promote violence as a response to speech. We watched them promote violence against women and children, if those women or children support Trump. We watched them lie. We watched them steal. We watched them cheat. And we watched them just keep losing anyway.

And so finally they decided the only way they could actually win anything that would last would be if they literally steal an election. And so they did. And this is what they get.

They get a monster. They get a Frankenstein. And normally you’d think the America-hating liberal Democrats who support Biden would love things in this country going to heck. Only this post-election Frankenstein America we’re all living in isn’t “the country going to heck.” It’s merely the media’s false narrative about 80,000,000 people voting for Joe Biden that’s going to heck, along with any shred of political capital or a mandate that might have otherwise accompanied a win.

None of that is there. None of it will be. It’s wild to be living in an America that just experienced a bright and shiny red wave while our nation’s rusted out and decaying blue paint chips pretend they actually won anything legitimately and will have any semblance of power as a result. 

They didn’t. They won’t.

Trump’s red wave is America’s reality and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching the media and pathetic Democrat party flail otherwise. As I’ve noted for weeks now, if you’re an America First patriot then these four years will be some of the fastest and most fun of your political life. We not only get to administer payback and all the schadenfreude that goes with it, but we’re teed up for massive wins in both 2022 and 2024. And the America we live in, despite what the media will try to portray, is an America that just voted for a red wave. The only real difference is that they cheated us at the top of the ticket and so now we’re even angrier and harder and less apologetic for any of it. Because our numbers remain incredibly strong and they’re only getting better across the board, from electoral wins to grassroots expansions. Meanwhile the inbred America-hating left is eating itself and will continue to disgustingly do so until there’s nothing left except Bill Kristol and Jeff Flake.

Still not tired of winning.


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  1. Monday Night Rehabilitation for all deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.
    Trump destroyed the enemedia and revealed just how deep the vile cess ridden swamp abyss is.
    I admit to watching some CCP owned enemedia due to fam and I LMFAO at how detached from reality and infantile it is.
    If they say that the sun is shining at noon then I open the curtain.
    Trump bought us some time to prepare for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    The man made Tower Of Babel 2.0 will be just as ruinous as the first.


  2. You are the greatest writer! How precisely you state just the way we all feel. Thank you! I will NEVER ever fall from this position, America First. Thanks for writing this piece. You made my day.


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