Big Tech’s Pajama Boys Are Too Weak To Steal Free Speech But Still Evil Enough To Abduct It

It’s hard to quantify America’s many disadvantages when pitted against a Democrat-Media machine that has long worked to figuratively control what we talk about and today, having devolved into something vastly more reckless and shameless, work in plain sight to literally control what we talk about.

They’re burning books.

There’s no other way to describe it.

We have no way of knowing the extent but I can tell you even here in my small little corner I know for a fact that Google, without ever notifying me, removed my most viral piece from their search results. I also know since the election I’ve seen a massive drop off in visitors and no that’s not because Trump supporters aren’t fired up and haven’t been gorging on news every chance they get. We are and we have been. It’s because big tech is in the middle of some massive purge, and their victims have no way of knowing what they’re doing and no recourse because we’re dependent on these companies for so much while at the same entitled to nothing from them. So of course if Facebook decides that they’ll “limit the visibility” of my site by, for example, only showing it to your 10% of your friends if you share one of my pieces, I’ll have no way of proving they did it. And no recourse even if I could prove it.

What would I do? Pour my entire life into a doomed and expensive lawsuit that would hinge entirely on the truthfulness and integrity of the known liars and dirtbags in Communist Silicon Valley?

That’s not why I’m here.

Getting bogged down in and ultimately succumbing to that fight isn’t why I’m here.

I’m here to share some unique perspectives on behalf of people I know to be good, in defiance of people I know to be creating pain. I pay WordPress $18.00 per year to host this site, I don’t ask for or take a dime from readers, I don’t do any advertising (any ads you see here belong to WordPress, not me) — I don’t make any money anywhere from any of this. I just want to share some original thinking and ideas in defense of people who deserve defending and in defiance of others who deserve defying. And some have thanked me for that along the way with kind feedback.

But even if everybody hated everything I write and say, in America I’m still supposed to have a right to say it.

So if Facebook and these other companies don’t like what I say, then they as private companies should have the right to ban me from saying it on their platforms. I’m great with that. They don’t owe me anything. But I’m writing today because this game where they instead stealthily “throttle back” or limit the visibility of certain sites is, I believe, far more destructive. Because we have no way of knowing the extent to which they’re doing it, how it’s being administered, when, predicated if anything based on what — it’s a hostage situation with respect to our free speech.

Believe me: pajama boy beta males like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey have zero domain over my actual freedoms. Neither they nor the socially and emotionally sterilized millennibags who work for them can meaningfully or substantively even come close to affecting my freedom, joy, faith, happiness or strength. But they’ve found a way to abduct our individual speech under the false pretense of amplifying it, and they’ve done it all without telling any of us.

There has to be some kind of remedy for that.

If you want to “cancel” people from your platforms, great. Do it.

If you want to “fact” “check” their content and include warning labels but still present it in full, have at it.

But don’t advertise yourself as being a free and open space if you are stealthily abducting content believed to be freely circulating without even telling its painstaking creators you’re doing it. If there is a real crime revealed in big tech’s fascist behaviors, I would think that has to be it. It’s not about attacking my free speech. The socially perverse, supremely awkward and never-liked-anywhere-in-their-lives science experiments who work at Twitter and Facebook are nowhere near that powerful. But they can manipulate the flow of information however they choose, and that they do so covertly feels like false advertising that would merit a massive class action suit if forensically revealed.

I’m not sure if something like that is possible. And while I’m writing this piece, I’m not going to take it up as some new cause. Others can and will focus on the social media fight while people like me continue to work on defeating the legacy news media. Because I’ve always seen the news media as the bigger threat, but obviously in today’s world the tech giants are a close second. (Note that the feckless has-beens in the Democrat party itself aren’t even our second biggest threat. I thought we were supposed to be the side that actually knows how to handle and aim our weapons, and yet we put so much focus on elected Democrats and so little on the media — social and news — that does all their work for them! But I digress.)

I prioritize the news media over social media because I see social media and tech as being so much easier to unseat and/or replace. They’ve been here for like 5 minutes and while seemingly ubiquitous, that all changes in a few short weeks with these companies. It will get uglier before it gets better, but I’m confident that the right half of America will be forced by the free market we love to create our own tech platforms. We’re already doing it in the culture with our own comedy bits, and they’re way better. We’re starting to do it with tech — e.g. — and as necessity is the mother of invention I expect we’ll continue seeing more of it.

But despite being one of their earliest victims I’ve long defended Twitter’s right to kick users off for any reason. And I’ve long noted that these companies can no more take my free speech away than they can grant it to me. But today it hit me that what they’re doing is actually more nefarious than kicking people off, or removing content. Because they’re doing it without telling their targets. And they’re making these decisions behind closed doors, without anyone ever knowing they were made let alone what they were based on. They just shouldn’t be able to manipulate the flow of information that way. If they want to remove it, okay. If they want to ban it, okay. If they want to “fact” “check” it, okay. But to “limit its visibility” is so much more Orwellian and dangerous in terms of the power we’re letting them assert. I don’t know how to fix it but I think for those who focus on social media, it’s an important element of what we should be looking at.


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  1. “….. they as private companies should have the right to ban me from saying it on their platforms….”

    AT&T is a private company. If they listened in on your phone conversations and deleted your account because they didn’t like what you were talking about, would you feel the same way? Of course not.

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  2. Brietbart and General Dispatch, Whatfinger’s in house news page was flogging Georgia’s Senate race yeserday. Click bait headlines and salacious stories to attact eyeballs. However, they won’t allow free commentary.

    This is to be expected I suppose, the new normal, censorship and any and all rights we once thought we had are now discretionay, to be bestowed and dispensed as these masters of the universe see fit, meaning, as it advances their business model and serves own their purposes.

    Today I too begin my new mission, to expose these hypocrites and closet enemies of the republic, to develop strageties and tactics with, which to resist the tyranny and the censorship of these web sites and news aggregators who control our abily to communicate with each other freely.

    Anyone and everyone is welcomed to use my comments, which are posted below, if they can get past the censors.

    Who cares who wins the Senate? Dare to ask. We have just lost the republic. Hello? It was stolen in a brazen media coup using blantant voter ballot fraud. We are living under the threat of future tyranny. Why should the American people, such as they are continue to play monkey in the middle for Republican business interests, which represent the ruling ellites, the establishment, which has just betrayed us?

    Why would we care about their fake Senate, or another fixed election in Georgia? This ain’t no square house. Why would anyone ever put their money down, if they knew there was no chance of winning?

    What matter can it possibly make, this senate race? The senate will no longer be the senate you say. Is that the RINO Republican argument? Please come out to vote for our two, corrupt, Republican RINOs. Oh yeah, and send money. We must defeat the Democrats, or they will change the rules of the Senate, there will be no more filibuster, they say. So what, I say?

    The Senate is already a failed institution. It has proved itself time and again to be worthless, and unworthy as an institution. Let the Senate and the financial interests behind these Senators deal with the Antifa communists and fascists, the BLM street scum, who helped put them in their positions of power. Pay them reparations, go ahead, “break them off a bigger piece.” This is the monster Democrats created. Either they keep feeding them, or let then riott and burn the Democrat’s cities. Let them gut their apartment buildings, and the sky scrapper flag ship store fronts in Atlanta and New York. Who cares? They are your stores, your cities and your problem. They work for you. Our America is dead. The Senate and the RINO Republicans helped kill it. Personally, I don’t care what happens to them anymore, not the disgusting RINO Republicans and certainly not the Democrats. I wouldn’t cross the street to save any of their lives. I spit on them.

    The Senate has already proven to be a failed institution along with the House of Representives, along with the Presidency, along with the Supreme Court. Am I suppose to worry the Democrats will pack the court? Really, seriously, why? The Supreme Court has already failed. They are all failed and worthless, useless and positioned against democracy and what’s left of the American People. They are all about their own advancement, all for the communist Chinese and the globalists who armed the Chinese. The President couldn’t even control his own executive branch, the DOJ, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, the Pentagon, his own Dept, of Defense, none of it. They are all enemy.

    We don’t even know who’s making the decisions anymore. Who orchestrated all this? Who was that mysterious guy from the Fox Decision Desk who mysteriously just appeared in front of God and everyone, who was so self assured and relaxed, casually dressed, so cloaked in informal authority, with such an air of calm assuredness. He radiated such certainity with folded legs, leaning back in his chair, so expansive as he explained to us that it was time now for eveyone to go to sleep. No need for concern. It was over. Never saw him before and I’ve never seen him since. Is he the guy in charge? Did he decide to shut the count down? Was he the wizard monitoring the Dominion systems across 6 states and then too, will Biden pee his pants when he is sworn in. Am I required to care? Are you?


  3. The day before yesterday I learned that YouTube terminated my account. They claimed that it was for “repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate our community guidelines”. The funny part is that I am none of those things. I speak plainly, openly, honestly, and respectfully. If I assert something, I back it up with proof of some kind. If someone chooses to engage with me, then great, if not, oh well. As near as I can tell it, they kicked me off because of my fundamentalist Christian and politically Conservative opinions. The icing on the cake is, in silencing me, they have managed to silence a Latino voice. I thought they were all about minority rights, but I guess that only applies to the minorities toeing the party line.

    My plan is to gradually move away from anything related to Google. I’m now using Duckduckgo in place of Google, and am shopping for a different video platform. Rumble, BitChute, and a few others are looking decent. I’m even considering setting up a page on Parler. We shall see.


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