Two Reasons Before Noon On Sunday To Obstruct, Resist & Punish Democrat-Media Establishment

Seeing little kids in masks makes me sick to my stomach because masks really only do two things well: 1) promote fear, and 2) compromise the still-developing immune systems of children.

There’s nothing else cloth masks do well.

I mean don’t get me wrong they do a lot of things poorly.

Like, for example, stopping viruses from spreading. Note the many graphs below showing some of what they can’t hide. In this case it’s where the case volume is compared to their coveted mask mandates. As you can plainly see, there’s zero correlation between the two. Zero. (And these are from several months ago. Imagine what they look like now.) Click to enlarge, but you can see the forest for the trees all the way from here. The red arrows mark where each state began requiring mask usage, and the rest of each graph shows how it didn’t make an even tiny fraction of a pretend microdifference.

Or strengthening social fabrics at a delicate and dangerous point in time by arming people with good, informed intelligence that further lend to rational, lucid thinking and behavior. Masks are terrible at that.

But among masks more moderately effective uses is reminding me exactly why I so detest what I’m increasingly comfortable calling outright evil among the left.

The video of this couple getting kicked off a flight because their two-year-old wouldn’t wear a mask, is absolutely infuriating.

Like everybody who has a pulse and has never told someone what their “preferred pronouns” are, I watch that video and have no responsive words that could possibly lead to anything useful. None.

Only rage.

And sure I can hear some of their most polite defenders already:

Oh well these liberal Democrat Nazis foisting their toxic stupidity and evil on the rest of us because they’re all good little sheep and want us to be also, it’s not so bad. Because they want unity. Haven’t you been listening to Illegitimate Joe and his fake-doctor wife?

Cool story, bro.

Here’s another story. This one is about Illegitimate Joe less than 24 hours ago producing murder porn for his followers, using an effigy of President Trump as the victim.

So there you go. Families being humiliated and punished because their 2-year-old won’t wear a mask; an explicit example of evil and insanity being enforced by a Democrat-Media Establishment that asks for “unity” while their senile and illegitimate figurehead traffics in murder porn.

Two excellent reasons before noon on Sunday to reinforce the importance of our obstruct, resist and punish agenda over these next four years.

Every last one of these Democrat-Media Establishment grifters hate America.

They hate you.

And they thrive off of pain and disunity.

They create as much as possible, as often as possible, of both.

And for decades, the Republican party we elected to fight back would instead submit to the media while pretending to pick meaningful fights with the useless Democrat party.

Until, that is, President Trump came around and showed them how it’s done.

Because make no mistake about it: they may have stolen the very top of the ticket, but America’s reality is still the red wave that Trump ushered in and it’s going to be hilarious watching the Democrat-Media Establishment spend the next four years unsuccessfully but insistently flailing otherwise.

Enjoy that show, but let’s also expedite their demise by taking it right to their most powerful force and then beating the hell out of it once and for all.


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One comment

  1. Democrats are allowed to commit any crimes they like…to quash our Constitutional rights absolutely unchecked. Expect it to get worse until there are official consequences for them as there would be for anyone else.


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