TIME Magazine Reports That 100% Of Trump Voters Are Bad People (Not Satire)

They don’t even make my list of the media’s worst offenders, because TIME Magazine is already a decomposing corpse that most of us only have to smell once annually in December.

Yes it’s that time of year again when the joyless scolds at TIME put down their unsalted pretzels and room temperature water and pretend not to be the most bland and boring people and publication on earth.

It’s so-called Person Of The Year time!

Naturally they selected Illegitimate Joe and Willie Brown’s Sidepiece to grace the not-at-all coveted cover.

If they really wanted to get Trump’s goat then they would’ve picked His Highness Fauci.

But as was correctly noted years ago in the wildly popular meme: They’re not after Trump. They’re after us. He’s just in the way.


So rather than pick His Highness Fauci which would have surely annoyed Trump more, the future Java Coders at TIME Magazine instead picked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I mean, how else could they include a gem like this in explaining their choice?

[F]or showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division

Everybody got that?

TIME Magazine just said that 75,000,000 Americans prefer “the furies of division” over “the forces of empathy.”

They know they just impugned the character and in fact worthiness of 75,000,000 Americans. They know they could’ve annoyed Trump more by picking His Highness Fauci. But they didn’t want to just annoy Trump. They didn’t want to just go after him. They wanted to go after him and us, and so they 1) selected a story that would let them do that and then 2) characterized it in such a way to meet that objective.

That’s where the media do their most effective, and destructive, work.

It’s in the characterizations they use while telling the stories. Their characterization of Illegitimate Joe’s stolen victory can’t merely be something positive about him. They have to imply something negative about literally every person in the country who didn’t vote for and/or doesn’t align with the Biden/Harris agenda.

That’s where it becomes partisan, intellectually dishonest, and ultimately useless as “news” but fantastically effective as political propaganda. Take for example a piece from yesterday about Maggie Haberman’s dad “promoting the death penalty as punishment for not wearing masks.” I wrote the piece because he said that after flouting generally accepted public health guidelines regarding COVID-19, “Trump’s friends” (like Rudy) shouldn’t get special access to treatments that we’re told are currently in short supply.

For my part, perhaps regrettably, anything I write these days that’s not about how to actually win the war against the media will be crafted from a fire-with-fire posture. That means I took Maggie’s dad’s tweet and did exactly what the media always do to us: I characterized what he said in such a way that put the worst possible construction on it, then attached yet more bad faith implications to it, all of which stemmed directly from my own partisan beliefs, and pretended it was “news.”

That is what the media does on every story, every time.

What’s more, they get to pick the stories. And they do so predicated on the same partisan tilt. Every time.

And then that becomes the national conversation.

By the time NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP are all talking about it, so is everyone else. A lot of us might be complaining that that’s what we’re talking about, but we’re still talking about it. And that means even when we think we “won” those conversations, we still lost.

Pick any story that dominated headlines over the last five years: Russia collusion on Trump’s part. Increased division because of Trump. Racism because of Trump. Ukraine corruption on Trump’s part. COVID because of Trump. COVID worse because of Trump. Bad economy and unemployment after COVID because of Trump. Distrust in media because of Trump. Contempt for swamp because of Trump. Disenfranchisement of Trump voters because of Trump.

The list goes on and on and on.

And if a story does enter the fray that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative, they’ll just simply start burning books: they’ll lie about, dismiss and/or otherwise censor that story out of mainstream existence. 

Every single one of the stories that our nation spends any meaningful time on was selected based on the media’s advocacy for Democrats, and seething hatred for Republicans. 

“‘Seething hatred for Republicans?’ That’s a bit strong, isn’t it?”

What else can it be? What else can it be, if not seething hatred, when these massively powerful social and political and cultural influencers lie about their motives and in fact behavior while dividing our country with deceit in service to a Democrat party that thrives off of pain and at the expense of a Republican party that gets falsely blamed for it?

For someone to actually perpetrate that psychologically and socially sociopathic indifference for the destruction they create, what could possibly enable the bad behavior if not absolute hatred for the people they invest all of their time and energy into targeting?

They hate us.

And for most of us, that’s not news. But it should be.

No, seriously: we need to make that the news.

The Democrat party hasn’t been the threat for a long, long time.

The legacy news media that props them up, is.

And as they grow increasingly comfortable showing us their flagrant dishonesty, partisanship and now seething hatred for every one of us — it’s time we demand that our elected Republican officials step this fight up and get to the business of actually making a difference instead of just crying about it and wishing it would get better on its own. 

Spoiler alert: it won’t. In fact it’s only getting worse. 

Something must be done.


Author’s Note: My suggestion for what to do is in all these links, below. If you like the idea then please for the love of all that’s holy do more than just like it quietly. Share it elsewhere and let’s try to get the sentiment some real visibility and a real shot of becoming viable. Because all we have to do is pick the fight, and we win it.

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  1. Empathy you deplorable kulak untermenschen. Do those rubes in flyover land even know what that word means?
    We’ll decide what’s best for your life because we are empathetic.
    Honk, honk!


    • Bad People, Huh? The ones that worked their butt off, served in our Armed Forces, paid their taxes Volunteer for all good causes, are Christian and Go to Church!!! Well the likes of Time has set the stage for war! Supreme Court turned down Texas, so that legitimizes a Call To arms in every Honorable Citizen American Patriot’s eyes. These Socialists/ Communists/Nazis?? expect to put the whip to Americans on Jan 20 do they? never though we would see Americans have to throw off the shackles of these, in truth, really bad Tyrants.


  2. LOL! Who cares about Time Magazine? It’s like writing an article to explain the newest image search in Highlights kids magazine.


  3. Time Magazine has been awful for many decades! I remember sometimes reading it in the late 60ies but can’t remember when they changed.


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