Meet North Penn School District’s J. Mia Kim: A Racist Democrat Doing Racist Democrat Things

This woman is North Penn School District’s J. Mia Kim.


She is an America-hating terrorist who promotes racism and works to destroy anyone who doesn’t. She does her work, like so many Democrats, from inside the most spectacularly failing and bloated big government humiliations. In Kim’s case specifically that means the public education system, which was hijacked by racist and fascist liberals decades ago and has been failing ever since.

Perhaps J. Mia Kim should take her own racist advice and, since Americans who are of Asian descent statistically outperform everyone else across all meaningful metrics, “check her yellow privilege.” That is the utterly filthy racist trash that Kim and her liberal friends teach in classrooms when they misappropriate the failures brought on by bigoted Democrats’ bad faith and instead scapegoat so-called “white privilege.”

J. Mia Kim, like all Democrats, looks at black and brown people with pity. They don’t see equality. They don’t see whole people. They see charity cases and it’s that bigoted perspective that has created yet more generations of racial disparity and thus division ever since the late 60s when Democrats lost the right to literally segregate and enslave brown people and decided instead to start doing so figuratively. It’s disgusting and history will record it for exactly what it’s always been: yet more racism from a bigoted Democrat party that never once in its history derived a shred of power from any other source.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I decided to write this post after learning J. Mia Kim’s name from a report on A conservative was fired from her job in the North Penn School District because she shared a post on Facebook that questioned the legitimacy of a “Black Lives Matter” movement that is entirely indifferent to the lives of black babies, black cops and black business owners. The woman was placed on leave and forced to grovel and humiliate herself, begging for forgiveness and admitting how terrible she is, noting like any good hostage would that “A very wise person made me see that I was wrong.”

Guess what happened next.

She lost her job anyway and is now ostracized all across her scared, pathetic community. All for a Facebook post correctly pointing out that the Black Lives Matter movement, while bottled and branded to make everyone feel good, misappropriates blame for racial disparity and in doing so creates only more of that disparity and the disunity that symbiotically goes with it. And J. Mia Kim is just one of the thousands of weaponized leftists inciting fascism and bigotry from within the system and ensuring people like Ashley Bennett — the woman who was fired — be ostracized and destroyed for using their free speech to assert what the media and left have decided is no longer actually “free.”

For fully half of America an enormous part of the fight is just finding the courage to actually wage it. One half of our country simply isn’t allowed to exist anywhere except in a closet and that’s insane because those confining people to closets are the ones doing all the dividing and creating all the identity-based disparity — not to mention all the unrest socially and otherwise that goes with it.

What a perfect time to be alive if you like big change in defiance of powerful forces that thrive off of pain and want to destroy you for even speaking ill of their names.

And for those who remain understandably afraid, I’m one of you. I’m no superstar in this world. I’m not powerful. I live in fear every day that someone is going to come after me or my family, personally or professionally, because I exercise my right to free speech and believe the source of our nation’s ills double as fuel for our nation’s media and Democrat party. And I often stop and say to myself: Just because it’s true and it’s morally imperative and nobody else is saying it, doesn’t mean you have to be the one to say it.

I try to talk myself out of writing and caring about these matters. I revel in the adage that “ignorance is bliss” and wish to God I didn’t see all this so clearly — from the unfounded and just repulsive hatred foist on good people for holding Christian and conservative values, to the depression, failure and hopelessness inflicted on so many under the deceitful guise of “help.” And the ones promoting the hatred against the right are the sames one promoting the failures on the left!

I truly do wish I could turn it all off and just run the clock out and live my life quietly while the left continue teaching racism and destroying America. But I’m compelled by passion and nothing else (I don’t make a dime off this, and don’t want to) to speak up and actually say some of this stuff, even if it makes pawns and kings alike uncomfortable at times.

Democrats, aided and abetted entirely by the legacy news media, are racist and they’re fascist and they’re getting worse with respect to both. More people must find the courage to stand up and say so out loud.


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    • Probably Korean. Note: Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian ethnic groups consider themselves to be “pure” “races”. Please do research to learn about that mindset. Once you understand that, much becomes obvious. Not “right”, but obvious. An “a ha” moment.


  1. I fully support your position and agree with everything you’ve said. No one is more racist and sexist as today’s democrats. It’s utteraly appalling what I’m seeing happening across this country right now.

    And, being of the same ethnic background as Mia Kim, I’m just so ashamed of her. The world has truly gone crazy.


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