Maggie Haberman’s Dad Promotes Death Penalty For Not Wearing Masks

Maggie Haberman is an America-hating liberal who works at The New York Times where she terrorizes the right half of our nation by obstructing our leadership and helping put targets on the backs of our private citizens.

Maggie is paid handsomely for this work.

Her leftist activism is of course executed under the banner of “impartial journalism” which, as noted many times in recent months, is a lie that deserves every shred of our focus because it incites and is at the heart of our nation’s ubiquitous disunity. If we can get our elected Republican officials to merely pick the fight with Maggie’s employer and the other worst offenders, we can win that fight very quickly and in doing so disrupt the left’s most fundamental communication line and simultaneously restore integrity to the American news media.

These are good, not small things.

But I digress.

For now, let’s talk about Maggie’s father who just a few hours ago told his Twitter followers that people who don’t wear masks or socially distance effectively deserve to die and shouldn’t be given potentially life-saving medication, even if they’re among what we’re told are the most at-risk populations.

Yet more psychotic, eugenics-loving hatred from the supposedly tolerant and loving left!

Clyde Haberman didn’t have to work hard to prove that he’s a fascist, bigoted, America-hating liberal who is so far removed from any semblance of intellectual honesty or morality that he’ll shout his absolute disdain for both from the rooftops.

He didn’t have to work hard to prove it because the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and his daughter is just as much of a disaster and threat to our nation.

You want to teach your children about actions having consequences, Clyde?

Maybe think twice before effectively promoting the death penalty as a remedy for people who don’t share your regressive, illiberal views.

But Clyde will never learn. Maggie will never learn. It’s just like when Nancy Pelosi’s trash daughter celebrated a violent attack on a sitting U.S. Senator at his own home.

These people are absolutely repulsive and it’s long past time they start hearing about their casually-promoted hatred and violence. Half of this country has been relegated to a closet where we are to sit there and just take it from these jerks. And these jerks are the ones doing all the dividing. These jerks are the ones who thrive off of pain, disunity, racism, failure and dependence. If we really want to crush them then we have to start with the media.

The media, more than anything or anyone else, creates division and disparity in America. And it’s not an accident. They do it because the Democrat party thrives of off both, and the media operate entirely in service to that Democrat party. Meanwhile, our elected Republican officials empower the media more than anyone or anything else.

Do the math.

It’s time for serious change and there is a way to get it done besides just bitching about it and showing up to vote every few years.

If popular family members of massively famous media and political figures can so casually go out in public and promote violence and homicidal negligence for their political opponents, and they’re celebrated more than they’re chastised for it, it’s just yet more proof that we’ve reached a really bad place. And it’s time for good people to start doing something about it.

The United States of America and our current legacy news media institution cannot both survive.


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  1. To quote my all time hero, Bugs Bunny —- “Of course, you realize, this means war!!!”…The left’s intolerance with any viewpoint that differs with their’s, by one iota, can only be addressed and cured, by an application of force, vastly superior, to the one they’re advocating…They are not intelligent enough to realize the quicksand they’re walking on…Eventually there will be a price to pay for their abhorrent behavior…I hope they will be as unprepared as usual…


  2. My guess is the Haberman family had no problem with protesters screaming in the faces of police & other people, even spitting on them. Shouldn’t that be assault in the Covid era?


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