Real Dangers Ignored Because We Let Legacy Media Create & Focus On Fake Ones

We saw two massive scandals pop up in the last few days that are ignored entirely by the legacy news media because they would hurt Democrats and help Republicans. And it’s actually generous to say they’re simply “ignored.” The reality is they’re ignored and replaced with fake scandals that the media create often out of thin air to…you guessed it…help Democrats and hurt Republicans.

First we learned of a smoking gun regarding the Biden Crime Family’s Ukraine dealings. Most of you remember Illegitimate Joe infamously bragging about firing the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption around Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Illegitimate Joe insisted the firing wasn’t related to his son’s business dealings, but newly-revealed documents show that very action was a specific request that was made of Hunter just weeks before his dad did the deed! It makes your stomach turn, thinking about Hunter Biden selling Joe’s influence and Joe actually letting himself be exploited that way and then cashing in on what his drug addicted, dirtbag son is able to bring in. It’s all just revolting. And there’s hard evidence of it now, and the massively powerful legacy news media couldn’t care less.

Next we learned that a Senior Democrat Intel Committee member, Eric Swalwell, was infiltrated for years by a Chinese Communist Party spy. And not only does the media not seem to care about the spectacular dangers attached to Swalwell’s idiocy, but they’re covering for him. He pathetically claims the story about him being a tool for a communist spy is only news because he attacked Trump. And that’s the insanely pathetic explanation the media is uncritically running with. Just incredible.

And those are just two recent examples but we all watched them spend the last four years creating and focusing on lies about Trump, while covering up and apologizing for truths about Democrats. And that includes their mind-numbingly inconceivable censorship before and after the election about every related thing including massive voter fraud.

Let. that. sink. in.

I know most of you already have, long ago, and it sickens you. Now take that frustration and help me convince our elected Republican officials to do something about it.

The legacy news media damage our country by ignoring the stories that are very real and very dangerous for America, and then damage our country some more by manufacturing stories that are fake and create more division among us.

The media is the target. And there is a way to defeat them. All we have to do is successfully pick the fight, and we win. And by “pick the fight” I mean get our elected Republican officials to help us make “Media Bias” a real issue.

Here’s the fun part. To succeed, all they have to do is stop talking to the worst and longest-running offenders: NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS and AP.

They can talk to whoever else they want. They can talk to local affiliates. They can talk to admittedly left wing outlets and admittedly right wing outlets and the myriad outlets that deny being one or the other.

And those we’ve established they won’t talk to can get scraps from the others’ reporting. But no more interviews or direct engagement of any substantive kind with those massively powerful, persistently dishonest and partisan legacy news media institutions. No more niceties or chummy exchanges with their national celebrity field reporters and hosts.

We need just a few to get the ball rolling. And all they have to do is tell any reporter from any of those outlets something along these lines…

A significant portion of my constituents have lost faith in the legacy news media. They believe, I would say with great evidence, that you have not been operating in good faith. They believe, I would say with great evidence, that you select and focus only on stories that will hurt Republicans and help Democrats. Now I know for years we’ve all agreed to play nice together and let those ‘rubes’ in the grassroots think what they want. But we can’t do that anymore because there’s some real evidence that you in the media truly are doing a dangerous disservice to this nation with your persistent partisanship. You spent four years spewing toxicity and hatred and disinformation into every American home. You hype scandals that turn out to be nothingburgers and outright censor scandals that have exponentially more validity and in some cases even smoking guns. And you do it all, every time, always in the same direction: to help my Democrat colleagues and hurt me and my Republican colleagues. We just can’t keep pretending that you folks are doing your jobs fairly and in good faith. You’re not. And everyone sees it. So we’re going to stop giving you fuel for it because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to continue on this way. You’ve hurt a lot of people with your dishonesty. You’ve created a lot of division. And when you deny what everyone knows to be true you only hurt all of us, including yourselves and your storied profession, worse still. So we’re going to stop helping you do that. Because it hasn’t been very productive or good for our nation or the free world around us, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change unless we do something to change it.

And after that, I don’t care if one of these half-wits yells “We have hard evidence that your wife spent $7B on drapes for your office and that you and she are operating a sex trafficking ring in your home state!”

Whatever the smear.

Whatever the allegation.

Whatever the “gotcha.”

If it’s being asked by someone from NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS or AP then it. simply. doesn’t. get. answered.

The opposite of love isn’t hate.

It’s indifference.

If we truly want to win the fight against the media — to destroy the one thing that keeps the pathetic Democrats propped up and our beautiful nation held down — then we have to stop fighting with the media, and simply start ignoring them.

And yes, I know: you and I did that long ago. Now if we can get some of our elected Republicans to do it with us then we can advance an immediately winning offensive that will irreparably marginalize the legacy news media, and deservedly so.

Because it’s a day ending in “y,” the media will of course mock Republicans who sign on for this. And that’s fine. It’s not like they wouldn’t be doing it anyway. The difference now is they’ll be enjoying it much less because their brand will become part of the news. And that’s all we want. Just help us elevate “media bias” to a national conversation status and make it okay for anyone else in the GOP to fall in line. The agreement is that they can talk to anyone they want but in order to help combat media bias they’ll no longer answer questions or grant interviews to the nine biggest and most powerful offenders. Those massive media companies will either be forced to live in a world where they and their bias are a major part of every story (because nobody will talk to them anymore), or concede that they’re really nothing more than pro-Democrat activists. I can’t imagine they’d actually change in a meaningful way because I don’t think they’re driven by ratings or profit. So we just need to focus on marginalizing them and, whether it happens implicitly or explicitly, making them and their bias part of every story.

This is how we do it.


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