Winning The Culture: Hilarious Anti-SJW Video Torches Liberals

I said it before and I’ll keep saying it because it’s gonna keep being true: pro-America conservatism and conservatarianism are eviscerating the left in organic popular culture which is something we’ve never seen before and becomes even more gripping to watch when you consider just how hard the left are simultaneously failing in those same critical spaces where they’ve long dominated and firmed up their social stranglehold.

Mouthful but it’s all true and pretty damn exciting.

Enter this new guy (to me), Ryan Long. I have no idea what Ryan’s personal politics might truly be but I know in the few videos I’ve seen so far, the guy is hilarious and he’s basically tearing into liberals and SJWs for their bigoted and regressive “values.”

Here’s the first one which mocks Vice (a liberal blog) and the identity-obsessed, America-hating betas they exclusively grow and nurture:

We never used to see that kind of comedy or anything close to it. I hate to pile on them because darnit they gave it their best but the only thing I’d seen up until a few years ago was a short, weekly comedy segment on NewsBusters called “NewsBusted.”

And it was awful.

In fact it was so consistently unfunny that, in trying to be funny, it did more to hurt us than help. Because funny matters bigly! There are so many substantive dynamics that fuel something being legitimately funny. And it always wounded me to the core that nobody on our side could come up with that, while the left always dominated.

Now those tables have significantly turned.

Because today, if there a Meme of the Year Award and those who judged its winner were honest, then “The Left Can’t Meme” would be the winning meme because it dominated and exemplified any cyber or social battlefield.

They’re just awful at it. And comedy more broadly, these days. Even and especially SNL which has long been the platinum standard for comedy in America — they’re so seething with hatred, entitlement, desperation and leftist intellectual inbreeding that they can’t even begin to muster something funny anymore. It’s just mean. And listen, I love me some Alec Baldwin for example. Yes yes I realize he’s the worst person in the world and hates every one of us, but come on: who among us on the right hasn’t had to decide to suck it up and just enjoy one or two of these clowns professionally, even if we can’t stand them personally because we know they don’t like us very much? My point is, I’m not afraid to tell you I like someone who hates me socially and politically. If they’re good enough, I’m gonna be honest about it. And Saturday Night Live along with the entertainment and comedy world more broadly, they’re just not that funny anymore. It’s as if they’ve just exhausted each other and gone as far in the gutter as they can, and now they’re just goosestepping along, proudly having written off the half of the country they hate, trying still unsuccessfully to attach any semblance of meaning to their lives.

Meanwhile, we’re over here having the time of our lives and actually producing really funny content on the cheap! Why? Because it’s easy when you mean it and it’s not all predicated entirely on hatred and bullying. And increasingly in the culture, growing numbers of talented people are opting out of the left’s hatred and bullying. And they’re creating hilarious new comedy outlets for the right half of America. Not to mention some great new news outlets, too. (I absolutely love OAN. They’re exactly like the MSM only they do it all from our perspective. It’s excellent and I honestly smile to myself half the time I hear it in the background because it sounds just like all the big ones except OAN approaches the stories that matter most to me and they report the news in a way that prioritizes things I care about and want to focus on. Great station!)

Anyway, I saw that clip and had to share it. You can check out more of his stuff by clicking here to find his Twitter page.

Here’s another hilarious one before you go:

You just don’t see this stuff. Or, we never have before. And it’s good. It’s really good.


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One comment

  1. The left cannot do Humor because it requires intelligence, and humility. They have neither.

    Elected Republicans are very suspect. Do we want them, or should we just sweep them over to the Globalists.


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