Senile Joe Biden Gets KO’d By Teleprompter As Willie Brown’s Sidepiece Watches On

Well, here we go!

Look, fat: there will be no quarter for that senile, failing, corrupt, criminal, cheating, perverted, hair-sniffing dirtbag Joe Biden.

There will be no honeymoon. There will be no “opportunity for healing” or to unite.

There will only be utter indifference, and if there’s anything more than that it’ll be confined exclusively to mockery. The pathetic Democrats aren’t our problem and they haven’t been for decades. Our focus needs to be on the media. All we have to do is successfully pick that fight and we’ll automatically have won it. (You can read about that in some of my previous posts, which I’ll link at the bottom. Here’s a good primer.)

I firmly believe that if Illegitimate Joe gets inaugurated then these will be the fastest four years of our political lives.

The Democrats are such an outlandishly pathetic joke, propped up only and entirely by the media. And they all hate each other. And everybody else. And it’s a disaster and it’s hilarious and nobody deserves it more than they do. So get your popcorn ready. The America First movement will continue to dominate the political landscape. All we have to do is sit back and enjoy beating the shit out of the media, pushing for total resistance in the Senate on every remotely partisan or contentious issue, watch and enjoy the myriad hostility and division on the Democrat side in the House, crush them in both chambers in 2022 and by 2024 steamroll Willie Brown’s Sidepiece (aka Kamala Harris) and get back to the business of Making America Great Again.

It’ll start getting fun a lot sooner than you think. Bet me on it.

In the meantime, enjoy watching Illegitimate Joe fall flat on his face as often as possible. In this clip the half-a-man doesn’t know a) the name of the person he’s nominating or b) the position to which that person is being nominated.

Fun to see Willie Brown’s Sidepiece in the background just lapping it all up. Good for her!

They brought this on themselves. I don’t make the rules but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let them change the ones they made us live under all these years just because they’re too pathetic to take what they dish out.

Joe Biden is a disaster. The Democrat party is a joke. The media is the target and we’re increasingly squarely over it. They’ll get nothing done except regretting the climate they created. We’ll clean up in 2022 and then again in 2024, and get right the hell back to what we were doing before they snowed us with the COVID crap and the stolen election they spent months hoping it would usher in.


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