The Best Way To Talk Politics With Your Democrat Friends & Family Is Not To

I can’t think of a single good reason to have social or political conversations with Democrats in today’s America.

The deck has been stacked against us for decades and it’s only gotten exponentially worse in recent years. Their central messaging arm, the legacy news media, has programmed them all to believe such gems as…

The “Russia! Russia! Russia!” stuff and Mueller investigation and all that was totally worth it. And the only reason Trump didn’t go down is because Republicans have no spine.

The Ukraine impeachment thing was dead-on correct and people like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are good faith operators who would never exploit such levers solely for political reasons.

There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud. That nice man with the terrifying hairline, Lester Holt, told me so.

If there were evidence of widespread voter fraud that helped the Democrats and hurt Donald Trump, the legacy news media would definitely be honest about it.

Golly it’s just the strangest coincidence that all the polls were way off again and this time the Democrats were supposed to have a blue wave but instead all that Trump enthusiasm ushered in a red wave and then at the end of the election Republicans won up and down the ballot thanks to Trump but Trump himself was the only guy to lose because Joe. Biden. is. just. that. good.

Masks serve a purpose other than perpetuating fear and creating more division.

You’re doing good work in the public health community if you go protest on behalf of left-wing causes like Black Lives Matter, but if you go to church or try to spend time with a dying loved one then you’re basically Hitler.

The person wearing that MAGA hat should’ve known it’s not okay in that part of town. Maybe they should think twice next time?

Joe Biden doesn’t even have a son named Hunter.

Oh wait, you mean that Hunter. Yes all those questions were asked and answered long ago. There’s nothing to see here and anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. I mean Jake Tapper went over all this already and the poor guy was nearly brought to tears while doing so. Haven’t you been watching?!

The polls and studies that academia shits out and persistently confirm my biases are not conceived and conducted specifically to confirm my biases.

It’s really best at times like these to let the media’s non-partisan fact checkers sort this stuff out.

There is a significant portion of the American public who don’t yet know that facts matter, truth matters, words matter, and/or the lives of people with black skin matter.

Donald Trump is just a conman and you’re too dumb to see it.

America is totally a great nation but all I’m saying is that we’re dominated entirely by white supremacy and our excess is humiliating and we should be ashamed of most of our history and present. That doesn’t mean I “hate America.” It means I’m honest about America! Now let’s go be patriotic together, Comrade!

There was absolutely nothing wrong with anything the Obama-era intelligence community did with respect to spying on the Trump campaign, transition and administration. It was all not only perfectly legal but also perfectly understandable and justified.

That wasn’t actually the beginnings of peace in the Middle East and no new wars.

That wasn’t actually a really strong economy.

China’s back wasn’t actually against the wall, and the Biden family isn’t actually in China’s pocket already.

Putting America first is bad for America because the rest of the world trades only in emotion and fairy dust and we look really bad if we step out of line.

Donald Trump, a total outsider with zero experience in Washington D.C., wasn’t really the best person to help “drain the swamp.” Guys like Joe Biden are the right ones for that job! If he knows what day it is and can remember how to put his pants on, he’s gonna get really tough on all those swamp monsters with whom he’s spent his entire career sucking face!

However they try to package it in to fool you or even themselves, the above is a reality they believe exists with every fiber of their masked-and-socially-distanced beings.

And sadly it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’d be one thing if the legacy news media was comprised of people like Sean Hannity, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh. But it’s not. It’s comprised of people like Jake Tapper, Yamiche Alcindor, Scott Pelley and Jim Acosta. There are only two meaningful differences between those two groups…

  1. One group fights hard for Republicans and the other fights hard for Democrats
  2. One group is marginalized as being “right wing propaganda” while the other is celebrated as being “fair and honest journalism.”

That “fair and honest journalism” is nothing but America-hating propaganda dressed up as news. So the idea of sitting around with a Democrat and trying to have an honest conversation about what’s really going on in the world today, when the only things they know and understand are that which the legacy news media tells them, seems pretty useless to me.

Try to change their minds. Try to win them over. Try to help them understand you.

No, no and no. Those days have long since passed in our country. Thanks to the dishonest media, even trying to talk to Democrats now about social and political issues is a waste of time and energy. They’re just not going to get it. And they’re so easily manipulated and snowed by so many massive forces that they don’t actually care about their social or political conversations with you. They couldn’t care less. Literally all of the most powerful forces on the planet are in line to back them up and tell them they’re right, and tell them in whatever terms they want to hear it that you and I are bad people.

Your Democrat friends are looking for confirmation that, despite your failure to enslave yourself on their plantation, you are not a bad person. They believe you’re not. They feel in their hearts you’re not. But they want you to convince them of that. And so they will say they want to talk to you and let you help them understand “why you are the way you are.” They will explain how they desperately need and want to have common ground with you (now), to unify (now), to treat each other with respect and try to heal and move forward (now).

Let me repeat: No, no and no.

They don’t get to be assholes for four years, or watch everyone else be assholes, and then when their side cheats and things go their way come back in the fold and be all casual about what’s going on in our country.

I don’t know about your life, but it doesn’t work that way in mine.

Pretend for a minute that everyone in the country really cared about and was significantly affected by football. But there were really only two teams that anyone paid attention to. And the referees were constantly in the tank for one of those teams. Constantly. Every play, no matter what, the officials are going to do something to hurt the one team and help the other.

Can you envision that in your mind? Good.

Now ask yourself this and really think about it: how productive of a conversation will our country have about the game we all just watched if one half won’t admit that the refs are clearly in the tank for their team? How much good faith can you be expected to extend in a conversation you’re having with someone who either can’t or won’t admit what everyone knows to be true? Or who downplays the gravity of that reality?

How much good faith can you be expected to extend to people who — along with their friends in the media who dictate and then narrate our national conversations — just kind of shrug off the violence happening every day in our streets at the hands of a Democrat party paramilitary wing comprised of fatherless dropouts, deadbeats and anarchists?

The media turned your Democrat friends and families into useful idiots, and now it’s too stupid and humiliating to try to talk to them about things that actually matter in the social or political world. So my advice is don’t do it. If you love them it should be relatively easy to set the social and political stuff aside and just live outside of that world when you’re together. And if it’s not easy, then try telling yourself that you won’t talk to them about anything social or political. Just come to grips with that. Get comfortable with it. You and I have spent our lives living under their insufferable, regressive, bigoted and increasingly fascist “good intentions” with respect to the social and political world. We’ve spent our lives being case studies or subjects to be poked and prodded so they can understand us. Only when they say “understand” what they mean is pity, ridicule, marginalize or mock.

Your Democrat friends are as set in their ways as you are in yours.

The difference is you operate based on the courage of your convictions while they operate based on the courage afforded to them by massively powerful forces that work hard every day to hurt me and you.

That’s not okay.

I’ve written many times now that I expect our elected Republicans to help escalate our fight against America’s most obvious and immediate threat: the dishonest legacy news media.

This is something we can do at the grassroots level. We’re asking our big dogs to take it to their big dogs, and maybe our small fish need to take it to their small fish.

Because that dishonest legacy news media has simultaneously diminished and empowered your Democrat friends. They’re diminished in their inability to see past the anti-freedom, anti-life, anti-morality and anti-America forces that inform literally everything they think and feel socially and politically. But they’re empowered because they incorrectly believe that “speaking truth to power” means having Nike and NBC and Twitter and Chase Bank and Webster’s Dictionary and Jimmy Kimmel and the communist faculty at Harvard all telling you that you’re wonderful and anyone who opposes you is evil.

The days of pretending we’re watching an honest game together and that we should all be able to cordially reconvene after for a polite conversation about the pros and cons of what we just watched must be over.

If you want to fight with your Democrat friends about social and political issues, have at it. There’s nothing wrong with that and lord knows they deserve it. But I know a lot of people are struggling with even being around their America-hating friends and family members right now, so this is my advice to you.

Don’t even dignify the conversations. Save your sanity and potentially some relationships.

This isn’t about burying our heads in the sand or giving up on this country. There’s just no good reason to spend your time talking about a game with someone who can’t even admit that the refs have been corrupting the game the entire time in a significantly impactful way. It would be great if we could have those conversations again. But the media creates more division and destruction than any other force in our country and we must do everything we can to get that issue the attention it deserves. You’re not going to convince your Democrat friends and family that the media has been lying and that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin (for example) are actually great people whom we should be listening to and letting lead us. They’re going to laugh at and mock you for even trying, if not to your face then behind your back later that night when Don Lemon tells them to under the guise of “impartial journalism.”

So love your Democrat friends and family if that’s your thing. Or fight with them and cut them off if you want. For my part I’ve decided that I’ll no longer have any social or political conversations with people who pretend I’m not getting kicked in the face by the same massively influential media forces that lavish them with praise.

It’s just not gonna happen because neither those who condone the media’s bad behavior, nor those who suffer under it, deserve what they get on the other side of those conversations.

Let’s stop having them and help send the message about why.


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  1. All CCP/CPUSA comrade family members are cut off and no longer exist.
    They know to stay away and I don’t want them around either.
    No room for commies or their useless idiot enablers.


  2. my girlfriend is a liberal…and God bless her, i love her. but i’ve stopped trying to talk to her about the world of politics. it’s pointless. she, in her words, thinks i’m misguided and i think she’s just totally un-informed.

    so, how can someone so lost have a conversation with another that is so ignorant?

    it’s like a tulip having a conversation with a cloud…not a damn thing in common and 2 different vantage points from which to see the world.


  3. I my very dear family member will not listen to my pov.
    Her views have been set in the concrete directly taken from the dogma fed by Cable news outlets.
    The saddest thing is that her opinions sound exactly like what CNN broadcasts.
    Your article hits the proverbial nail right on the head. Although I remain open to discussions on any political – religious topic, only it hurts to be attacked in response.


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